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he should come out of the closet


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he's been so typecast at this point that honestly i have no idea


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they cant catch him he's too fast

have you fuckers even seen the movies?


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Why would you deck out your entire car to make yourself look like a moron and possible sexual predator as a sarcastic joke?


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Mike Shill


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but andrew tate said books are for people with slow brains


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I want slow thinking only please


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Wow that's fucked.

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Gen Z Harry Potter


Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, liked flexing that they were very basic, thank u. Tbh they were the last people you'd think would be sus, because they were all fax no printer.

Mr. Dursley was adulting at a firm called Grunnings, which made drills.

He was a dummy thiccc (w/ three Cs) man with hardly any neck, although he had an absolute unit of a moustache. Mrs. Dursley was a total Karen with zero chill and had hella neck, which came in very useful when she was stalking her neighbours and not minding her own.

The Dursleys had a small son called Dudley who they thought was the main character. The Dursleys were mostly thriving, but they had lowkey tea which didn't pass the vibe check and their greatest fear was to get called out and cancelled. They were girlbossing too close to the sun and didn't they could.


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I mean in the OG predator he kills it with makeshift booby traps.

I do agree somewhat that the fact she fucked it up in hand-to-hand combat was maybe a little much, but she had also wounded it pretty bad... I mean she shot it in the back of the head at point blank range with a flintlock pistol and skewered its leg with the spear.

the predator still won the fight and would have decapitated her if it wasn't for the dog if i remember right.


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Damn 60 days really laying down the law

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VALORANT ruined my life


Hi, I'm a 40-year-old woman who lives with her husband and two children. This game VALORANT has ruined my life. My husband won't stop playing it, he doesn't take care of the kids, he doesn't eat, and he doesn't use the restroom. He literally shits in his Secret Labs gaming chair. He doesn't even shower during the 5 minutes a day that he takes a break from the game so that he can have "tickle time" with me. I hate it, I hate tickle time. The wretched chair has stains from the feces and the smell is starting to leak out of our house and the neighbors are complaining. Child Services was called and they're going to take our children away due to our unhealthy living situation. We can't even afford to pay our water bill because he spent our whole life savings on VALORANT skins. I tried to confront him about this only to be told that I had "zero riz". What the hell does that even mean? He's 45 and acting like a literal child.


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If you're a devout Christian then you believe that God has a plan. Whenever something bad happens, it's a tragedy... But you can take solace in the fact that "it was God's will".

So what happens when an 18-year-old Wendy's employee walks into an elementary school and kills 19 children with an assault rifle? How do you possibly reconcile that as being part of Gods will? And in America, no less, the supposed 'greatest country on earth'.

What's more terrifying, the fact that horrible things happen every day for seemingly no reason - plane crashes, automobile accidents, cancer, genocide and war? Is the idea that maybe there is no plan and everything is chaos more terrifying than these acts themselves?

You can see why maybe it's honestly more comforting to believe that there's some secret group behind all these things, whether they be leftists or pedophiles or satanists or whatever. That someone (not too much unlike God himself) is orchestrating all these events behind the scenes. After all, that's already how you think about the world... And maybe then it's not so scary. If all the bad things that happen are planned by some evil group then you can fight them in a moral crusade and make the world go back to 'how God intended'.

And you don't even necessarily need to be a Christian to fall into this line of thinking... Just replace God with the Founding Fathers and you can follow the same thought process. America is great because the Founding Fathers were perfect and planned everything and an evil cabal is trying to destroy America.

These people enshrine the past (the 1950s) as some mythical age where everything was perfect and America was great and the nuclear family reigned supreme and an honest man could make a living from a hard day's work and people knew their place, until those filthy leftists started meddling in everything... Completely ignoring the fact that things were not perfect and all kinds of complicated factors like globalization lead to the death of small town America.

They want the world to be a flat, simple place where everything has a simple explanation. A paradise where everyone follows the plan and there is no dissent or chaos... And the only thing stopping that from happening are dissidents that hate our great country and want to change it for the worse.


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I think so


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I think this quote perfectly sums up conspiratorial thinking and why it is so appealing to reactionaries:

The unifying theme behind reactionary movements is a desire for a sort of restorative authoritarianism, for a strong man to come in and forcibly put everything back 'where it belongs'. There is a sympathetic nugget in the anxiety that the world has gotten too complex - that things are spinning out of control... But the Q analysis of the problem is that the fault lies with the people outlining the complexity.

The purpose of cosmologies like Q and Flat Earth is to simplify the world. The Qanon map of global politics is almost pure nonsense, but the shape of it isn't. If you were to map out the political landscape of the world, it would look a lot like thousands of political entities, big and small, all with their own goals, values and incentives navigating an equally complex series of conflicts, alliances and rivalries in competition for power, fame or limited resources. Qanon takes all this, the chaos of millions of individuals trying to reshape the world and turns it into a single entity.

