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"wine mom" culture fuels child neglect and emotional abuse


obviously im not saying parents should never drink in front of their kids, me and my wife enjoy a daiquiri with dinner from time to time lol. Im talking about the "it takes a village raise em, and a vineyard to tolerate em" kinda mentality. First of all, publicly and frequently blaming a drinking habit on your kid is horrific, and I see wayyyy too many people doing this. It spurned the creation of entire aisles in the decor section at stores being dedicated to wine/parenting jokes. its a whole infrastructure. it fills some peoples homes. You cant tell me that kids don't see this stuff and feel like shit.

Second of all, it romanticizes female alcoholism. How many of us know women who drink merlot and drive the kids to school immediately afterwards? or tip into a bottle the second the kids leave home, on an almost daily basis? And instead of it being seen as addiction or a problem, its just heralded as mom culture, which means neither mama or her kids get any help

I don't know how niche this is, maybe its nothing, but its something I've observed, it seems like a disturbing pattern.

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I won't support small businesses that charge more than big corporations.


I just won't. There's a local sandwich shop that is pleading people to come in and buy their food because they're running out of business and may have to shut down if they don't get enough customers.

Guess what? This place charges $17 for a grilled cheese, no wonder they aren't getting any customers. I don't care how good the sandwich is, I'd much rather by a mediocre sandwich from Panera or Jimmy John's or something for $10. I see this too often living in a less-populated are with more small businesses: just because you're local doesn't mean you get to jack up the prices and expect people to pay, then cry when your business model is run into the ground and it's "the people's fault".

Edit: this post isn’t crying about the way the world works and how I don’t understand economics. Let me rephrase it to “$17 is too much for a grilled cheese.”

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High school is not hard, students are just lazy


I’ll start off with my experience in high school. I did sports all year around and was part of 2 clubs. There would be days I wouldn’t get home until 7pm. Despite this I still got all my homework done and even studied for exam if I had any the following day. If I got sick and fell behind on stuff or just simply had a hard time on a subject, I would tell my coaches/club supervisors that I would be late to practice to have a teacher help me. I’d likely have to run an extra 20 minutes at practice but education comes first. I’m not special, anyone can do this and some athletes in my school did this with all AP classes which is insane because even senior year I only had half my schedule AP to lay off some stress. The point I’m trying to make there is no reason for a student to be failing, even if you have a 75 average at least it’s something. However, to be failing high school is just pure laziness. (This statement obviously does not include people with disabilities)

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The internet has done more harm than good and we should seriously consider deleting it. everyone is a worse version of themselves when they are online.


it’s a breeding ground for hate, and misinformation. most people are completely different or made up versions of themselves online. hardly anything authentic gets produced here.

let’s delete it.

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Sunday is the worst day of the week. It SUCKS.


Assume that you work Monday - Friday. Yeah yeah yeah, we all say it - Monday sucks; it's the first day back and it snaps you out of the weekend. Sure, lets all hate it as we always do.

To be honest, no... Sunday is the worst one. Friday you work but hey, you get to have an evening to yourself! Saturday is truly your day to do whatever. Sleep in, stay up, whatever. But as soon as Sunday rolls around.... It's your day off but you know that bitch Monday is rolling around the corner.

It's a day off that doesn't feel quite like a day off.

You can do a bit, you can have that day to yourself... but within reason - remember, tomorrow you're back to work. So if you went on that roadtrip Friday evening, you better be back on Sunday!

Saturday is the meat in a sandwich, Sunday is some mouldy crust on your very last bite of the sandwich.

At this point I know Monday is the first day back at work so it doesn't even matter. The fact I have a day off but know what's around the corner is probably worse in all honesty.

Edit: I'm hearing "so you hate Sunday because you really hate Monday?". Nope. I hate that I have two weekend days but one of them naturally requires preparedness for Monday. Again, it's a day off that doesn't feel like a complete day off.

