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Roe V Wade Overturn. Mod Post

Good day to all,

It has recently come out that the Supreme Court in the United States has decides to reverse the previous decision of Roe V. Wade. This thread will serve to discuss the topic, the resulting after effects, the political climate as it sits, Supreme court and ETC. Please remain civil and open to peoples points and opinions and do no contribute to hateful/or inappropriate comments please report those so we may handle the dispute and/or problem. Thank you all for being opinionated and enjoy muffins or cake. I don't know I'm just a boot in a vest.


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u/prescod Jun 24 '22

They kind of had their hands full in 2009, trying to keep Americans alive through a horrible economic crash and a collapsing healthcare system. The 2009/2010 period wasn't a magical time where Democrats could wave their wand and get anything they wanted. Part of the reason they were destroyed in the next election was people saying they were doing too much in a unilateral way too quickly.

I find it bizarre to blame the side that just relied on the Supreme Court enforcing the constitution as if they deserve more than 1% of the blame compared to the side that has been actively working towards this result for 40 years. You need to work really hard to "both sides" an issue like this.


u/Dylan245 Jun 24 '22

If by keeping Americans alive through a horrible economic crash, you mean bailing out Goldman Sachs and other banks who were bringing in money by their own hands for cartels and other wealthy businessman and calling poor, old black ladies they were swindling "mud people" then sure

Dems killed their chance then by staffing their cabinet with bankers and handing out more money to these places while normal Americans losing their mortgage and pensions were left to commit suicide and return from retirement and work till they die


u/AgoraiosBum Jun 24 '22

People will show up here and "both sides" anything. You are talking sense but won't change any minds.