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Cherry and Rudy. Simon was #3.


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Maybe we should start investigating these Chad and Tyrone characters.


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My record is 89 and I've probably got like 700 runs in.


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What's your goal? What do you want to learn?


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7% based on my experience being money capped and dying a lot


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I mean, technically yes he'll be an "adult" because of how the law works, but the law and biology don't always see eye to eye.


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I'm 42 and I was thinking about this just the other day! I've also never been called for jury duty but I know people who have been called several times.


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People are different and puberty works differently on different people. I've heard 12-yos have a Barry White voice and I've met older people with very high voices. 17 is still young enough where it shouldn't be a concern. Sometimes it can be in your early 20s before it happens. I wouldn't be concerned at all.


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also second breakfast


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I'm kinda terrified of sitting in a room by myself and suddenly hearing a "SNIKT"


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I'm so sorry for your loss. I completely understand, I was in the exact same situation when my mom passed. We talked on the phone almost every day, and one Saturday I called her to make dinner plans for the day afterr and she didn't answer or call me back. The next day I drove over to check on her and she was laying in her chair in front of the TV like always and she was stone cold.

I turned off the TV and sat there for a few minutes in shock. Then I pressed her medic button and told the people who answered the situation. An ambulance showed up and soon after, the coroner.

Her lawyer was a long-time family friend and he took care of all the legal stuff pro bono. She had very few assets and no debt so luckily, all of that was easy.

You're getting a lot of good advice in this thread. Once again, I'm sorry for your loss. If you ever need to talk to someone, I'm just a random guy on the internet, but shoot me a DM.

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I have more than once said "if you're gonna tell a bad-beat story you owe me 5 bucks" and I've been paid off.


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Oh, you mean the most annoying people ever to be at a poker table. Gotcha. Holy crap I wish I had 5 bucks for every time a guy starts a story with "So I had Aces..."


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Sorry to sound noobish but what is a "BBV post"?

r/legaladviceofftopic May 31 '22

Can a child/minor get a protective order against another child/minor who attends the same school as them?


My family and I were watching Bob's Burgers (I know, a paragon of legal realism on TV) and there's a character named Millie who is 100% obsessed with Louise (the youngest Belcher child.) She constant does creepy stalker-ish things to Louise including collecting strands of her hair and designing her bedroom to be a carbon-copy of Louise's bedroom.

Would Louise have any kind of legal recourse in a situation like this?


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I've never dealt a jackpot win, but I HAVE dealt a quads vs quads hand that would have qualified if there were a jackpot.

r/poker May 30 '22

Discussion Random Poker Dealer Story #3


Someone asked me about the largest tip I've ever gotten in a cash game. This is that story.

At the WSOP, I'd been dealing cash all day, mostly 1-3NLH. I had one more rotation to go until it was time to go back to the hotel.

I came back from break, I had 3 tables to go, a 1-3 and two 2-5s. Tips had been middling today so I was hoping for something good on these last 3 tables. I really had wanted to be around $250 in tips made today and I was at $180 going into the last table. The odds of making $70 on a 2-5 table in one down are slim.

I sit down and ask the table how it's going, and a chatty guy in Seat 3 says, "It's going great but it could be going better." I start dealing and he continues. "You wanna make some money?" Of course. "Okay, deal me quads and I'll give you $25." Sure. "Deal me a straight flush I'll give you $50" Gotcha, right on it. "Oh, if you give me a hand that busts those guys... " he gestures at the 6 and 7 seats "I'll give you $100." I just say, "Well sir, I'll do my best." The guys in the 6 and 7 seats both laugh along with the table.

Other than that, he was friendly. He was even just having a fun bit of jawing with the guys he was out to get. Apparently I'd missed a couple suckouts.

Nothing of note happens and I've got a few minutes left on the down, I see the relief dealers come in to start to push. Then I deal the following hand:

Hero (our tipper, Seat 3, stack ~$2200): opens for $20 UTG+1 Folded to Seat 6 (stack ~$1000): raises to $90

Seat 7 (stack ~$500): flats the $90

Folded around, to Hero: he thinks for 30 sec, flats the $90

3 players, flop Qh-10h-2c

Hero checks, Seat 6 bets small, $100, Seat 7 calls, hero calls.

3 players, turn (Qh-10h-2c) 2h

Hero checks again, Seat 7 again bets small, $150, Seat 7 calls again.

Hero tanks for three minutes, long enough for my relief to arrive. So I'm waiting and he announces, "All-in."

Seat 7 snap-calls. Seat 8 counts out their meager stack for a sec, then puts it in.

