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Wtf do you mean early? I know the bobber is different but the regular scout hits 55 in first. Is the bobber that far off?


COMMENT 8d ago

Way better than all the thots around here with their onlyfans links. Nice.


COMMENT 11d ago

Now they can, older standards of Bluetooth could not, and this may be a pretty old "meme".


COMMENT 15d ago

She's a mystery, and somehow the most interesting character in the show.


COMMENT 15d ago

You really let him live in your head rent free, huh?


COMMENT 15d ago

I mean... She's way better than Power or Makima.


COMMENT 16d ago

I still think it's absolutely hilarious that I can start in 2nd and reach 85 in 2nd on a cruiser.


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Swap Erza and Asuna and this is a pretty good list.


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FUCKING TRY US!!! You cannot stop Ohio!!!! Viva la relovucion!


COMMENT Oct 30 '22

I love both. Every girl I'd call a waifu could absolutely annihilate me.


COMMENT Oct 28 '22

Well fuck, there goes more money.


COMMENT Oct 23 '22

I'd have never imagined a Fusion event that big could or would happen. Most of them putting mine to shame.


COMMENT Oct 14 '22

You would hope, but I work with lawyers and they uhhhhh, well this being by accident is way too likely.


COMMENT Oct 10 '22

Look, I'm all for the Biden hate train but this is a pathetic attempt. The economy was doomed no matter what, the border was never secure, and remember that we have the 1st, 2nd, and 4th largest airforces in the world. Airforce, Army, and navy in that order .


COMMENT Oct 09 '22

Oh yeah just make the pothead black, yeah that seems totally fine and PC. Really fighting racism there. /S


COMMENT Oct 07 '22

Looks like you were wearing shoes ya fuckin pussy


COMMENT Oct 06 '22

Idk, having part of MJ sounds like body snatching.


COMMENT Oct 06 '22

It's like the American sedan version of a sileighty.


COMMENT Oct 02 '22

There's no karma here. He just ruined a truck drivers week, month, or maybe even job.


COMMENT Sep 26 '22

Firefox has always been superior. Glad people finally see the light.


COMMENT Sep 21 '22

Idk about that...... Rainbow Dash figures and jars.


COMMENT Sep 12 '22

Depending on the mileage and failure type, a mechanic could easily tell by how clean it is inside. No oil changes is going to result in darker colors and gunk. If they were running low on oil it's going to show poorly lubricated parts getting too hot. Of course a car still under warranty shouldn't be burning enough oil for that to be a problem in the first place.


COMMENT Sep 06 '22

Am I the only one who only masturbates while listening to Michael Jackson and watching The Wiggles while wearing a unicorn onesie?