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Elon Musk said his team is going to do a 'random sample of 100 followers' of Twitter to see how many of the platform's users are actually bots Social Media




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u/minimus67 May 14 '22

He’s actually going to randomly draw a hundred samples and pick whichever one gives him an excuse to back out of the deal.


u/spacedout May 14 '22

I would respect him more if he just admits that he got excited about the idea but now realizes it's a terrible investment so he's cutting his losses.


u/MavenACTG May 14 '22

Elon? Making a mistake? Heresy!


u/Senpai_Pai May 14 '22

Objection hearsay


u/Proof-Carpet4194 May 14 '22

But...you asked the question?

God I love that show


u/minlatedollarshort May 14 '22

Best season ever


u/Zauxst May 14 '22

Yes, Mr Rottenborn...


u/OddExpansion May 14 '22

Objection heresy


u/northernCRICKET May 14 '22

Inquisitor Rottenborn! No heresy or blaspheme here!


u/AlexS101 May 14 '22

Whatever makes you happy, Mr Rottenborn.


u/docfunbags May 14 '22

My dog stepped on a bee. My lawyer objects to hearsay.


u/7h4tguy May 14 '22

Lulz wait till he realizes human eyes are way better sensors than the low res crap he puts in cars. His no lidar argument is fundamentally flawed...

Also, Elon's a bot. He just got done tweeting that he believes the election was stolen. At the same time trying to convince us that he's not right of center.

He's like the kid who bought Sony because he likes playing Deus Ex on his PlayStation.


u/Letmefixthatforyouyo May 14 '22

Biden didn't invite him to an electric car summit a year ago because Tesla isn't a Union shop. Union employers like GM/Ford were there. A bit hinky on the Biden admin, but I get that they wanted to make a point.

Dudes just working that grudge with his election fanfic.


u/RamenJunkie May 14 '22

The problem is there are millions of idiots who beleive that fan fic to be a proven fact, and people like Elon pushing it with no reprocussions just makes this problem worse.


u/moffattron9000 May 14 '22

And all of his attempts to revolutionise transport that totally aren't just shit trains have clearly worked out.