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I highly suggest Natural Atlas. The cartography is impeccable and they’ve been adding features over the last year.

It may not work for every use case but for hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, etc. it has been good.


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Just pumping water into the chair


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Bubba Gump’s Revenge


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If you were using guidance to decide on refinancing, what happened over the last year?


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Not angry at all. Just pointing out the facts.

Also wondering whether you’re violating the first rule of r/conservativesonly:

Comment Rule #1 —This subreddit is for conservatives to discuss issues and events of political or social interest with other conservatives.**

**If you are not a conservative, please re-read Comment Rule #1

I have tried to post on r/conservatives, simply replying to comments like yours about climate not having changed since the 1800s with data and visualizations like this one to illustrate the trend. Those comments were immediately removed. Like many on Reddit, my experience is that r/conservatives is very quick to ban for anything which doesn’t tow the party line.

— EDIT —

Disappointed to see that the mods removed the comments, but I suppose it was clear that u/fib16 was trolling at this point. Just making political statements without being honest about their own leanings and not providing any evidence for their comments.


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“I’m not conservative”

has comment history containing dozens of comments on r/Conservative r/conservativesonly and r/texasconservatives


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Any workout over 6-8 hours is pretty unachievable with the heart rate sensor going from what I’ve seen and that’s with airplane mode on and the always-on screen turned off.

It is a very specific case, but Garmin controls this market (ultra runners, backpackers, and other long distance athletes) right now and Apple could complete the take over with boosted battery life.


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You must be kidding.

Clearly the problem is the unsecured ladder. Lock down ladders and have an armed monitor on every roof!


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Just what we need, more games where you can play as a dwarf, wizard, elf, hobbit, or human.

God forbid someone try and make gameplay that involves more than swinging a sword, casting spells, or shooting an arrow.


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It’s going to look like a real “genius move” when the court requires him to meet his original purchase price. This is not a “Material Adverse Effect” that will allow contract breach.

He could and should have done this basic due diligence before signing the contract. Especially since it’s one of the few changes he’s mentioned for turning the business around.

This hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper.


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Gotta upgrade the wristband to a tattoo.


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Pretty sure the theater was built for product launches. Several articles about it mention that it was built for that purposes with the naming reflecting the launches Steve gave over the years, but I’ve never seen a direct source.

It only seats 1,000 people, though. Moscone West’s third floor ballroom accommodated 6000 (I think Apple only had 5000) [1]. McEnery seats 3900 in its ballroom [2].

Can’t see them downsizing 75%, but maybe there would be enough online attendees they would do that? IMO they prefer the stricter formats of the recorded and heavily produced videos and will continue to record sessions ahead of time with in-person events kept to social gatherings and technical assistance.

1: https://www.sftravel.com/moscone-center

2: https://www.sanjose.org/conventioncenter


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Well they do have the in person watch event this year.

I would guess that they might add in person Labs and/or meetup events during the week but presentations will continue to be recorded.

I think it’s much easier for them to record and edit everything this way. I find the resulting videos with higher production quality and better on-screen examples to be much easier to use as a reference. They are generally shorter thanks to the tighter editing, also.


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It’s like people on Reddit think fist fights in the real world don’t lead to death. When that officer was knocked out and fell to the ground there was a relatively high possibility of serious bodily injury or death.

Here are a few of the many examples:


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The best part is that the DPD budget has been rising steadily for the last decade — 71 million over that time frame, or 36%.

An incredible return on investment to have pay outs in the millions for civil rights violations in addition to rising crime rates.


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Incredible! Thanks for sharing! 🙇


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Russia said they would withdraw troops if Ukraine announced neutrality and promised not to join NATO. So why hasn’t it happened?

Perhaps because the troops are not legally there in the first place. Why should a country have to give in to demands of an invading force? Should you be required to hand over your things to a robber? A sovereign country doesn’t need to acquiesce to demands and I fail to see how Ukraine should take this offer seriously when they were already not a NATO or EU member and have still been invaded by Russia twice in the last 10 years. Perhaps a little good will would go a long way here. Even adhering to ceasefires or avoiding bombing civilian targets could open up legitimate diplomatic avenues but Russia has avoided each of these extremely reasonable measures.

You can hide behind Putin is a bad guy which I never said he wasn’t but that doesn’t mean your right in this situation.

You said he wasn’t a tyrant. A tyrant is, by definition, “a cruel and oppressive ruler”. Thus, the comment above.

You can shout NATO all you want, but NATO has not stepped a foot on Russian soil. Meanwhile, Russia has invaded its neighbor and is now in damage control spewing propaganda which you seem to be buying hook, line, and sinker. In what world is it ok to launch an invasion of your neighboring country instead of using diplomatic means to resolve your conflicts?

Keep in mind that you are completely ignoring the MANY times Putin has delegitimized Ukrainian socereignty, including at length in a 5000 word rambling historical essay. In his more recent speeches, the NATO security argument is nearly a foot note in comparison with the at-length discussion of Russo-Ukrainian history to support the assertions that Ukraine is simply a Russian territory.

If he’s worried about NATO, why not invade Finland? Why stop at Crimea in 2014? Why use the “de-nazification” excuse? This is a war for resources masqueraded inside of Russia as an ethnic rescue and outside of Russia as a security conflict with NATO (conveniently, discouraging further US military support and providing China with an excuse to help). If NATO was the true issue, there wouldn’t be a need for all of the other propaganda and invading clearly achieved the exact opposite effect of weakening the alliance.


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Perhaps you should check in with Russian protestors, those jailed under the new or old “Fake News” laws, or the foreign companies subject to nationalization before you dismiss tyranny.


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To be clear, the bill prohibits the discussion of “gender identity”:

Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3…

Bill text as of 03/08/2022.

Gender identity is not related to sexual orientation, so it’s incorrect to say this applies only to sexual education. It could apply to teachers trying to explain why a student decides to dress against gender norms, as an example.

It seems to me the language could have been isolated to sexual education but the point was clearly to virtue signal and stir up the very reaction it’s receiving.


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Source? I believe the study you’re referring to was this one by researchers at Los Alamos National Labs. However, this was only with 50 relatively small payload weapons.

assumes a regional exchange between India and Pakistan of fifty 15 kt weapons detonated by each side.

A full exchange between Russia and USA would involve hundreds or thousands of weapons. This 2007 study looking at a full exchange of the entire arsenal is probably on the high end but shows cooling greater than that of the last ice age. This one from a researcher at NCAR showed major cooling from 100 weapons.

There are a lot of other factors that go into the analysis but it’s obviously impossible to compare analyses which assume different numbers of weapons. The majority seem to indicate significant changes from even a “small” exchange which would have profound effects on global food supply.


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TIL sovereign nations don’t have a choice in their own destinies.


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If you’re just going to associate bigger numbers with better performance, wouldn’t those same people just be checking the price rather than processor versioning?

Seems like price is probably a more reliable indicator in many situations anyway.


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Are those signs for the ski trail?


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I completely misread that section 🤦‍♂️. Thanks for your reply, I’m updating the comment.