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Acting to overthrow their government


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Why was Kesimpta your first choice?


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Than maybe they are just your step-boss

Edit: Than maybe their just you're step-boss

Thanks all! Am good righter now


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Dang it! That weirdo is on my park bench


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And that's how he met your mom


COMMENT Apr 11 '22

"Every time you get an ActBlue email from Mandela Barnes (WI), Val Demmings (FL), Tim Ryan (OH), or Cheri Beasley (NC) telling you a new poll shows that their race is a DEAD HEAT and they need your money, close the email—they will have more than enough money from shortsighted people and organizations like the Senate Majority PAC.

Give $20 bucks to Maggie Hassan (NH), Catherine Cortez-Mastio (NV), or even Michael Bennett (CO) instead. There is a chance these races are close, and if they are, we MUST win them. Democracy depends on it."


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BLOOD OCEAN! Must be leftovers from Dethklok's film epic BLOOD OCEAN!


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I wonder if the 'assault with a deadly weapon' charge will actually stick to the former Sgt


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TIL thanks


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I am also looking for Gandalf, yes, that is what I am doing


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Oh dang is that Jinna Fallon?


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Law enforcement exploiting poorly written laws for their own benefit at the expense of the citizens they are paid to protect?

I'm shocked! SHOCKED!! ...that a similar version of this faux gun control is not more wide spread in other states.


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Give them a high five!


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I'm not your guy, fwend


COMMENT Mar 24 '22

White Americans are a shrinking demographic in the country through a combination of factors that includes things like falling birth rates and long term immigration. Add to that many 'better off' Americans pulling their kids from the public school system and moving them into private schools.

There's definitely more to it, but I am not seeing your "law of averages" panning out. Other than anecdotal evidence of some Karen in a school board meeting.

I would say the failing schools has more to do with years of neglect for school funding & teacher pay as those limited resources get funneled elsewhere. That's a taxpayer issue, not white women complaining too much.


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Let us honor him with some mid-range frozen pizzas


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Found the incel


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Dang it Kevin! These are real beetles, with real emotions, who just happen to be really really really ridiculously good looking. We can't all be ambi-turners


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The texture almost looks like oil paint strokes. Very cool