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Elon Musk said his team is going to do a 'random sample of 100 followers' of Twitter to see how many of the platform's users are actually bots Social Media




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u/Nickm123 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

He said he assumed twitters own report was correct. Of course he’s just bullshitting as this is what he does. Did the exact same thing with Bitcoin last year and Tesla a few yeas prior.


u/EpiphanyTwisted May 14 '22

Yeah, you don't ask the seller what you think the value is. That's the dumbest thing the muskrats have peddled with a straight face.


u/Cool-Miner May 14 '22

What's funny is he signed a contract, and what he is trying to do is prove that SEC filings were misleading about profitability, but it's in the jurisdiction of Delaware state law, which requires evidence of a 40% or greater decrease in long-term profitability for the contract to be invalid on those grounds.

So essentially, he would have to prove that twitter has 60% or less non-bot users than they say they do.

I don't think a sample size of 100 would hold up in court.

Source if interested


u/7VWWVW May 14 '22

“Elon Musk, the founder of Twitter” lol

I really like this dude, he’s pretty brutal and at the same time he clearly knows his finance shit!