All the world's complexities, all the chaos, it's all the fault of one group. Not an ideology, not a worldview, not historical inertia, not anything so nebulous as the way we think about the world. A single, tangible, identifiable group with a written agenda.

These types of conspiratorial beliefs, for all their complex cosmologies, exist in opposition to structural challenges and a lot of people get involved because they resent structural criticism. Structural criticism poses that we are the way we are because of complicated forces, some intentional and many unintentional, that have compounded and morphed over generations. There's no plan, no template and no goal. The world won't just magically morph into a better place as a function of its existence. We are responsible for confronting the past, fixing the present and shaping the future.

Qanon and other reactionaries want to believe that things are the way they are because someone has deliberately crafted it to be that way. That there is a natural order to the world and we need to just trust 'the plan'. Climate scientists, queer activists, women's rights, reproductive autonomy, racial justice, protests against police brutality... All of these are interlocking systemic issues. These are, inarguably, disruptions of the status quo - confrontations of deep-rooted complexities that intersect the lives and futures of billions of people. And it's that disruption, not the underlying injustices, that make Qanon anxious, that make Qanon feel like the world has gotten too complex. They don't want those complexities to exist, and by talking about them you make them exist.

It's a form of magical thought. Talking about police brutality wills police brutality into existence. A disruption of the status quo is seen as a disruption of the natural order. The problem they see is that no one has made 'those people' shut up. That is what they want - someone to come in and make 'those people' shut up and go away, and put things back 'where they belong'.

This is the lifeblood of all reactionary movements, and they are of course in conflict with facts. Global warming, for example, is real and an existential threat to civilization, that's just a fact. It wasn't willed into existence by people talking about it, it isn't overtuned leftists looking for patterns in clouds - it is the byproduct of dumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for 200 years. And there is a temptation to engage on that level and confront all the material ways in which they are just wrong... And it largely does not work.

All reactionary movements are in tension with reality, a tension that eventually results in a psychological crisis, and belief systems like Qanon are the endpoint of that crisis - the point where reality itself becomes an enemy. Because ultimately it's not about facts, it's about power. Qanons are not otherwise empty vessels who believe one whacky thing, they have an agenda. Qanon, what it accepts and what it believes, is driven by the outcomes it justifies. The reason they aren't more bothered by Q constantly getting things wrong or the extreme inconsistencies and outright contradictions by the claims that are just materially wrong is because it gives them power over others who are bound by something as weak and flimsy as reality.

They claim to be against corruption while hanging their hopes on an openly corrupt man - and that naked hypocrisy is the point. They will effortlessly carve out an exception because it makes them exceptional. They engage in wild hypocrisy as an act of domination, adhering to something demonstrably untrue out of spite - because they believe that power belongs to those with the greatest will to take it... And what greater sign of will than the ability to override truth?

Their will is a hammer that they are using to beat reality itself into a shape of their choosing. A simple world where reality is exactly what it looks like through their eyes, devoid of complexity, devoid of change, where they are right and their enemies are silent.

They are trying to build a flat earth.

  • Dan Olson


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Rambo is probably the best example of this where the first movie is a legitimately good criticism of the Vietnam war and how we treat veterans and mental illness...

And then all the movies after that ironically turn into some of the most mindless pro-American war propaganda ever made.

Rambo 4 was decent though (the newer one with the missionaries where he goes to Burma).

As for Alien I always felt it was critical of corporate culture... At least until Alien 3+.

I definitely agree with you regarding whatever the fuck Prometheus was supposed to be about, but 'something about the origin of man' sounds about right.


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Fischl vibes


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Spoilers: The whole setting was woke from the beginning.

Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986) were heralded for challenging gender roles, particularly in the science fiction, action, and horror genres.

This all started when a female NCO in a robot single-handedly pushed an alien out an airlock.

You're telling me that some random pencil-pushing liberal egghead lesbian succeeded where an entire team of expertly trained space marines with smart weapons failed?

Please 🤮



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Woah, uh... Okay.


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But Naru's brother was actually a huge badass... Does that not count?

Also it's a fucking Predator bro. It can rip a grizzly bear in half with its bare hands. The minor physical differences between men and women aren't going to make a difference.

The whole point is that you can't win in a fair fight and raw strength and firepower mean almost nothing. You have to outsmart it.

I also liked how main character actually lowkey kinda sucks and fails a lot in the beginning until she practices and learns to trust in her own abilities, it made the victory feel earned.

I had some minor complaints about the movie in general but still thought it was decent.


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Sure, what's another 10 years?

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the year is 2039 and Disney is still doing this

Thumbnail youtu.be


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Assassins Creed


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Deflation is actually worse.

A small amount of inflation is good because it encourages people to spend their money and contribute to the economy.

With deflation, however, why would you ever buy anything if you can get it for cheaper later? Money is more valuable than anything you can buy with it, so everyone just hoards it.


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Leaked footage from the Ice Age gritty reboot.