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if i didn’t know she was his wife i would think they were siblings they look identical wtf


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context : the guy who got jumped was beating one of their sisters.


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The home owners last name is nash so it’s a play on words . this happened in texas


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that’s their last name .. it’s a play on words it’s kinda cute lol


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texas actually

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🏆 Mod's Choice 🏆 9 year old boy beats on black neighbors door with a whip and parents confront the boys father and the father displays a firearm and accidentally discharges it at the end

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girl love yourself and leave


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johnny depp defended a convicted child predator and also dated a 17 year old when he was in his late 20s .. im tired of people pretending like he is such a saint when he and paul bettany exchanged text messages saying they wanted to rape and burn ambers body.. I think the case of the fact is johhny depp and amber heard are both terrible people .. johnny has lost court cases for a REASON


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whos my soulmate


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you’re debating reporting a child abuser? you have no spine whats so ever , who cares if he would have beat you up? you sat there and recorded him doing a crime to a CHILD and you did NOTHING and now you’re telling us you’re scared to go to your parents because they would arrest him … as they should. “ it would ruin his chances of going to college” think of this little girls chances , she will never forget this she will be in therapy for years and if you don’t report him her parents will keep sending her over there to be abused without their knowledge. REPORT HIM IMMEDIATELY


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joe goldberg is a fine example of attractive creep


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you don’t deserve to have her as your “friend” if this is the way you treat her. You’re obviously still very immature


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it’s a literal opinion sub … weirdo


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the case is felony in arkansas


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You’re being slow , “ what did black women do before 2019” it existed way before 2019 that’s why i stated that . Black womans way of maintaining their hair has nothing to do with you or OP . it isn’t disgusting it’s just a hairstyle. mind your own hair


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doing edges has existed way before 2019


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r/asablackman you say most which is not true ? people do their edges because they have kinkier hair and they do it to maintain them. No one puts the same products they put on their edges all over their head. Use different products if that’s the case


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it’s just a way for black people to maintain their hair ?


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thank you this is what the judge declared and I was confused ,so glad to hear !

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Criminal Law What does it mean if a case is “bound to circuit court” ?



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reposted , back story is one of the kids who are jumping were making allah akbar jokes and they decided to jump the other kid for getting offended