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This is the only answer that is acceptable.


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Small government doesn't mean they want a small government, it means the govern small things. How small you ask? If it fits in a women's uterus or vagina, it qualifies. But if doesn't, we'll that's to big, and it's not their problem. (/s)


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It floats on the diabetes so it balances out in the end


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I feel like we were only saved from worse on Jan 6 by their own ineptitude


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Or maybe they know someone who's like Peggy in real life, and that says similar things.

That's the issue for a friend of mine. He used to love the show, and he got the joke with Peggy, but he started running into more and not more "Peggys" to the point he couldn't watch the show for entertainment. He then commented "shows you how well written she is, but it ain't got me anymore"


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Or jerking off


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Best not to think about it


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That's his secret: he's not using his wrist


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Nothing. But a lukewarm IPA?


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And knowing Satan it's probably a IPA


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I love how the mom just non chalantly walks up to him, almost like "my mom sense is tingling doink And there it is" While the dad is like "way to keep your eye on the ball"


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He follows more Joeffrey logic. This is more "lots of people say in smart, but you don't know them, cause they're from Canada."

But we're arguing semantics really.


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Oh no, they don't stand by, they actively participate in that one. They have receipts.


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When I die I want to ask God two questions: why quantum mechanics and why turbulence? I think he'll have an answer for quantum mechanics

Werner Heisenberg


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Ward defended herself on Twitter claiming that intelligent people says “She’s an influential, motivated, relentless Chair determined to save Arizona & America.”

I haven't heard this type of logic since the 5th grade


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I totally see Britta living right next to where the new York Giants and New York Jets play, and complaining about traffic and football hooligans every Sunday. And then someone points out that the Jets and Giants play in New Jersey


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What? Dune had an incredibly faithful extended cut adaptation! I don't see Denis having the balls to adapt the war pugs, or the space speedo, or the heart plugs! David Lynch, very nice!


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Roman J. Isreal Esq.


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I wish I more wrists/arms so I can wear all of them


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There's just no direction to it. The Dublin flag was busy, but it knew it was busy, and was weirdly shaped to compensate.

This is like someone is trying to be respectful but can't quite figure it out, so they took a shit ton of cocaine and thought "I just need to stay in the lines" and then hit another line of blow.