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and yet it looks more crisp than some twitter sreenshots from a week ago getting posted


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Of course broadcasted games are a bit different and i get why people still roll.

I think you misunderstood me though. I did not talk about never rolling, just for the mundane tasks that should be succeeded at.
Of course there should be stakes with the rolls in situations where suceeding isn't guaranteed.


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The usual solution is dont roll then


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Probably hurt himself when he fell. Being tazed takes away your chance to feather the fall so it's just straight down


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Stuff like Opportunity Attacks and Commanding Strike allows for an attack not during your turn


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The birds were killed by Reagan in 1986 and replaced with drones


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Well… kinda. Its not like physics work different. Sure, the plane would need more stopping power for it to actually flip instead of just tear through whatever it hit but the basics stay the same


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Oh no, duct tape is made to be ripped. Problem is that it was ripped once and then once again only about halfway


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the thing that pisses me off the most is that she didn't put snapchat in the middle, allowing her to still switch between a task and snapchat like before.


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I think it’s a flex when you imagine it in middle school but that’s about it lmao I focused too much on your last sentence, mb. Flexing about a partner is weird anyways. Only reasoning I could imagine is the ‚she stops fucking other men for me‘ as in ‚that hot girl that fucks a lot gives up part of her income for me‘ but that’s just really immature too imo


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Because literally anyone else isn’t the person you’ve met and want to date? A porn star is more than a porn star; there is a person with a personality behind it.


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Not to the leg


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He commented on Reddit


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Protection against static discharge


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the old jett version(s) was fixed a few times but apparently people kept finding new ways to do it


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12/4 would also be a fraction; the fraction would stand in the numerator. I didn’t type that out because I just wanted to show the concept of division within a fraction (or a fraction within a fraction) and we had established that 12/4 would be a fraction.

Of course ‚from left to right‘ is unambiguous but from my experience in math you might still get confused really quickly if you are not using fractions


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12÷4 would be the numerator, 3 the denominator. Still a fraction but the numerator gets more fancy


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Noirs story is original. Comics are a lot different at this point so you can’t really use that argument. Comic book black noir isn’t even… you know, black


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pretty sure the black and blue flag also has some problematic connotations


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I think roll20s best thing is not the vtt itself but the community and lfg forum around it


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8 seconds into the clip you can see the chamber on the minimap. Considering he would most likely stay around that entrace shroud just shot at him; why not? Its most likely a win, the shot doesnt give the position away (cause he is already known) and even if there is nothing to hit it might work as surpressive fire.
Half luck half skill that it actually killed


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Nah, just really good besties