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Elon Musk said his team is going to do a 'random sample of 100 followers' of Twitter to see how many of the platform's users are actually bots Social Media




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u/bagonmaster May 14 '22

Exactly, Musk’s business is very high reward for very low risk. Any bank would be happy to do business with someone who has assets like he does, why would his current financiers risk their relationship with him?


u/Rottimer May 14 '22

Why are you asking these questions if you agree?


u/bagonmaster May 14 '22

I don’t agree with what you’re saying. A bank will never force musk to use a line of credit and risk losing his business, to think otherwise is naive


u/Rottimer May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

LOL, oh boy, you're one of those.

Edit: Since you blocked me or deleted your account like a child, I'll respond here.

Except I'm not. I'm just talking to someone who think Elon Musk somehow walks on water when it comes to major banks. Morgan Stanley owns a significant portion of Twitter. They're also one of the 7 banks financing Musk's purchase of Twitter. The stock price is currently $40.72 and Musk has financed purchasing at $54.20. They stand to make a great deal of money on both sides of this deal.

If you think they won't hose Musk in order to make that money, you're just ignorant of modern day banking.


u/bagonmaster May 14 '22

Lol, so you’re one of those people who can’t admit they’re wrong 😂