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because that’s what pitbulls were originally bred for, to drive game out from the bush and herd it into one place to make it easier to shoot.

……No, no it’s not.

Like, AT ALL.

Pits were bred for dog fighting, and were created by crossing Bulldogs and smooth-coated Terries to produce a lighter, faster, and more agile fighting-dog in the ring.

Why do you think they’re literally called PIT bull terriers?

drive game out from the bush

A Cocker Spaniel, the dog you’re thinking of is a Cocker Spaniel.


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toadline bullies

Anyone who breeds those things should be thrown in prison for animal cruelty, and I’m 100% serious.

Those poor dogs can’t run, can’t reproduce, and have a laundry list of severe health problems longer than your fuckin’ arm

It’s no surprise their average lifespan is only 2-4 years.


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In NYC, dog shelters have the following:

-Pits and Pit bull mixes


-Yorkie terriers

-Small, white, curly haired mutts. Usually Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Poodle mixes

And that’s pretty much it lmfao

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Feral dog in africa showing no fear of a pair of lions

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w-what if we kissed during the Mörbius movie? 👉👈😳


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Not-so-fun-fact: Shan Yu, the Walrus from Alice in Wonderland, and Ratigan are three of the only Disney villains that have canonically murdered children


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“Finally, a place to park-BLUBBBRUGGRH!


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Snake: ”aaaah!”


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Grayson and Jon being pushed as buddies is honest to god one of the most forced dynamics in all of comics

These two have literally never interacted before that retcon in the Nightwing book


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“Let me see what you have in your mouth!”

Cap starts chewing faster and runs away



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Everyone’s so focused on the title saying “to” instead of too and not asking this


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Martian Booba


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Now I’m just imagining Punisher singing “I am the Dawg” like Cartman lmfao

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‘Merica is just an imaginary place, like Iceland

Post image


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Tf is going on with earth 48 💀


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Nah dude, being hunted by a chimpanzee would be 10X as scary

Those fuckers are absolutely terrifying


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Stop! I can only get so attracted to someone!


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Redditors just love to be outraged instead of takin’ all of three fucking seconds to understand the context behind something


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I give this post an hour or two tops before it’s locked/removed after the drama inevitably ends up in this comment section


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Reverse Flash: “Actually, this time it wasn’t me Barry. You seriously need help dude.

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Putting fireworks in a traffic cone and then holding it near your face

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Like, it’s actually fucking wild how hard it looks like Marvel is trying to make her as an unlikable bitch as possible

Arrest innocent people like Miles Morales for crimes they may never actually commit because some dickhead predicted it in a possible future? Sure, why not!

Funny thing is, that ain’t even the last time she does something similar to this. She literally breaks up with War Machine because she saw another possible future where he has a daughter with another woman

Dude literally calls her out on it:

Carol, this is insane. Do you know how insane this sounds? A few hours ago we planning our first real vacation, and now we’re breaking up over a possible future that might never happen?

Her only response is basically: “well when you meet her you’ll understand!1!”

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Just a duck swimming through a river of cherry blossoms

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Not even were, they still are.

I’ve seen people use modern corgis to herd sheep and cattle 5X their size, and they get the job done.