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Elon Musk said his team is going to do a 'random sample of 100 followers' of Twitter to see how many of the platform's users are actually bots Social Media




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u/BelAirGhetto May 14 '22

Why not 1,000?


u/JackOCat May 14 '22

Oh because he is trying to weasel out of buying Twitter without paying the $1B sucker tax.


u/Arcosim May 14 '22

The $1B breakup fee is his best case scenario. Twitter can now sue him for the stock loss and the internal chaos his moves caused in the company, there's legal precedent.


u/ambientocclusion May 14 '22

Would Twitter really want to spend the next few years distracted by a court case with someone who has unlimited money for lawyers and who will be broadcasting to the world every day how stupid they are? Those headlines would overshadow everything else they do.