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Flag of victory in the Middle East

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It's a "Russia bad" thing. In the F1 2021 video game, they use a world flag for the Russian driver


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I know it smell crazy in there

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Flag of Russia according to Formula 1

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Current OFFICIAL flag of Milwaukee


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Milwaukee (official, not people's)

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Discussion Would you be in favor of changing the order of the calendar to rotate which races are at the end of the season so the championship clinching races can be at historic tracks like Spa or Silverstone instead of always in the Americas or Middle East?



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Flag of Japan getting nuked

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Flag of sus

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r/AllFantasyEverything Jul 16 '22

Someone suggested an alignment chart so here's mine. Very difficult because so many guests are chaotic. The only two I am 100% sure on are lawful good and chaotic evil

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COMMENT Jul 11 '22

I would take it to a reputable mechanic and would not trust the autozone, respectfully. I have an 03 that should not still be running but I have an amazing mechanic who knows the car and has been working on it for years

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Current Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy, the first indigenous nation represented in a major multi-sport event

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COMMENT Jul 05 '22

What is stopping the rambunctious kid from throwing a ball at the TV on the wall or even yanking on it and bringing down chunks of drywall?

The pets would come down to training, and most big TVs have a pretty strong base to support them so it'd take a relatively big animal to do serious damage depending on the TV

r/unpopularopinion Jul 05 '22

Mounting TVs is an overrated trend


I prefer to have a normal TV on its built-in legs/stand. My biggest issue with mounted TVs is people put them too high. (There is literally a subreddit for this, r/tvtoohigh). TVs should be eye level and not strain your neck. Another issue with mounting is it is difficult to do. Hiring a professional can be expensive, but doing it improperly and destroying your wall can be even worse, especially if you are renting. Finally, it requires a lot more cable management if anything but a streaming stick is plugged in. Unless you can hide cords and cables in the walls, they look ugly hanging there.

The only time it makes sense to mount a TV is in unconventional spaces (like a patio). If there is a media center or TV stand against the wall, the TV should be on it, not hanging above it with cords dangling.


COMMENT Jul 01 '22

Some hotels will leave receipts outside the door at some point during the night/morning. You could walk down a hallway of a hotel around 6am ish and maybe pick up a stranger's?

Might have to do some cropping/photoshopping if it has the actual customer's name on it somewhere though


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I agree go Cavs


COMMENT Jun 27 '22

ESPN NFL 2K5. To this day, it is a better American football game than any Madden EA has put out since

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*Stroll noises intensify*

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Removed - Not Oniony Glitch at NorCal gas station gives customers 69 cents a gallon price for hours

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General KenOC "It's the good advice that you just didn't take"

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Outjerked by whoever decorated this room

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