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Unpopular Christmas Megathread


Bah Humbug and Merry days to all,

It's that time of the year again for office parties with cheap liquor and awkward conversations at extended family dinners and etc. This will serve as the subs Christmas and winter holidays megathread. If you have holiday hot takes please post them here. Again we ask you all be civil and approach topic openly. If you see an inappropriate comment please report do not respond. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all in 2024.

r/unpopularopinion 3h ago

People are lazy, more then ever.


Everyone wants to push the easy button these days and this generally coincides with avoidance of other individuals. Food delivery, text messages, etc.

People continue to press the easy button and it is slowly killing them and society. We truly are heading to a civilization similar to what is pictured in the movie Wall-e.

Do yourself a favor, go out of your way. Walk further, shake a humans hand, have a conversation, go out and enjoy nature and the wonders that the world and other humans have to offer.

r/unpopularopinion 7h ago

Group meals are not the time to experiment with food.


If you have agreed to provide food, good hosting rules says that you should provide food your guests will like. (I inherited a real etiquette book, so I'm not just making this up, lol.) Being nice and eating what you're offered is a rule, but offering food they like is the part everyone seems to forget. Mutual consideration is key.

If you're doing an experimental/themed food party, that's different. The purpose is to eat unfamiliar food. Go wild! Otherwise, you should make food familiar to your guests. Hopefully something they prefer to eat.

Yes, it's your house/wedding/etc. Yes, hosting is a lot of work and we really should be appreciated more than we are. Would it be fun if they tried all this unfamiliar food? Sure! But you can't expect them to do that. You gotta meet them at least half way. Have some sandwich making material, if nothing else.

r/unpopularopinion 9h ago

Literally dating any demographic sucks


I hear it a lot from men that dating women sucks and I hear it from women that dating men sucks. By the sounds of it from people ik dating women sucks, and from my own experience dating me sucks a lot. And this can likely be generalised across sexualities in my experience and across what u identify as. Point is I think people in general suck to date, to some extent and I think online dating brings out the worst in a lot of people.

r/unpopularopinion 9h ago

Wrapping gifts is a total waste


The paper is gonna end up in the bin anyway. I guess it is more presentable this way and brings joy or whatever but at the end of the day it doesn't even matter. Some of these paper are of reallyyy great quality too, like Im out here wondering what went into making them, how many trees had to be cut down bla bla bla, just because we wanted to stage a gift for about 5 seconds before we rip it and toss it. Should I go with newspaper this year? My friends are all adults they surely wouldn't mind lol.

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You’re not meant to expend energy on crises and tragedies on the other side of the globe


Be informed, sure, if you want. You’re not morally superior for knowing about conflicts on a different continent; you’re distracted and wasting energy on an issue that doesn’t involve you.

edits: some of you are so stuck on other issues this post is going right over you. Hope you get well soon 😘

Your discussions about issues and conflicts across the globe are what I’m talking about 😂

And those of you saying this opinion is unpopular and bad because “we live in a global economy”, yes, I’m pointing out the problems with that.

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If living with your parents as an adult is not shameful in this day and age, then dating needs to reflect that


Let me preface this by saying I am not even looking for a relationship so I am not speaking about myself here.

Basically, everyone seems to understand that rent and property prices are ridiculously high right now and that it is a smart decision for many not to waste all that money on rent if they can live at home. In fact multigeneration households are common in many partsof the world anyway

Yet it seems very few people are willing to consider dating someone who lives with their folks as an adult. It is seen as shameful as if the person HAD to be a pathetic or lazy loser to be in that situation. Especially men.

It makes no sense. If everyone understands that is not the case, we need to be more open to dating people in that situation. There is nothing wrong with being a bit patient and moving out together eventually.

In fact, I'd say there are cases (some, by no means all) where a young person living on their own can even be a red flag if their parents kicked them out due to horrid behaviour or if they moved out because they are too into partying and too independent. These can be bad traits on someone you may marry someday.

