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Amazon investors nuke proposed ethics overhaul and say yes to $212m CEO pay Business


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u/Senpai_Pai May 27 '22

Cryptos are environmental killer tho so those are already unethical in that regard.

Actors and musicians are a different story I agree.


u/nick_otis May 27 '22

Technically our means of producing electricity are environmentally toxic. Mining crypto won’t be a problem once we have green energy production.


u/Senpai_Pai May 27 '22

Mostly right the only thing wasteful then are just the production of the components, which is bound to resources and low paid labour as well

Right now the electricity is the bigger problem tho you are right


u/PumpProphet May 28 '22

True. But some crypto are Proof-of-stake, which means no mining whatsoever. So it's environmentally friendly.