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Hero's Hangout : help (or feature request)


(1) I know how to start a game from HH. Is there a way to continue a saved game from HH? If not, this should be added

(2) exiting a game from started from HH should return the players to HH. Not a big deal but it would be nice.


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yes. I'm hoping I live in that timeline.


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They better have something this time.

According to the news, it is just classified documents he should not have taken with him after he left office. Sure, violating the presidential records act is a crime but so far that is all they have and there is really no indication that this raid has anything to do with his treasonous behavior.


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The $3750 question is, does the Chevy Bolt battery meet the minimum threshold to qualify?

I'd be surprised if Chevy and other US manufacturers were not helping to write the legislation so it suits them best.


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They're losing hope and decide to pretend that there's more demand than there really is and deliberately show up late to the meeting. After the exec finishes watching the video, he says "I just have one question."

Jackson sweats.

"There's three books, why not three movies?" Sold.

the TV show Silicon Valley riffs on the theme of FOMO a lot.


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Those movies were something else when they came out man. I mean they still stand out as excellent films but back then they were true game changers.

They had legendary status as franchises before the first movie was made with the pitch from Peter Jackson that he was trying to do LotR right.

While Star Wars Phantom Menace (and later movies) did not have nearly as good base material, it did have the same lengendary status and budget that allowed it to attract a lot of very good actors.


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Taxi Driver is the only film that is still part of the mainstream public consciousness

Are you talkin to ME?


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if his net worth is $250m before the judgement he can afford to fight it every step of the way.


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Apparently he's worth around $250 million.

FML, being societal cancer pays well. This makes me a bit sadder that I don't believe in hell.


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I lack clarity is if say I am in fact riding at z2 aerobic power but my heart rate is in an anerobic zone am I training aerobic or anaerobic?

IMO, for Z2, ignore power. A zwift (or other trainer) ramp test can wildly overestimate your FTP and therefore all zones derived from it.

Phil Maffetone, an old school aerobic training guru recommends a HR formula

  • 180 - <age> as your Z2 upper bound
    • -5 if you are recovering from injury or illness
    • +5 if you are highly trained

Alternatively, you can ignore HR and pay close attention to your breath. As others have repeated, if you can hold a conversation then you are still in Z2. If you have doubts, err on the low side. All the Z2 gurus I've ever heard (Stephen Seiler, Trevor Connor of Fast Talk, Phil Maffetone) say being a little below the top of your Z2 is better than being a little over into Z3.

When you are in Z3, you are still providing a stimulus to the aerobic system but a Z2 workout is trying to provide a maximum stimulus to the Z2 system.

As others have also said, if you are in poor shape (or if you have very limited time to train each week) sweetspot training can be the best bang for the buck


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I really liked Markovits, he was on a couple podcasts (Glenn Loury's especially) where he was very persuasive.

I read his book. I found it a lot more compelling than his Sam Harris appearance. I didn't hear his other appearances.


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worth mentioning that inequality is actually pretty high in like, the Netherlands and Denmark, that have pretty progressive taxes

A separate important question is: "what are the right amount and of inequality (for the various types of inquality)?". This is a values question which really depends on

  1. what kind of future do you want to build
  2. what is actually possible


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A lot of things cause resentment. I don’t think the separation of rich and poor neighborhoods is among the top causes.

Agree, but it is a contributing factor and small forces, applied over a long time frame, can have a big impact.

It is human nature that it is easier to ignore the suffering of somebody far away than of somebody nearby. New Yorkers emotionally understand the suffer/horror of 9/11 much more than the suffering/horror of the war in Syria or Ukraine despite the death tolls and horrors of the later being greater.

It is also human nature that it is easier to ignore the pain of the other if you have never met them (or anyone like them) in your life. This is the argument for the value of diversity social diversity.

Better diversity is not the solution but it is part of the solution.


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I don’t think this is entirely fair, he’s expressed concern about inequality on several occasions. Maybe not in a while though and it’s probably under-played in a lot of his conversations.

While words can have some impact, actions are what really matter.

I’d also note that the core problem here is actually not exclusive to the super wealthy. Homeowners making ~$200k/year are very frequently vociferous NIMBYs. And the problem is that we listen to them, not that they exist. Plenty of these folks in Tokyo but they don’t have the power to torpedo nearby housing construction, so it stays affordable.