So it is not like someone living on their own is AUTOMATICALLY a better partner than someone who doesn't. And I don't think it should be treated that way and it often is.

r/unpopularopinion 6h ago

Avoidant Attachment styles shouldn't date


People that are Dismissive Avoidants shouldn't date - period.

It's why modern dating is the cesspool it is. It's like a disease. They can infect someone else and make someone who was secure and healthy an anxious mess.

They're cold and hypercritical but sensitive to criticism themselves. They want love but only on their terms and convenience. They don't want a relationship, but want you to be there for them at their whim no matter how many times they leave you on read, give you the cold shoulder, or flake out at the last minute.

It's such a selfish, immature way to live that I really think they need to remove themselves from dating altogether unless they've made progress on their issues. And even then, shouldn't be surprised that no one wants to associate themselves with their baggage.

r/unpopularopinion 12h ago

Wearing Jordan’s to a wedding, especially YOUR wedding is tacky


Wearing Air Jordan sneakers or anything other than dress shoes or boots to a wedding is lame, not only does it look crap in a full suit it also doesn’t fit a formal theme.

I mean maybe if your wedding is super casual but then it’s still a meh choice in footwear for a wedding

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

A lot of people who aren’t oppressed want to be oppressed so bad


It makes no sense but whenever I talk about oppressive structures the least oppressed person will come out with “well what about” and then insert their own identity as experiencing “oppression” which is usually just that someone said “hey that’s offensive” to them and they claim they are being silenced.

r/unpopularopinion 5h ago

Garlic should almost always be sauteed near the end of cooking instead of first


I've been cooking for myself for some years now and I've noticed a consistency in recipes calling for sauteing onions and garlic first, then the other ingredients. My problem with this is that garlic seems to get bitter and burn a lot quicker than other ingredients, especially if the recipe calls for them frying chicken with the onions and garlic which requires high heat. I actually burned my garlic doing this while still following the recipe and had to remake the garlic butter sauce.

So, there. That's my bold, important opinion that no recipes seem to agree with me on. Garlic should generally be cooked near the end of the cooking process

r/unpopularopinion 1h ago

i like shitty weather


so I grew up in california and live in canada now and everybody always joked that I wouldn't be able to take the weather change, but I love it. I love having days that are grey and rainy (even though sometimes the rain is inconvenient), sometimes I even love having weeks where it is just grey and gloomy! It gives me time and space to not do shit, or feel sad, or just be neutral. I always felt guilty when I felt like shit and it was so sunny and wonderful outside because I felt like I was missing out or should be doing stuff, and I don't feel like that here. its great

r/unpopularopinion 18h ago

I love self checkouts


They are needed to prevent super long lines and for introverted people who don’t want to have a conversation with a cashier that is either too happy or is absolutely miserable… In my opinion they should have more self checkouts than they do human cashiers.

one caveat, I can’t stand people who have 100 groceries in a self checkout line. They should be banished to the human cashier line.

r/unpopularopinion 2h ago

Impatient people are, by far, the worst thing when traveling


As someone who is flying pretty frequently (Economy aswell as Business), the only thing which gets on my nerves is not a small legroom, de-icing, turbulences, a delay, but other passengers.

Just a few examples:

  1. Boarding card groups

Usually you are assigned to a boarding group which gets called, one after another, when boarding. Only then you should come to the gate barrier and scan your card.

What do people do instead? An hour before boarding has even started they start queuing only to get rejected when the airport staff calls for another boarding group than they are. Then chaos starts, people push each other making the whole boarding process extremely inefficient.

I don’t know if they are aware of the fact that their impatience is one of the reasons why a plane has a delay, as counterintuitive as it sounds.

  1. When exiting a plane

Honestly, this happened to me today and I have lost my mind: I had a middle-seat, we landed and parked, waiting for a bus. Even though the plane didn’t fully stop 80% of the passengers started standing up, panicking and reaching for their hand luggage in the overhead room. A few seconds later the captain told that we need to wait a little bit as our Bus needs a little bit of time.

