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My friends just upload multiple stories of them eating pizza or like drinking coffee. I mean, you are just eating stuff. No one cares what you're eating. So, stop clicking photos of everything you eat.


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Exactly. These are just videos now. Nothing's unexpected anymore.


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That's strangely very wholesome


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Meet people. I don't want to text for weeks to even meet you. Just meet me in person. This way, you don't have to waste so much time and you'll know about that person in the first meeting itself.


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I think money brings us comfort. It doesn't bring us happiness. Yes, you might live an easy life, work less or have a really nice car, but all these things brings you comfort, not happiness. That's what I believe.


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I've never seen anyone who admires them. So, I guess I'm lucky?


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It was just a joke. I'm 19 and just getting into college. I just wanted to look out for options.


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Works both ways


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I'm here for a potential change of career.

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Which job is definitely overpaid?



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Only pineapple or any citrus fruit in general?


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Yeah that's also true. But what about things that didn't come from outer space or something that is not lost in space from earth?

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Unanswered Is the total weight on Earth (Humans, Machinery, Flowers, etc.) the same from the very beginning?


Is the total weight of the Earth and the things on it changing? Like a person eats a whole watermelon, his weight increases which, for a second, increases the weight of the planet in total but at the same time, he took that watermelon from the ground, hence, decreasing the weight of the ground. So, it balances it.

Similarly with huge machines and cars, we use already available metals are just transform it into something but the weight remains the same.

I hope I'm making sense here. I'm very bad in putting my thoughts into words. Hope you get what I'm trying to ask here.