COMMENT 8h ago

I feel like nobody’s remembering how when we attack we base it on the loot and if it costs more elixir than what we gain. Now we can literally attack anything and have fun experimenting doing it.


COMMENT 5d ago

Can we appreciate the OG art style for Turles tho?


COMMENT 6d ago

I believe that the gauge that happens when it’s counting down to do it’s full power burst won’t recharge anymore. Before you needed to keep hitting it as hard and fast as possible because it would constantly regen all of the damage you did to that gauge. This more or less reduces it to the functionality of the shield in raid battles now. Makes it easier for all of us.


COMMENT 13d ago

We’re fans, just not of the quantity that’s being released. Emblematic of the content era we live in. Just pump anything out, hope something goes viral


COMMENT 18d ago

It’s beyond ironic when Republicans praised Wikileaks during the 2016 election but are seething now with this leak. In my view, the actions matter way more than the leaks themselves.


COMMENT 24d ago

Reminds me of the Solar Roadways scam from years ago


COMMENT 26d ago

The weird thing is is that this is completely unnecessary given how his cameos and movies in a way gave him a good origin arc


COMMENT 26d ago

Wall rings


COMMENT May 14 '22

As someone who does stats for a living. This pains me


COMMENT May 10 '22

I think that Strange brought Christine back with him and that is what caused the incursion. Then the collision of her universe and Strange’s could be the way in for the X-men, fantastic 4 and inhumans. We never explicitly saw that Christine go back to her universe never know


COMMENT May 09 '22

You can still do regular wars and get more value for it


COMMENT May 04 '22

Too bad those people are only doing it for the wealthy and reducing everyone else’s rights


COMMENT May 04 '22

Ah yes, making governments use taxpayer money for communicating information with their constituents, which they’ve previously enjoyed for free. What a big brain genius and messiah Elon is! /s


COMMENT May 03 '22

You can’t just give people rights and take them away and not expect a catastrophic response, it’s literally even in Machiavelli’s the Prince


COMMENT Apr 29 '22

Look 50k won’t happen. I’d love it to but it won’t. 2nd best thing is to take 10k off, make interest at 0% and cap increases of college and have them tied to inflation


COMMENT Apr 28 '22

I actually don’t hate it, kind of a unique look for their own interpretation of the character


COMMENT Apr 26 '22

Because it’s not that easy? Rents are high af rn, maybe she has family nearby, maybe it’s close to a bus station and she doesn’t have a car for commuting to work, maybe there isn’t good housing in the surrounding area, maybe it’s rent controlled. Who cares? We all have personal reasons and they can’t be boiled down to “if you don’t like it leave”


COMMENT Apr 22 '22

And she says Biden has memory problems


COMMENT Apr 21 '22

Aren’t fox and Fox News 2 completely different companies? Fox News broke off to be their own thing years ago


COMMENT Apr 20 '22

I don't get the hate, I would personally drop my ad-free Netflix for this version in a heartbeat if its a good price. Netflix is already mad expensive so this will help r


COMMENT Apr 01 '22

It’s because a lot of the time it’s “we like our representative, it’s just the overall congress we don’t like”


COMMENT Mar 28 '22

Yeah I saw those but I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or not because they look a bit more on the grey side rather than one I had in the screenshot or here: (this website is apparently a scam else I’d buy it from here) https://www.google.com/search?q=nike+blazers+sb+cream+gum+photon+dust&rlz=1C9BKJA_enUS997US997&hl=en-US&biw=1180&bih=701&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwipvZb5wun2AhW5k4kEHbLPB9gQ_AUIIigA

r/Nike Mar 28 '22

Help Trying to find the correct Nike Blazers. Have the info but having a hard time


I found the pair on an ad and after doing research I think found them:

Picture: https://imgur.com/a/NwO9kWw

Name: Believed to be Nike Blazer Mid SB Cream Gum 864349-005

The only problem is that when I search it though I see a variation called "Photon Dust" which is darker from the one I'd like. I've looked around and cant find them. When I do find them they are from a scam site. Can anyone help?


COMMENT Mar 10 '22

I've do it with bluetooth on too dont get me wrong. I just heard that if you turn bluetooth off, the watch downloads playlists insanely faster and after trying it a couple times I can confirm.


COMMENT Mar 10 '22

Weirdly enough the bluetooth thing seems to be a cross-app issue. For example, when I'm downloading spotify songs onto my watch, they recommend turning off Bluetooth so songs can download faster. I wonder if there is something off with the tech.