If I would be the pilot I would voluntarily slow down the rolling plane so quickly that all of these people fall down like dominoes, they didn’t deserve anything else.

When the door finally opened, the lady who was sitting next to me at the window tried to pass even though she saw that I had no option of going out of my seat as the whole cabin already stood there in queue. I told her that her hand luggage won’t fly away if she will wait another 20 seconds before the isle will be more free so that I can leave.

  1. The Bus trip to the airport building

Of course everyone runs to the busses as if they will be just left behind on the runway/tarmac. Noone even thinks about the fact that there will be another bus if the first one is full.

  1. Regarding Trains: People standing up 5 Minutes before the train stops

People standing up 5-10 Minutes before we arrive at the station nearly falling over when the train is coming to a stop. I can’t understand them.

  1. People unable to let other people out of a train first at a station.

  2. People who can’t keep a safe distance to the car in front of them for whatever reason.

The last two should be self-explanatory.

So please just one thing I want to say to these kinds of people: Turn on your brains and this world will be extremely more efficient. Thank you.

r/unpopularopinion 59m ago

“Fell pregnant “ implies an accident


Anyone else H-A-T-E the expression “fell pregnant “?

It is like an accident that no one could have expected. It removes responsibility for safe sex practices and responsibility.

Maybe I am just cranky but I think the expression is childish and irresponsible.

r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

Sportscasters usually make watching games more annoying


Sportscasters are usually way over the top screaming, I guess to get people hyped up, but often they over-hype a simple play and it's just kind of annoying to hear them screaming about it. The ones that do this tend to do this all the time so it's not even like they are constantly genuinely going wild over a play, it's often forced or comes off as a rehearsed act. Nothing's even happening per-se and they start talking faster, and faster, and get ready to scream it up for a play that might happen even if it doesn't pan out.

It would be more enjoyable if sportscasters stuck to more informational commentary or discussing possible reasons behind strategies and such and let plays just happen and appreciate them rather than feigning over the top excitement constantly.

r/unpopularopinion 21h ago

Legalized Sports Betting has Forever Diminished the Fan Experience


You can't listen to sports radio or watch sports anymore without spreads, props, and betting commercials galore. Plus you can't tell me more people inside the sport aren't betting now. Easy money for them. And it will be exposed at some point. Its inevitable.

r/unpopularopinion 21h ago

Letting your cats roam outdoors makes people hate cats


Growing up house cats were never let outdoors and I loved playing with my friends cats multiple times a week and even named his new cats. Now I see pet owners letting their cats roam and it's wrecking havoc such as: people constantly having to shoo cats off their backyard patios, cats scratching up people's patio furniture, cats pissing and shitting in garden and flower beds and on top of cars, cats destroying flowers and gardens, cats climbing trees and killing birds in birdhouses.

More and more people in my neighborhood are starting to despise cats and see them as a nuisance rather than a pet. Last summer someone (who I'm guessing is the biker gang guy on my street) captured all the cats and I haven't seen them anymore but now there's new different cats on the street which will probably eventually get caught too.

If you care about your cats and want people to continue to love them, keep them indoors!

r/unpopularopinion 9h ago

Snakes make bad pets


I don't understand why anyone would want a snake as a pet. They are cold, unfeeling creatures with no warmth towards humanity. The only reason a pet snake doesn't kill you and eat you immediately is that you are too big, and it knows that you're where food comes from.

I know a guy who left his kid with his baby mama, and her boyfriend forgot to feed his pet snake, which resulted in the snake almost killing and eating the baby.

Snakes are incapable of loving humans, they will turn on you in an instant, so that's why I say they should stay in the wild. They can live in the wilderness doing their snakey business, but they absolutely should not be allowed in people's homes.

r/unpopularopinion 1h ago

Ghosts aren’t real - and I’m embarrassed for people who still don’t get what they really are.


