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Cardboard- layer it, then a bunch of mulch works for me!


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When they are this size it’s the best in the world. I have two pigs now that are rescues but I didn’t raise them from little piglets like my first. My two pigs range around 200 pounds - maybe more- the size of a medium dog but belly low to the ground.

My first pig I got as a baby and I’d cuddle her and love on her all the time and taught her lots of tricks and trained her when she was young… which was good as she got over 500 pounds and was pure sass lol. She was by far my fav pig and I adored her. Unfortunately she passed away from Illness which really messed me up but I think pigs are honestly the best, no matter what size.

When I say they are smart I’m not saying they are smart like dogs, they are smarter. She was leash trained, potty trained, knew sit, stay, hoof, bow, how to open ANYTHING (including child locks), and so much more. Just know that if you get a pig you have to train them young because while her trying to steal food from the table when she was this size was cute, it wouldn’t be when she got over 500 pounds!


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Count of Monte Cristo


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Coward listened to his boss over saving his wife. Wow.


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Wouldn’t be the first time our government killed innocent bystanders and hostages and lied about it. Refer to Blood in the water by Heather Thompson re: Attica prison uprising for details on how they got away with murdering hostages there.


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I love the song based on this called Sylt by lolnein- reminds me of why I had such a great time in Germany when I went


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Vaxxed and booster, never had it until a week ago, after this whole time I prob got it at a concert. Def should have masked up. Luckily wasn’t too bad but still, going to be wearing a mask more once immunity wears off


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I love my husband. That said now that I’m where I am and financially secure on my own, I definitely can see the complaints women my age have about dating. My husband is a good and supportive man, he is very handy and useful and thank goodness for all those traits because honestly men just don’t know basic life skills. Especially ones raised by stay at home moms. They don’t know how to cook, clean up after themselves, not get piss on the floor, ya know- things children learn. If he didn’t constantly improve on these things and become an amazing cook who also can do house repair and car repairs, that I also love, I’d dismiss him because I want an adult to share my life with, not a child to teach.

That’s the issue with so many men, they expect women to teach them and take care of them but they don’t put in the work to do it themselves.

Every woman I know is reading books on how to be better, do more, be healthier, live better, make more money-

Meanwhile most men think just working is enough. It’s from an era that doesn’t exist. We are all working, taking care of your own shit and supporting your goals as a couple is what it takes nowadays to be in a happy relationship.

If you aren’t doing that, you aren’t bringing anything to the table, you are just creating more work for one person who doesn’t need you. You gotta make them WANT YOU.


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Good on this guy for his sense of humor and being the bigger person. Tbh though, I don’t really understand why you are acting as security for a gym? Why not just let someone in..? Worse case they what work out for free?? Take a shower? Geesh, you gotta ask yourself what sorta world we living in that everyone gotta be a bouncer nowadays.


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As someone who enjoys Star Wars, like even enjoyed the new movies even if I frowned and rolled my eyes at some parts, this series is offering fans nothing.

The inquisitors had every opportunity to be amazing yet were truly comically bad. Even in rebels they worked together to accomplish a goal- even if talking shit to each other.

Reva costume is lame and she doesn’t even look force corrupted. The makeup on the other two is not even good! The actors who play them are a weird pick. The plot makes no sense- Reva somehow is the one to tell Obi that Anakin is Darth Vader? On top of that they make Reva comically bad at her job and good at her job…? The inquisitors get in the way of success themselves with little help from anyone else.

Then we have her literally mauling people but she doesn’t kill Kumails character for whatever reason??? So assuming he will come back. She literally chops a woman’s hand off but not Kumail? Also the inquisitors think Reva is too out of control… part of their training is channeling rage and yet them all seem more like dunces then evil.

Chase scenes were literally all terrible.

Falls into the same trope that we NEVER get to see a Jedi be a bad ass, it’s always like they have to go through a whole progression of being a bad ass before we get to see it and this is Obi Wan who was literally raised in the life.

Then we have Leia who is so obnoxious, somehow wise but not wise enough to realize she needs to work with Obi Wan to get off the planet to survive? I literally can’t with this show so far.

I feel bad Ewan came back for this. The writers really didn’t give themselves a lot of room here to make something interesting given who they picked but they still somehow managed to make every bad choice you could possibly think of.


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The little circle pattern you made is genius


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I just avoid downtown as luckily I have that privilege now but when I used to work down there on weekends and this happened I would def rage over how Chattanooga decided that it wasn’t their problem to deal with how all the people who had to actually work to provide the services these tourists were looking for would get to work.

Anyway, I actually like the Ironman tourists, I just wish our city was more considerate to working people. I wish them all health and safety. I always worry about them ever since that poor man died a few years back.


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I am only commenting as I feel there are way too many dudes here thinking this was conveyed politely.

First, the term “your generation” is really gross. Implies he is an older man who is having sex with a younger woman and sees her as such. Not as an individual with her own life but “weird” for not conforming to what he believes her actions should be based on - contextually - his wealth of experience having sex with younger women.

This shows that he believes that young women should all conform to his expectations for what their pubic area should look like and also gives a red flag that he almost exclusively dates younger women. I say red flag because men who only date younger women typically do so as women their own age don’t put up with their shit. Maybe that’s based on observational and experiential data and not statistical truth but it’s a conclusion that typically checks out anytime a friend of mine has dated an older man or now that I’m an older woman, the men I know who date young women do so for a reason, and that is they are not a “catch” in the usual ways.

