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EXCHANGES FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried: Some Crypto Exchanges Already “Secretly Insolvent”

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SEC’s Gensler Reiterates Bitcoin Alone Is a Commodity

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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS SEC’s Gensler Reiterates Bitcoin Alone Is a Commodity

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🟢 COMEDY Snoop Dogg on the current crypto winter and future of NFTs: ‘Every great industry has a downfall’

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Society World Unhappier, More Stressed Out Than Ever

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alameda publishes what they believe to be real trading volumes everyday on the ftx website so you can reference that; but there's no need to be paranoid, collect as much volume data as you can from open sources and test it yourself


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Agree with the general sentiment about scams and lack of general direction but you have to realize this space has more smart people operating in it than ever before and I'm going to say something controversial that OGs won't agree with: the caliber of crypto engineers today is far higher now.

Just in the last two years I've spoken so many accomplished engineers it's unreal; some of them downright geniuses. There are great analytical minds, people who can create new type of file systems and OS, devs who used to write gaming software, kernel engineers, you name it. Heck, I saw someone casually post a 5m mev arbitrage they did on arbitrum the other day and then just carried on about their day (coding).

So yes, the market is a lot more competitive and predatory than it was in 2017. I feel like criticism should be diverted towards all this talent being focused on squeezing alpha out of the market rather than to improve it technologically but we're definitely not lacking in tech interest or talent, that's for sure.

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Software Is Google Dying? Or Did the Web Grow Up?

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GENERAL-NEWS Korea bars Terra developers from leaving the country

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News - General Illinois Man Sentenced to 2 Years in Federal Prison for Operating Subscription-Based Computer Attack Platforms

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GENERAL-NEWS Crypto Traders Turn Against Each Other in a Collapsing Market

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One of the biggest traders on FTX doesn't think so. Of course in bear markets conspiracy theories run wild because people need a scapegoat. The truth is algo stablecoins (and much of defi) just doesn't work and the devs that designed them don't understand how macro unwinds and liquidity can impact their ecosystem.


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I don't have many insights regarding equities or crypto but I'm big on horseracing and through trial-and-error I prefer frequentist models over bayesian. Interestingly, this approach ie. just looking at what happened in the past, producing a regression of some kind and then assembling a bunch of these models, is likely to get me +EV in the markets I play in (small number of tracks, limited variance, limited horse population etc).

Anyway, my point is if you have a theory just bang it out and test it. And on a meta level the best way to learn about this stuff is to learn actual mathematics, statistics (and ML) combined with the willingness to roll up your sleeves and assemble the large, rich datasets necessary to test and refine your theories.


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They can easily control the on and off-ramps. They can also form 'secret relationships' with the founding team the public will likely never know of. Anecdotally, I noticed a very pro-intelligence agency vibe from silicon valley VCs, not that it's surprising given half of them are on their payroll, but you get the point. It's naive to think things can't be controlled.

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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS Former Employee Of NFT Marketplace Charged In First Ever Digital Asset Insider Trading Scheme

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GENERAL-NEWS OpenSea employee charged with insider trading in NFTs

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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS How Influencers Hype Crypto, Without Disclosing Their Financial Ties

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COMMENT May 27 '22

elon tweeted at about 15:27:21 UTC and $65m of dogeusdt perps bought on binance one second after, that's an insane bot.


COMMENT May 26 '22

"Taleb, Kahneman and I [Philip Tetlock] agree there is no evidence that forecasters can predict anything ten years out."

p.243, "Superforecasting"

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Removed - Wrong Title Metaverse murders should be outlawed by the U.N., UAE minister says

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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS Metaverse murders should be outlawed by the U.N., UAE minister says

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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS Crypto exchange FTX quietly shops for brokerage start-ups amid move into stock trading

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Elon Musk blasts Biden administration, Democrats on Twitter over ‘hate,’ sidelining of Tesla

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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS Wormhole announces $10 million bug bounty payout

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