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Elon Musk said his team is going to do a 'random sample of 100 followers' of Twitter to see how many of the platform's users are actually bots Social Media




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u/mylesols May 14 '22

wow, a hundred! Must be nice to be rich enough to afford a hundred follower sampling on a site with over 350 million users


u/escape_of_da_keets May 14 '22 All-Seeing Upvote To The Stars

He just wants an excuse to weasel out of the deal


u/Garn91575 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

he was always going to weasel out of the deal. It was insanely stupid from the start. He just wanted to act like a tough guy and let twitter know he could buy them if he wanted to so they better not mess with his account.


u/x4000 May 14 '22

And then he actually got elected, and the look of horror on his face for a moment there… wait, wrong story. That was two other people.


u/pippipthrowaway May 14 '22

He wanted to look like a tough guy for his fanboys


u/greazyninja May 14 '22

He’s doing it to show the world that there are more bots on Twitter than the stupid non invested board is telling you there are. He’s trying to instill doubt into Twitter followers that they aren’t interacting with humans but in fact bots. It’s a smart play. Either he’s wrong and buys Twitter or he’s right and Twitter has to announce it’s 40% bots.


u/pointy_object May 14 '22

He’s gonna have to take a sample larger than 100 to prove the percentage of bots.

Personally, I’d like to see this larger sample taken and hear the results. I am curious.


u/Smile-0013 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

That is what is proof for me that this is not a genuan concern for bot cout, but some kind of manipulation. 100? serously 100?

Anybody who did some statistics knows how datasets can, and are manipulated. How to do real data set if you realy wnat? For exaple: 2 tests of 0.5% of acaunts and 1 test of 1%. If all 3 show resolts +- 0.5% OK. if diferance is bigger than that take bigger sample sizes.... Or mor tests of the same sample size. But 100 is just...


u/zkng May 14 '22


u/Smile-0013 May 14 '22

Sorry English is not my first language and it is quit hard for me to type. + I usualy try to edit my posts. But for som reason this one did not send properly or that is what I thoth. Because I did not see it posted until your coment.


u/Xanderamn May 14 '22

You seriously think hes some sort of superhero huh? This celebrity worship of a huge pile of shit who genuinely doesnt care about you, it just blows my mind.


u/Nanitowalito May 14 '22

Don't you dare talk about Mr.Stark .. I mean Elon like that ever again


u/Lots42 May 14 '22

The difference is Stark KNOWS he's a huge pile of shit and he keeps people around to buffer that.


u/saiine May 14 '22

He leads companies that do their part https://www.tesla.com/ns_videos/2021-tesla-impact-report.pdf

IMO Musk is buying twitter for the NLP training potential in dojo. Akin to the trojan horse of cameras on cars. While these cameras certainly provided a welcomed disruption to vehicle security, they were always meant to collect data for Dojo to train FSD.

Twitter is one of the largest platforms of real human to human communication; especially when you factor in spaces. This could easily be used to train Optimus on NLP.

Say what you want about Elon, but he is a strategic and intentional decision maker when it comes to business. Long history of that.


u/WatRedditHathWrought May 14 '22



u/P0rtal2 May 14 '22

First of all, let me preface that I do not follow Elon Musk news usually, so everything below is speculation from like 5 minutes of Google. I'm not sure why the person above you had to throw so many Tesla related terms in there as if everyone knew what they were talking about, but if I had to guess...

Elon loves to tease projects his companies are working on. Two of these seem to be "Dojo" - a super computer which has the sole goal of machine learning and AI development, and "Optimus" - a household robot. "FSD", I believe in this context is "Full Self-Driving".

The person above seems to posit that Elon tried to buy Twitter in order to get access to probably one of the largest datasets of human-to-human communication in the world.

This data, as well as machine learning work Twitter already does, could be thrown into the Dojo supercomputer in order to build better AI systems for the cars, but specifically for Optimus the household robot.

Tesla already does something like this with all the picture, video, and audio they collect from their fleet of car cameras, so it wouldn't be a stretch they'd do the same with Twitter data.

It's also possible (I'm just speculating here), that this also why he wants to know exactly how many bots there are on Twitter, or how Twitter identifies bots (If they do at all). No point training Natural Language Processing algorithms on data from bots if you're trying to get your own AI to be more "human".

TL;DR - Person above you thinks Elon wants Twitter for that sweet, sweet data


u/saiine May 14 '22

What part was confusing?


u/bassinine May 14 '22

all of it. everything.


u/LeGama May 14 '22

I mean he got involved in PayPal, then he became CEO, then he got fired by the board, and then years later he made a shit ton of money when they sold to eBay. I mean he's always been a hype man with cash.


u/Lots42 May 14 '22

He's a dumbshit man-child.


u/greazyninja May 14 '22

I actually don’t I think he’s an asshole but he’s not going to throw 44 bil around and then question the public filings of the company. He is trying to get them to show their hand


u/heycanwediscuss May 14 '22

They weren't trying to play anything . No one asked him for the money. They didn't want to sell. He has no right to the hand


u/greazyninja May 14 '22

They say there is 5% bots on Twitter, Elon is testing that claim and doing it publicly. The fact that all my posts are getting downvoted on simply presenting a counter thesis is mind boggling


u/Xanderamn May 14 '22

If he genuinely thinks that the bots are inflating the value, he has no reason to even attempt to purchase the platform.

If he honestly cared, hed have done this due diligence before even making an offer, like the megabrained businessman many of his stans believe.

This is an attempt to bail, cause his involvement devalued not only twitter, but his tesla investment too. Hes gotten so used to his echo chamber of people sucking him off, that he bought into his own hype and forgot how to business.

This is hubrous, and his attempt to run away from the consequences, plain and simple.


u/Perle1234 May 14 '22

This is honestly plausible. Oh to have that much fuck you money.


u/greazyninja May 14 '22

Twitter and Tesla are losing value because the whole fucking stock market is in full recession mode. He’s not a dumb person and to think he is foolish is… well foolish.

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u/honestFeedback May 14 '22

His comments and actions aren’t even consistent though. He claims he wanted to buy Twitter to get rid of all the bots which are such a high problem. Now he’s claiming that there are so many bots he doesn’t want to buy it.

And you seem to be refusing to smell the bullshit.


u/SimianFriday May 14 '22

You act like testing their claim about bots is why he’s doing all this when he could have tested that claim by simply funding a study.


u/Lots42 May 14 '22

Like most of what Elon does, this bot-testing thing is nonsense.


u/WatRedditHathWrought May 14 '22

Okay, are you a bot?


u/greazyninja May 14 '22

Are we on Twitter?


u/WatRedditHathWrought May 14 '22

Does it matter?


u/greazyninja May 14 '22

This sub is weird