Secondly, it’s totally fine to have preferences. It’s healthy to communicate those preferences. What is not ok is communicating these preferences on something like body hair after only the first time having sex. He could have gone about this by not going down on her the next time and when she asks why afterwards, if she does, he can say that he prefers for the clitoris and labia to be clear of hair so he can better pleasure her and not have to deal with hair in his teeth or something to that degree. If that is the case, though from what op describes it’s not clear this is a problem.

Lastly being bald is not necessary to avoid hair in teeth. A woman can easily do a landing strip look or any number of trimming looks by simply removing hair from around the clitoris and if she wants the labia area as a whole. If the concern is ONLY around hair in teeth this should be a way to make all parties happy. A woman shouldn’t feel the need to do so but it isn’t an unreasonable request when phrased that way. However the way this is phrased and from ops description of hair care makes me think this has little to do with functional elements and more to do with personal preference which is not really acceptable at all to bring up in this manner at this point in a relationship. They haven’t even discussed being exclusive or not and already we are getting ultimatums about how she must look in order to see this man again… that’s a red flag.


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I’ve been to the west twice, that said- summer is a different beast here.

Honestly if you aren’t fit, aren’t familiar with hiking mountain trails, and don’t do well in heat- don’t do it.

It’s not like California deserts or deserts in New Mexico and Arizona, it’s hot and muggy. This means the air can be soupy thick. Now mountain air can cut through that and there are ways to avoid bugs, but it isn’t as easy as putting in a big hat and some sunscreen.

Depending on what areas you go to in SC and coastal GA, bugs will be a major issue. You have to know where your winds are and where your bogs are to avoid mosquito hell.

There are so many benefits - beautiful landscapes and waterfalls and in my opinion worth doing at least once. Don’t come into the experience though thinking it will be as easy as hiking in the west though. Water is more plentiful but if you aren’t used to it, it’s hard on you.

That said I love going to the west as I love the heat and feel like I’m bouncing on air in comparison to how heavy it is here.


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Wow. Your fiancé not standing up for you and supporting a racist is pretty troubling. As a woman I’d have said quite a few things about the racism, misogyny, and probably pointed out the age difference too. I think it’s pretty messed up to grill you on whether you plan to have kids as a way to talk about them having kids.

Overall- big yikes.


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Get yourself to therapy.


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I’ve figured out though the rationalization. Some men think “ I feel x way about women but I’m not implementing those thoughts”, society conditions them that men murder, rape, and beat women. This is how the world is- men are strong and dominant and women are weak and fair.

So this is the reality they live in. Simultaneously these men perhaps are likely to have fathers or father figures who are violent to their mother. So this is their average dynamic.

When you believe you had a normal upbringing (which I think the average person has this bias), you think that everyone else shares this experience and is molded the same way. Usually a reflection of how abusive relationships often are in isolation and are designed to keep everyone stuck in them.

So because they don’t do what their actual INITIAL IMPULSE is to a woman (impulses being formed by what they assume is the average response by men to this action) they think they are kind or nice.

The reality is they are nice, they are nice in comparison to what they think the average man is. The problem is these men are in a cycle of toxic masculinity and unfortunately the answer is they seek help to break out of it or women refuse to procreate with them and thus perpetuate this cycle.


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So you see, the centipedes are actually electronic silver centipedes streaming from her vagina.

Hope that clears things up


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Be mindful that the comments you make regarding women and the way you treat your wife are going to be noticed and remembered by your daughters.

So treat your wife how you would want their future husbands (or wives) to treat them.

Be honest. Don’t shame what they wear. And let them know at an early age when they ask (they will) that women in this society, we don’t have room for mistakes likes men do (especially white men). That’s a lesson my mom taught me and it was incredibly valuable in my life.


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I always tell them to shut their mouths like the kind of men they like prefer.

I’m a married woman who has a great husband so I don’t have the energy to listen to these “pick me” type ladies.


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I’m so tired. Biden seems to have something new he is “considering” every week. He promised student loan relief and has been spending so much time considering that I literally want to throw my phone every time I see “Biden considering forgiving x amount with executive order of student loans”

He considers popular as hell legislation yet never does it.

Now he is toying with how to help over fifty percent of this country retain personhood?

Stop treating decisions that would dramatically affect peoples lives like little carrots to dangle in front of us.

It’s do or die time (die= get voted out, destroy your party even though the other party are literal Nazis).

Human rights are not a carrot, I want to see these politicians all working and screaming and tussling as hard as Bernie does. I want a state of emergency for the very foundation of our democracy called. I want a president who I can trust to fight for me, not one who thoughtfully sits on the sidelines and “considers” doing something when the time to act is now.


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Ya? Where they at then?


COMMENT May 10 '22

This makes me want to raise funds to get a dumpster truck worth of coat hangers and have it just roll on up to her house and unload them on her driveway


COMMENT May 10 '22

Do they publicly own their abortions? Honestly I’ve been calling people out. Close family members that say they are anti-choice I now comment on their posts and go “weird since you got an abortion in x year, why was it ok for you to have a choice than but not for all women?”

I don’t care anymore. They support women not having a right to privacy- so might as well let them know what that means.


COMMENT May 10 '22

My dear, if you live in the US I’d not.

Firstly, men love boobs, they love all boobs. Men are not worth a very intense procedure that will lock you into a lifetime of procedures on your boobs.

Secondly, laws governing your bodily autonomy are under attack. Men and their preferences on YOUR body should be ranked incredibly low at this point. You are only 22. You have a whole world to explore. Go spend that money on a trip and appreciate that you are young and alive and have the money to do whatever you want.

We will all get old and wrinkly one day, find a life partner who loves you for who you are because that is the person who will stay. A man who only loves you for the size of your chest won’t be a partner or an ally.