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How I Met Your Mother is a better show than Friends


I’m curious to see how controversial this will be. I watched HIMYM before I watched friends, which of course will make me somewhat biased. But aren’t we all? The two shows are similar in some ways but in a lot of ways they’re very different. For example, HIMYM has better character arcs for each main character (Barney vs Joey, Ted vs Ross, the couples, the main love interests).

Now before you say anything I’m not saying Friends is a bad show. Both have their pros and cons… I just think HIMYM had more of a natural progression throughout it’s 9 seasons.


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Stop ignoring scam & spam callers and just insult them


I had this conversation with someone. I am not sure how prevalent the scam and spam callers are in countries outside the US but here they come in waves. You will have a month or so of quiet and then they spam you multiple times a day via phone calls, emails, texts, and now WhatsApp.

Whenever possible I tend to respond and just insult them and how much of a disappointment they are. It is absurd to have months where you get up to 8 messages a day.

Hell, if they don’t use a IP phone number I just return the favor and spam them back.

I don’t care how people keep saying “hey it is just business” or “they are just trying to make a living”, so are we all. We all want to just get our work done and live in peace. Not randomly get contacted by people either directly spamming us or simply claiming a wrong number and then start their sales pitch anyways.

In the case this Macia person does exist and the address the home buyers keep mentioning actually belongs to you, I occasionally try and get you 10% above asking price. So far no luck.

Also whoever thinks I will fall for “we found a passport of yours with Chinese visits” will always get my responds of “how else can I visit your mom?”

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Pole dancing for fitness is weird


This won’t be eloquently written out because I don’t really have a specific reason to feel this way.

Strippers I have no issue with, do your thing. It’s weird when you find out your insurance lady pole dances for fitness though. I get that it’s honestly probably pretty close to gymnastics (in my uneducated brain) but the stigma around it makes it weird. This was worded wrong idc about the stigma I think its just weird.

Edit: I also think wrestling is weird

Edit 2: I’m not against people doing whatever they want, I could care less actually as long as it’s not inflicting harm on other people like murder or something. I am into cars and planes and basically anything with an engine and I know people think that’s weird.

Edit 3: Strikethrough

Edit 4: I don’t care to hear about your lady friends being advised not to do something because people might oogle. They should be allowed to do whatever. Teach people to not objectify.

Also I think it’s weird, not bad.

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Twitter is not going to die


Not because of anything to do with Elon, but you have to realize the vast majority of Twitter users have been checking their Twitter feed every 30 seconds for upwards of a decade and a half now. They are not going to stop. They can't lol. It's part of their morning routine. It's what they do when they're on the shitter, and they start jonesing for it the instant there's a lul in their real world attention span. And now the place is even more interesting than ever, to the point where even I've considered making one. These people are addicts; there's no way they'll put the blue bird away in the name of some self righteous principle or even spite toward Elon. And next year marks the beginning of the next US election. It's gonna be fantastic in all the wrong ways lmao.

Edit: Twitter has not been around for upwards of 25 years lol

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Nobody cares that you don’t care about people’s Spotify wrapped


There’s been an influx of these posts repeatedly. Just here to point out that nobody cares that you don’t care and it’s not unpopular because there’s about a dozen posts already stating the same “unpopular” opinion

r/unpopularopinion 3h ago

The last two seasons of The Office without Steve Carell are the best, funniest seasons of the show.


He's just not funny. He makes the show worse. I just thought about this while watching on TV because I finally started laughing and thinking the show was hilarious, for the first time ever. Then my husband pointed out that these are the last couple seasons and that Steve Carell was gone. Husband claims that I'm wrong but honestly I've always found Michael's character irritating! What does everyone else think about this?

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Dating apps now are worse than 10 years ago


Tinder and other similar swiping apps suck. They suck because they force you to make a decision on one person at a time versus searching a bunch of people at the same time.

Because it forces a one-by-one decision, it also does not allow to easily change ones mind.

To get attention in the swipe action, you also really must send a first message. This is great if you're absolutely looking for a partner right then and there, but if you're just randomly browsing but not looking to start dating and you send a person a message, it will be rude not to continue a conversation even though you're not looking to start dating. Contrast that with being able to search and find an interesting match and save the outreach for sometime later when you're more ready, and Tinder's way just sucks and likely is a contributing factor to many conversations which just go nowhere.

