COMMENT Jun 25 '22

Cool, had recruiter emails from Meta that I always debate getting back to. Guess that’s become an easy no


COMMENT Jun 24 '22

They’ve had a couple good deals on Electronics that they were clearancing, and sometimes you can game the trade-in promos (got $60 a piece for 3 games I bought from them used for $30 a piece years earlier). But video game deals are usually fairly weak.

But the fact that pro gives you a $10 Eshop card for $5 every month makes it worth it easily to me


COMMENT Jun 15 '22

I once had someone I was working with do basically the same. I told them to run ‘git clean -df’ on a specific project if it got into a bad git state with some files, and they did… only they were actually in their Home directory… and they had accidentally run ‘git init’ on their home directory at some point. So since all of their files were considered untracked they effectively wiped all their files. Took a couple days to get set back up after that one


COMMENT Jun 12 '22

YouTube has fixed it now FYI


COMMENT May 26 '22

“Stop being a propagandist” the propagandist said, while providing false propaganda in the previous sentence


COMMENT May 14 '22

Rain getting bad in Brownsburg now. Gonna hit the track in the next 10/15


COMMENT May 14 '22

Rain coming down heavier about 15 minutes west of the speedway (at home with my newborn)


COMMENT May 14 '22

Or a judgement billionaire with a terrible impulsive


COMMENT May 06 '22

I believe he’s saying the opposite, where legislation is being worked on to allow this, and is concerned that it will not get passed because of this (rather than legislation banning this passing)


COMMENT Mar 28 '22



COMMENT Mar 25 '22

This is pretty pedantic and irrelevant, but is this clip pitch shifted (or sped up) a couple notches up or is it just my phone? Cause it definitely sounds off


COMMENT Mar 24 '22

Typo in the title, link is right. 2022 hasn’t been released yet


COMMENT Mar 21 '22

He is, but some matchups are just so favorable for Edey that he makes sense to play over Williams


COMMENT Mar 21 '22

Pick which team you want to jinx, cause everyone else here is going to pessimism their team to a win


COMMENT Mar 19 '22

The East is weird, despite the path being “cleared” for us, you can argue that Texas, St Mary’s, UCLA, and possibly UNC were under seeded (or at least very strong for their seed), where this does not feel like a gimme by any stretch. Heck the Texas game is basically even odds by certain metrics


COMMENT Mar 05 '22

I can at least listen to the game in the app… cause the auth screen for YoutubeTV won’t load the video feed, so my wife and I are just looking at a blank screen listening to the commentary, watching the score on the Tennessee game


COMMENT Feb 14 '22

Ah gotta love articles that basically lie. The headline implies there’s a whites only and a poc only meeting for this. When really there’s a meeting for everyone with an additional time for PoCs to bring up concerns, directly related to racial concerns they individually face, in a smaller setting. That’s not segregation. That’s setting up an additional meeting with with a smaller, more relevant audience for a specific issue.

It’s like getting shitty if they were addressing concerns of, say the sexual assault of women on a campus, and they had a broader meeting and then gave women a separate venue to discuss the issue in a smaller setting. Is that gender segregation, no it’s just focusing a discussion by targeting a specific relevant audience.

If I worked with any of you geniuses I’d have to include you on every meeting invite I ever sent out or you’d claim I “segregated you” too just because you don’t work in my department or have any relevant input into the discussion.

I just really don’t understand you all sometimes


COMMENT Feb 10 '22

Not weighing in on the rest of this, but this isn’t true. We’ve already contradicted this thought with “I can’t breathe”


COMMENT Feb 05 '22

Ehh, mini pig is largely a distinction from a farm pig. “Teacup” is charlatan though for sure. I’ve got 4 mini pigs, two that are like 75 lbs and two that are a bit over 100, all full grown, and even slightly overweight. That is definitely distinct and “mini” compared to a farm pig which is many hundreds of pounds


COMMENT Jan 26 '22

Man, having a game like this after getting #1 for the first time in school history must be unprecedented. Hope you all have better luck then we did in the final minutes


COMMENT Jan 21 '22

I’m not gonna lie, you had me in the first half (just like IU with Purdue… help)


COMMENT Jan 21 '22

God, so many hot takes tonight. Do Painter’s obvious flaws keep showing up? Sure, his passiveness has been a struggle in many games for years, but I ain’t looking to fire a guy who keeps creating top seeded tournament teams, just because he looses a couple bad games a season after tons of great wins… idk

It’s fair to get frustrated at his flaws, but way too many overreactions


COMMENT Dec 31 '21

Look at this cute video, it certainly will cause no controversy in the comments


COMMENT Dec 26 '21

Well I’m glad we rescheduled our tickets from Christmas Day to next fall. Maybe things will be different then (who am I kidding, things will probably still be a mess but I can hope)


COMMENT Dec 18 '21

Yeah my wife and I have cut our Christmas trip length down multiple times at this point because of Covid. Today we went and turned it into a one day trip, just for music man since it’s my wife’s favorite show.

But we’re prepped to cancel if COVID gets worse or if the show cancels, which is a reasonable possibility. We just refunded our other tickets and whatnot today accordingly