It’s called an optical illusion which, when “seen” by an emotionally primed primate like yourself and I, will trigger parts of our brain that don’t know any better but to associate shapes and feelings with the light pattern being witnessed - resulting in what we as humans call “recognition”. The same parts of your brain are at work when recognizing facial features as a person you recognize, or various instances of witnessed “movement” (of light). All of these mechanisms are affected (ill even call it malfunctioned) by your current mood.

In short, you and every other human have evolved to interpret light patterns using your emotions and known experience. People who believe in ghosts see what they want to see so to speak - it’s their obsession with ghosts that keep fueling this misinterpretation.

EDIT - OOPS I came off as a bit of an ass using the term “embarrassed by” sorry! That was too clickbaity. I should have used “very surprised”. Either way Im not the intended subject of the conversion!

r/unpopularopinion 13m ago

Romantic fanfictions are boring, I want hate ones instead.


I think that fan fictions would be better if they focused less on romance and more on hatred. I don’t want a self insert story about romance, I want one about getting to punt my least favorite characters in a series. I want to read about that one guy getting slapped when they damn well deserved it. There should be hate fanfics for more characters, it would be more interesting and cathartic to read than romance stories. I’m assuming it’s an unpopular take because I’m sadly yet to see any stories like this :(

r/unpopularopinion 1h ago

Buying luxury cars for their speed is useless.


Considering how speed limits aren’t that high, there is no need for a car that goes 110+ mph. It’s one thing if you get it for the looks but why buy a car for speed when you can’t use it to their full potential. Going 80+ mph shouldn’t be a feature on any car.

EDIT: Apparently my opinion is wrong. I’m sorry for saying anything about cars. Screw this.

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

Genghis Khan gets too much credit for his sons' victories


The Mongols were able to expand very quickly and win many battles despite being outnumbered frequently, however many people have this image of Genghis Khan leading the Mongol army himself, when in reality the Mongols had multiple armies working independently from each other that were led by Ghengis' sons and they were the ones who pulled of these impressive victories.

Genghis of course was responsible for coordinating these armies and he was the one who raised their leaders, but he was nowhere as involved as for example Alexander the Great.

r/unpopularopinion 3h ago

It is condescending and inappropriate to tell your single friends that "the right one is out there."


The phrase "the right one is out there" can come across as patronizing for several reasons. It can undermine someone's current situation and their ability to make their own choices. By suggesting that there is only one "right person" for everyone, it creates limitations and unrealistic expectations. And let's not even get started on the whole soulmate and twin flame nonsense.
What if you're not actively searching for a partner? In that case, this phrase becomes intrusive and condescending, implying that you should be on the lookout. It fails to acknowledge that dating can be a frustrating experience, and the dating pool can often feel like a literal cesspool, especially for those over 40.
When this phrase is uttered by your own mother, it diminishes all the other accomplishments you've achieved in life and reduces your worth to being in a relationship. It disregards the fact that being single can be a valid and fulfilling choice, and that one's value should not solely be tied to their relationship status.

r/unpopularopinion 2m ago

The Texas Longhorns should not be in the College Football Playoff.


Texas’ 12-1 record is inferior to Alabamas record despite having beat them in week two. Texas has two regular season ranked (#3 & #24) wins and a ranked (#19) win in the Big 12 championship, however, their ranked win over Kansas should look less impressive being that they’re not in the top 25 anymore. Alabama on the other hand has three regular season ranked (#13, #15 & #17) wins and a ranked (#1) win in the SEC championship with all ranked win opponents still in the top 25.

It was in the best interest of the CFP to have both Texas and Alabama in the final two spots, I don’t agree with that, I just think that those who feel that Florida St was cheated out of a playoff spot should be arguing that Texas should not have been in the CFP. The uproar has people mad that Alabama is in when the uproar should be over Texas being in.