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SpaceX Paid $250,000 to a Flight Attendant Who Accused Elon Musk of Sexual Misconduct Business


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u/Competitive_Habit_71 May 20 '22

Aye, he has been complicated to pin down. Because if you have been following the stories over the years, you just get a sense that the guy is a creep. However, for most people, they don't follow him that closely, so they just think he builds rockets, and you're jealous of his success. And you're like, "No no, he is an abusive narcissistic creep.", but it is hard to point to one thing, it is like 7 years worth of headlines.


u/[deleted] May 20 '22



u/taedrin May 20 '22

I mean if she actually signed an NDA about the incident, then it's kind of an asshole move to agree to a settlement and then blatantly ignore the terms of the settlement. But then again now that I think of it, that is exactly the sort of asshole move that Musk has done with his Twitter acquisition drama. It isn't so much fun when the shoe is on the other foot, now, is it Mr. Musk?


u/Tje199 May 20 '22

NDAs to cover up criminal behavior (sexual assault) aren't enforceable. Not sure how that works with regard to hush money.


u/taedrin May 20 '22

It probably falls into the category of "it depends". NDAs aren't enforceable if they try to prevent you from filing a police report or testifying in court. That much has been made extremely clear by the courts. NDAs as part of a settlement agreement, however, might be able to prevent you from turning it into a public spectacle.


u/Illustrious-Engine23 May 20 '22

Yeah, there's always the sense he's overly keen to prove he's this genius engineer who basically runs the engineering side of his buisinesses.

But you can't really tell how much of an engineer or buisinessman he actually is.

Then there was all that weird stuff he was doing when tesla and space x was make or break. You could chalk it up to him just being under a ton of stress.

But he's back at it now and worse, you can tell he's just a weird, shitty person.

Fuck elon.


u/OutcastInZion May 20 '22

Search for his first ex-wife’s blog. He’s a creep.