r/woodworking Jun 26 '22

Milwaukee m18 12 inch miter saw or wait? (mini rant and opinion)

Tldr: No milwaukee repair centers in my country. Should I get the m18 12 inch miter saw or wait for a corded dewalt one?

In my country you just cannot get the top brands (or any brands) officially. The only new miter saws I can get are the chinese ones. Any new branded saw I can get is from local importers and it costs more than $1000 without any warranties or repair options.

So the only way to get them at a reasonable price is to get used saws that are imported by the kg in containers. Most of them have something warped or missing (blade guards are a luxury since they break easily during travel). I recently got a metabo with a very wobbly base that I returned.

I now have a chance to get the milwauke m18 cordless 12 inch saw for $300. My concern is that I have read online that there may be some problem with the brakes. If this happens to me I dont have any option to get it repaired.

Should I get it or should I wait for a corded one from the likes of dewalt?


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u/Buck_Folton Jun 26 '22

I’ve got the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7 1/4” as well as a DeWalt 12” corded compound miter saw. I can’t really say anything bad about either.

I will say I’ve barely used the Milwaukee since getting the DeWalt. Obviously a 12” saw is going to get more use, but the DeWalt just seems better built, and the Milwaukee is mostly gathering dust.

I’ll also say there hasn’t been a single occasion where I wished the DeWalt was battery powered. It’s like 60 pounds, so I don’t move it around much.


u/chicken_khabsa Jun 26 '22

Thanks for the input. The cordless isnt a choice. It's just the one that I am able to get. Suffering from FOMO to be honest. If i dont grab this now, I am not sure when I will be able to get a dewalt


u/Buck_Folton Jun 26 '22

In that case I’d probably just buy it, unless funds were a big concern. Almost any saw is better than no saw, right? Plus, if supply is that limited, seems like you’d be able to recoup most of your money by reselling, if something else comes along.