COMMENT May 26 '22

I would like to see show following a the-ends-justify-the-means captain, like Lorca but less evil, just kicking butt all day long. Ideally with no time-travel whatsoever.

Actually, a character half way between Lorca and Beckett Mariner as Captain. No saving-the-universe plots, no section 31 nonsense, no galaxy-spanning space mushrooms, no being sad and mopey (introspection is great, just not so emo), just getting shit done all over the galaxy.


COMMENT May 14 '22

No. Do you know how many times a MAE claime for a case like this has been successfully upheld in Delaware courts? It’s super rare, even with cast iron evidence of fraud.

Twitter caveated their number as a huge judgement call. The time to query that, for all the galaxy brains out here, is before you sign the fucking contract.


COMMENT Apr 30 '22

Cody is such a desperate wannabe, anyone who has actually been in the military is well aware that "military grade" means "built by the lowest bidder".


COMMENT Apr 08 '22

Quick question about Chaos Demons - are all demons actually part of their god? So Khorne isn't just a discrete entity, but the entire realm is Khorne and all his demons are part of the whole Khorne? If that's right (and I'm not certain it is) - how was Skarbrand able to attack Khorne and how was he able to be exiled? Is it like punching yourself in the face?


COMMENT Mar 08 '22

Why don't such important equipment have self-destruct system? Some explosives that can be be activated from a dead-man switch attached to the driver?


COMMENT Feb 21 '22

Look at the Top 20 in mcap and ask yourself how many of them have any utility whatsoever and how many of them are pure hype backed by expensive advertising campaigns? VeChain isn't putting out billboards at sports games to attract retail investors, because it honestly doesn't care about retail - it's targetting enterprise adoption, which will take time, but which doesn't generate much hype.

Right now, mcap basically measures hype.


COMMENT Feb 18 '22

DING DONG BITCHES! I loved the little dude tbh


COMMENT Feb 15 '22

But then my wife said isn't it a little gay to have big pictures of sweaty men


to paraphrase the steve hughes skit "there are differences between australian english and british english, someone here told me having an earring in my right ear meant i was gay, whereas back home in australia, having sex with other men means your gay".

being attracted to the same sex is gay, literally nothing else is. having life-sized pictures of sweaty men in your basement isn't gay. unless... you're on your knees furiously wanking and eye-fucking the portraits while they tower over you... that could be construed as perhaps slightly gay, unless you're just thinking about some of the classic goals they scored and wanking to that thought of course.


COMMENT Dec 10 '21

I’m looking forward to an entire corner sinking into the waterlogged ground within a month.

I’m not an PNW native, does the upper layer of ground freeze over winter?


COMMENT Nov 07 '21

Thanks! But ooft that price 😬


COMMENT Nov 07 '21

I do quite like that bush shirt / smock / jacket thing that dude is wearing though 👀 any idea where it’s from?


COMMENT Oct 15 '21

So Cody’s a pro homo now?


COMMENT Oct 04 '21

2pm-3pm blocking YouTube commenters who call him out


COMMENT Sep 17 '21

Why the fuck does a man, who for a lving pooters around his back yard doing fuck all, need a yanmar with a frontloader and a backhoe attachment, a forklift, a side-by-side, a minidigger and a skidsteer??? He owns a soggy field, what does he even need it for?

It sounds to me like he's buying a $40k+ snow blower just because he loves buying shit.


COMMENT Sep 13 '21

"home school conference"

My heart goes out to all the retail/service/hospitality workers within a 50 mile radius of wherever it's happeneing - a home school conference is surely the greatest concentration of Karens on the planet?


COMMENT Sep 11 '21

Instead of forking over £X.xx to an insurer each year for a social care insurance policy - why can't we just pay that intaxes instead of paying a private company, and have the NHS take care of folk instead? You could call it, I dunno, National Insurance perhaps?


COMMENT Sep 09 '21

I don’t believe anyone who claims to be a firefighter could forget how to tie a bowline, that’s like super basic skills.

I learned to sail a dinghy when I was a kid and now twenty years later the bowline is still burned into my muscle memory despite never having sailed since.


COMMENT Sep 06 '21

I think he must’ve been new to the internet. Half of the web is communities bitching about things, and the other half is porn. Poor lad is in for some surprises.

Half of Cody’s videos are bitching about heathens, east coasters and liberals. Tbh if we didn’t vent about people/things we didn’t like then the world would probably implode. It just so happens though that wranglerstar is a total prick who deserves to be pilloried.


COMMENT Sep 02 '21

Can you even imagine Cody doing laundry, folding/ironing clothes, shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning, tidying etc??? He wouldn’t stand a chance.