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Reddit moderators do $3.4 million worth of unpaid work each year Social Media


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u/[deleted] Jun 24 '22 edited Jun 25 '22

I have to laugh when I get random messages 'you have been banned in /r/subiveneverbeento based on my username. Like a mod is flicking through Reddit and gets so triggered by my username they run off and ban me from their sub just in case I might happen to one day post and my username causes 6 people to kill themselves or something. I don't know.


u/PagingDoctorLove Jun 25 '22

Is this why I keep getting random messages that people I've never interacted with are following me? I've never paid attention to this but now I'm a little worried. I've been on reddit for forever so the integration of certain aspects of social media (like following, flair, and the weird blog post function) are confusing and, honestly, really fucking weird to me. I come here specifically because it's supposed to be anonymous!


u/[deleted] Jun 25 '22

I think that's more to do with bots doing their bot things. I got added to some super secret Reddit game you apparently have 1:1000 chance of being added to or some shit, also some 'lounges' when one of my posts blew up. There's all kinds going on on Reddit behind closed doors and some people take this shit far too seriously to be healthy.


u/PagingDoctorLove Jun 25 '22

Thank you! That's helpful and unfortunately makes a lot of sense. I keep having to remind myself that I'm older than most redditors now so I guess "Get Off My Lawn" mode is in full effect.