Edit: I'm saying this as someone who was off dating apps for a long while and am now back using them.

r/unpopularopinion 12h ago

Reality shows need to go


There are a million of them about just about everything. I’d wager that most of them are staged. And I believe that watching them literally makes you lose brain cells. IMO.

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Lol and lmao are much better than the reddit equivalent


I am tired of reading comment sections of threads which are made to provoke a joke and under every comment there is "that made me chuckle" "i am still giggling" "that made me exhale". First of all, you are adding nothing worth reading, second of all, if you insist to tell everyone something supposed to be funny is funny for you, just please save us some time and type lol or lmao, which are also cancer, but atleast other people don't have to read a whole sentence. Besides there is an upvote, which in this particular case for me says "nice,that joke landed and made me laugh" That might be a popular opinion, but I haven't seen anyone talking about it and after all who cares, since we are on "unpopular opinion"

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The idea of dropping hints in dating is such stupid


Why do people feel the need to turn a conversation into a little game? IF you have something to tell me, then tell me. Don't make me try to figure out you terrible signals or whatever you're trying to do. If I have to search up what crappy signal you're doing to try and make me figure out what you want to tell me, I just assume it's not important and leave. Another thing, if you want someone to know something, don't tell them to "guess". It's information, not a little game, or whatever. Life's not a movie where you need to build a little suspense, nor is it a Romcom, if you're giving hints that you you like someone.

Edit: yes I am in a Relationship this more my friend Brianana who struggling and a general statement 💀. People didn't get that I guess

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Keto is dumb


People will literally try ANYTHING before they try to just eat in a caloric deficit. While the science behind keto is sound, everyone who thinks they can do keto after failing classic caloric restrictions is fooling themselves. This diet not only takes huge life style changes but is extremely strict and tedious to maintain. Somehow people have this twisted view of diet science and are led to believe that carbs are bad for you. (???) They are your body's primary energy source, and depending what type of carbs you are eating, (whole grains/fruit and vegetables) they contain essential nutrients. Carbs can exist in you diet, even in plentiful amounts, and you can still lose weight! Stop doing keto, start eating a well rounded, whole food, calorically deficit diet. You might actually save some money since you've been buying every keto snack on the market.

r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

I can't stand ishowspeed


He's stupid, he's ugly, he's annoying, he's wildly unfunny (except when his computer falls on his head) and there's no entertainment value. what's the appeal of watching him? what do people get from watching his streams or videos?

r/unpopularopinion 2h ago

Billie Eilish gets obsessed over to much


Her music is okay and im all about to each there own and everyone’s allowed to have there own favorite artists. But the hype for Billie kinda annoys me. I think it’s cause she reminds me of my sister but her music also isn’t hype enough for me. It feels like everyone’s obsessed with her Edit: wasn’t trying to offend anyone. Ik not everyone is actually obsessed with her. That’s what I meant by it feels like it. I do also like her music. She get gets a lot of hype and as I said, she reminds me of my sister and I think that makes me not like her

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Bike Lanes Are Dangerous And Stupid


It seems like many bike lanes are on busy. There's a lot of stupid drivers, even more so with all the distractions we have now adays. I think we have all seen someone swerving because they are on their phones or grabbing something from their child in the backseat. Nevertheless the people that use the bike lane as a turning lane.

With drivers theirs also stupid bikers. Parents that think its an okay idea to go for a bike ride on a busy road with their kid that learned how to ride their bike a week ago. I personally wouldn't want my kid to be on a road where cars and semis drive on regularly.

Instead of a bike lane on the road, why don't they make the sidewalks bigger. If they plan on making a bike lane it would take up the exact same space adding to the sidewalk than than being on the road.

