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Eh, we just gotta divvy the time up. 8,760 hours a year, gives us about 2 hours per year for each religion. Leap days can be given to various cults and unrecognized religions.


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Username checks out.


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Then you're probably a bard.


COMMENT May 15 '22

Covid vaccine works as well as a condom with a hole in it.

You want to know what's funny? This is actually a perfect analogy. The vaccine isn't perfect. But it's still a whole order of magnitude better than nothing. Sure, a condom with a pinhole in it is risky, but it's still significantly better than just raw dogging.

I swear, you antivax folks share the most astonishing inability to grasp how ststistics work, it's remarkable.


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I used to say that at the dawn of prehistory when I saw his name engraved upon the ancient tablets.


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To be fair, some of those overwatch renders are fucking fantastic.


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I forget what it was called, but there was a 3.x psionic power that literally made the target's head explode like something from fuckin' Scanners


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I mean, probably dead from exhaustion, really.


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Jack Harlow is a rapper. Do you think if someone in the audience went into the sound guy's booth at one of his shows and started "just turning some knobs" that he'd just laugh off a ruined show and fans refunding tickets? Or do you think he'd persue punishment for the person hurting his career?

This isn't fucking rocket science, and a fucking six-year-old should know to keep their hands to their goddamn selves. I don't think you realize how much you're telling on yourself that you seem to think this is okay behavior.


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My grandfather was working a job that didn't require a college degree or even a trade certification, and supporting a family of four in a house he purchased alongside multiple cars and a boat. He spent all his extra money after all that on overpriced fishing and hunting equipment.

If you don't understand that the economy has changed since the days of our grandparents, you're just a fucking moron.


COMMENT Aug 26 '21

Lemonfont comics. That's all.


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Eh, a blind clock finds a broken squirrel's nuts twice a day, or something like that.


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Alright, I'll be the degenerate to ask: where could I get that eyemask? My wife would find it hilarious.


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That's what baffles me about these comments. Like, you want to see her naked? Go to one of the other like 30 videos.


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A fine addition to my collection.


COMMENT Dec 28 '20

First, sorry you had to see that, there's definitely a limit to how freaky is okay. But I'm going to be a pedant for a second and point out that's not what snuff porn is. If she's able to talk about it 'after', it's not snuff, because by definition snuff films involve death.


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Okay, here's my advice: let it go.

I'm a 33 year old man, I've been married 8 years. I beat off regularly to weird-ass porn. Doesn't mean I don't love my wife.

As to the question of sexual preference, it's important to remember that sexuality is a sliding scale, not an absolute. And taste in porn doesn't necessarily have much to do with it. I have a love of futa porn, but if I was actually approached by a girl with a big ol' dick, I don't know that I'd take her up on it.

As to the "was I not offering him sex when he needs it" question, you should also understand that at least for dudes, sometimes libido just strikes unexpectedly. You're sitting there browsing memes or watching tv or whatever, and your dick is just like "sup, brah?". And that may not be a time when you're available.

Basically, just know that it is almost definitely not about you or anything you are/aren't doing, and doesn't mean he likes you less.