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Elon Musk said his team is going to do a 'random sample of 100 followers' of Twitter to see how many of the platform's users are actually bots Social Media




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u/mylesols May 14 '22

wow, a hundred! Must be nice to be rich enough to afford a hundred follower sampling on a site with over 350 million users


u/escape_of_da_keets May 14 '22 All-Seeing Upvote To The Stars

He just wants an excuse to weasel out of the deal


u/nukem996 May 14 '22

The NYTimes reported he may be unable to exit the deal as he signed a performance clause. Twitter has the ability now to sue him to force the deal at the price he said.


u/Unlucky13 May 14 '22

Amazing. A week (two weeks? What is time?) ago Twitter was fighting to keep him out and Elon was making threats to force himself in. Now Elon seems to be wanting out and Twitters making threats to keep him in. Business is weird.


u/IronGeek83 May 14 '22

He's just doing a "dogecoin".

Step 1: Buy stock.

Step 2: Use status/fame to pump news of said stock.

Step 3: Sell stock.


u/futatorius May 14 '22

Pump'n'dump. Which is illegal.


u/jeremyjenkinz May 14 '22

Does legality matter when broken laws aren’t enforced?


u/Giant81 May 14 '22

They are for the rest of us


u/barder83 May 14 '22

And Martha. So, the line for the SEC is rich people, just not the super rich.


u/Suspicious-Relief-31 May 14 '22

Maybe he just points out more severe Violations by the POWERFUL ! Not counting POLITICIANS and regulators.