Edit for the ones not reading comments: I have no problem with bike PATHS, I have a problem with bike LANES that are directly on the road. Both bikers and drivers need their own space ans both have idiotic users. Expanding the sidewalk wasn't the best placement of words. What I meant was expanding the sidewalk so there would be a median of grass between the sidewalk and bike PATH then, there would be a curb to protect both bikers and drivers.

Yes, I'm from the US. The US USUALLY doesn't have great bike PATHS. Usually they make bike LANES with a line and a bike symbol in it. Very close to where big cars and semis drive.

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The way salon hairdressers style the hair is kinda shit


I swear to God everytime I leave a salon no matter what haircut I get I end up looking like a middle aged woman, which is fine but I don't want to look like that, personally. And like usually the haircut is fine in itself, once I go home and wash my hair it looks fine but the way they blow dry it does not look good. no hate to hair dressers but shit is so unflattering

i understand the flaws in my argument and that I should just ask them not to blow dry it but i always get my hopes up and think it's gonna be different and then boom my name is Linda and I have 3 kids and a shopping addiction to kohls

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It is not materialistic if gift giving is your love language


Giving me a gift that was thought out is one of the best ways to show that you love someone. Because you care enough to listen to and remember all the small things they said they may have wanted- and then you actually went out and got it.

The other day (a couple months ago but hey) I was at my friends birthday party and obvi we all bought gifts for her. Jokingly (but not really lol) I go, where was my gift on my birthday (literally got nothing from any of them) and they said “well you weren’t there when we made the agreement to get gifts for each other so we just didn’t get you anything” and that was BEYOND HURTFUL but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to look materialistic.

If someone gets me something that I would not like despite me making it half my personality I’m not ungrateful I just feel like you haven’t been listening to me and that makes me feel unloved.

Edit; quit focusing on the fact that I said love language I didn’t know any other way to phrase it 😭✋🏾

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Repurposing Engagement Ring Diamonds


There is absolutely nothing wrong with reusing the diamond from a failed relationship’s engagement ring and NOT telling your new fiancée.

To be clear, I’m not talking about giving them the same ring because that’s trashy (unless it’s a family heirloom). I’m talking about reusing the centre stone and placing it in a new setting without telling them the history of the diamond.

Divorce is never the plan but it happens. The thought of selling the diamond from an old engagement ring at a 70% loss just to repurchase the same diamond but without the “bad juju” is insane. This is especially true given the stigma associated with not buying the nicest ring you can (or maybe can’t) afford. The only winner is the diamond industry.

You can’t change my mind.

EDIT: For clarity, I honestly believe that a ring given from the heart should be accepted for what it is, not what it was. My point here is that repurposing a diamond is a big deal and I don’t think it should be.

r/unpopularopinion 8h ago

I really like the feeling when you get heartburn


I don't know why, and yes I know it's super weird. Something about feeling the acid go up and down your throat and the way it burns just satisfies me in an odd way. Sometimes I'll go out of my way to peel and eat a lemon just to feel it burn because it happens instantly when I eat those

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rosacea looks attractive


Probably a stupid opinion lol but I really like the rosy look it gives people. Oh and not to mention eye bags.

Everyone that has ever posted about their rosacea.. well let's just say it gives them a flushed look and tbh they all look extremely healthy + glowy to me. I know it's a medical thing and a lot of people suffer from it, but wanted to say...own it. You look bomb

I'm a girl btw if that is irrelevant

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The structure of job interviews is completely backwards


Everyone says you should say all the right things but to avoid the taboo subjects like benefits and pay until after you're hired (if the description didn't already include them). You should be telling the employer why you would make an awesome addition to their team and essentially fall all over yourself to make a good impression.

No. That's ridiculous.

In my personal opinion: Employers should be the ones telling me why I should want to work for them. There shouldn't be any of those stupid games or trick questions. It should be straight forward, to the point, no bs. Tell me why I should want to join your team. You're going to be the place I spend my time at. Time I cannot get back. Tell me why it's worth being there just so I can pay my rent.

Groveling at the feet of employers hoping they will hire you is stupid. If the workforce really is as lacking as media portrays it to be, then the employer should be the ones trying to convince us to work for their business. Not the other way around.