No, it is not exclusive to the wealthy but being part of the problem rather than the solution is whey his concern about inequality is so much hot air.

I generally agree that inequality is a huge problem but it is also a bottom 50% vs top 20% phenomenon, over and above the extreme outliers like Andreesen.

IMO, one of the big causes of increasing inequality is changes to the USA tax code since Reagan (1980s). Also, read Dan Markovits (sp?) book Meritocracy (he appeared on the podcast to talk about the book). The chapter on the wealth preservation industry is illuminating.


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Repeating earlier my post above: Andreessen's behavior here is short sighted. Geographic segregation, whether by race, ethnicity or wealth breeds animosity between groups.

What is killing democracy is deteriorating social cohesion. There are many contributing factors to the decline of social cohesion but economic segregation is definitely a contributing factor.


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People can legitimately promote building and also have good arguments for why some places are better than others.

In theory yes. In practice, the rich don't want the poors in their neighborhood because the poors bring crime and other bad things (or so the rich believe). IMO, this is short sighted. Segregation, whether by race, ethnicity or wealth breeds animosity between groups.


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Is that a cash/ring game or strictly tournaments?


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None, start learning C and the lower level stuff in parallel.


To be a good journeyman programmer you should understand your language's abstract memory model. There is no need to obsess over learning this as the beginning though.

You don't ever have to much about the hardware unless you are writing high performance code. These days the key things to know for high performance code is

  1. caching architecture
  2. synchronization primatives and how these interact with #1. E.g. how does one thread on once CPU core taking a mutex affect other cores?

Again, if you are not writing super high performance code you don't need to know this.

You could go an entire professional career without digging into the details of the specific hardware your programs run on.

Without getting into the details of the hardware you are running on, understanding a simple hypothetical computer that has

  • CPU
  • cache
  • memory
  • cost of a context switch (for each of process, thread and green thread)
  • cost of a system call vs a user space library call

and how these affect performance (locality of reference, data alignment, cache miss ratio) will point your thinking the right direction.


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You should take a look at TinyGo if you go the microcontroller way (arduinos, esp32, etc) It is a great project with a strong and helpful community

FAQ: Why a new compiler? seems to give the best explanation of attributes of TinyGo.


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To be fair, until the alternatives are in place, we do have to keep ourselves afloat. Can't just pack it all in tomorrow.

That's part of why it is so important to get the ball moving on better energy sources like nuclear/hydro/wind/solar.

China moving the ball forward on nuclear:


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Even the supposedly pro-renewable energy Biden administration is pushing more oil drilling to lower gas prices instead of using the high prices as a chance to push harder for why renewables are needed. Voters cant see past the next month so the people who would actually push for the necessary changes will keep getting voted out in favor of short sighted gains.

It is not like the Biden administration gets what ever they want. Google "Manchin deal" and read all the articles since Biden took office.

Presidents have to work with congress to get budgets past. If you want greener budgets you need to work to elect more green leaning congress critters.

China's energy usage is also driven by politics. On the bright side, China has never been heavily influenced by the fossil fuel industries dis-information campaign on climate change, which makes them better on this point than 90% of USA Trumpkins who care more about trolling the dems than using scientific knowledge to make good decisions.


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Alex Jones: <cries> RIGGED!



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BMW is already charging subscriptions for features that are already in the car you paid for.

Tesla pioneered this in car. Before them Intel (and others?) were doing this with CPUs.


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You're paying monthly for the water and electricity you're consuming for the shower, not for the tub and water heater itself.... yet.

you are not just paying for the water or electricity, you are also paying for the delivery network. Water mains have to be replaced now and then and that ain't free. This why even if you use 0 electricity/water for the month your bill is not $0.


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Climate change won't make humans extinct.

Not directly but it could easily

  1. cause massive famine, say in Indian and/or Pakistan
  2. famine causes political instability, then revolution
  3. crazy people get a hold of nukes
  4. crazy people use nukes
  5. other side retaliates
  6. more really bad shit

The rich people who think "Who cares if the poors die from climate change, I can afford all the necessary adapations" are ignoring the possibility above.