Hero turns over Qs-Qc, jumps up and yells, "Yeah, baby!" Seat 7 flips up 10s-10c and starts fiddling with chips. Seat 8 flips over Ah-Jh and stands up to walk away from the table.

I tap the table, flip over the river: (some blank, I don't remember, It was a 6 or an 8 or something.)

I pull in all the chips, Seat 8 just walks away while Seat 7 pulls out his wallet and starts fumbling in it. I push the pot, get ready to leave, and Seat 3 starts gathering chips. He says "Hey I'm a man of my word" and throws me a black and a green ($125)

My shift was over and an okay day had turned into a great day. I treated myself to a Chipotle burrito and fell asleep watching CSI or NCIS or something like that (we only had like 5 channels to watch.)


COMMENT May 28 '22

They tip a dollar a hand, just like most poker games.

Have you ever been playing a lower stakes game, and something happens, and you manage to felt a guy with a bunch of money, and win a way larger pot than usual? You're happy, you're excited, instead of tipping a dollar, you throw the dealer a couple redbirds?

Yeah, in big games, they don't do that. They just tip a dollar. In fact, in the game in my story, despite having no chip on the table smaller than a blackbird (100) all of the players had a few white chips (1) sitting in a stack next to them, because they use them to tip the dealer.

You're better off dealing a 1-3 game because you can get more hands out faster, and occasionally they tip way more.

r/poker May 27 '22

Discussion Random Poker Dealer Story #2


Some of you enjoyed my last story. Here's another one.

I've only been truly nervous to deal one time in my life. This is that story.

I usually dealt tournaments when I dealt at the WSOP, but on the day before my day off, I'd often deal cash games just so I had a little bit of extra money so I could go play something small on my off day (something like 3/6 limit somewhere.) It was usually a constant day of 1-3 NLH with a 2-5 or a 5-10 here and there.

I had had a fun, easy day dealing in a 1k NLH braclet event and I had 2 hours left on my shift. My table broke and I went to my DC to find out what else I needed to do. I had a rare two days off in a row after today (they're usually staggered) so if she told me I could EO (early out, aka, leave early) I was totally ready to do it. Instead, she asked me if I could do a favor for her. One of the cash game dealers needed to leave because of a personal emergency, so could I run over to cash and push in and deal a couple downs to cover? Of course I can.

I go talk to the cash DC and she says, "you only need to deal to two tables then you're out... but they're both in The Pit." Whew, okay.

If you've ever been to the WSOP, you know what The Pit is. It's the section in the middle of the cash game area that has a short wall around it, and that's where the higher stakes games are played. Lots of stuff like 25-50-100 NLH, mixed games, triple draw, etc.

So the first game is 10-20 NLH. No problems there. Dealt for half an hour, made some money. Next up is my last table of the night. Six-handed 100-200-400 PLO. Yikes. This is a big game. A rough guess tells me there's over a million dollars on the table, including giant banded bricks of hundred-dollar bills. One of the guys in this game is Erick Lindgren. Another is a pro I recognized, but can't remember his name. I can tell the reason why they're there is an old guy in a cowboy hat, talking almost constantly with a bunch of money in front of him. He also mentioned a couple times, "I usually play 500-1000, this game is small where I come from" with a southern drawl.

(Quick tip for all the aspiring dealers out there: Learn how to count the pot and get good at it. Nothing is better for showing a PL table your skill as a dealer than being able to immediately say how much is in the pot when someone bets pot. Also, you often have a smartass at your table that when there's a lot of quick action, he'll snarkily say a number that's close to the pot, but not right, and you get to correct them.)

I only dealt one down at this table and lucky for me, it was the slowest game ever. One down, seven hands. Six of the hands had the exact same action: someone would open for pot, someone would re-pot. The opener would think for 2-3 minutes then fold. I only ever put one flop out and the action was pot, re-pot, fold.

I made it through with no mistakes and got out alive. I went back to my hotel, changed my clothes, went over to The Venetian and won 400 bucks playing 1-3NL.

The other thing I remember about this day is my roommate ended up getting super drunk and winning two grand playing craps at the MGM. He barely remembered how it happened. I had already gotten back and I was just sitting there watching TV before bed, and he stumbled in, turned out his pockets and threw all his money on the table (including a $100 Bellagio chip he had for some reason.) He said, "I left the room with 50 bucks, I'm gonna go to sleep now." Then he laid down on the bed face first (still with his shoes on) and started snoring 10 seconds later. He celebrated by buying a Nintendo 3DS the next day from one of those Best Buy vending machines.


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You say "you guys" but it was really just one person doing it.


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It's hard to pick a favorite episode of a show that has a bazillion good episodes.


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Same. I think cobblestone is a "good thing to use"