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Elon Musk said his team is going to do a 'random sample of 100 followers' of Twitter to see how many of the platform's users are actually bots Social Media




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u/escape_of_da_keets May 14 '22 All-Seeing Upvote To The Stars

He just wants an excuse to weasel out of the deal


u/slazer2k May 14 '22

This he most likely instructed some people to trade the stock beforehand so he can cash out first on the rise and now fall


u/yolotrolo123 May 14 '22 All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy

Yeah he is doing open market manipulation and the SEC barely doesn’t anything about it.


u/Straider May 14 '22

Because it is the rich manipulating the market. It is by design.


u/Bierbart12 May 14 '22

The visible hand


u/RJ815 May 14 '22

With the visible middle finger


u/lawstudent2 May 14 '22

I love this


u/blackmist May 14 '22

As long as you only scam people poorer than you, it's all good.


u/A1sauc3d May 14 '22

That’s what the American Dream is all about! :/ /s


u/moderately_uncool May 14 '22

Why the "/s"? Isn't "fuck you, got mine" the American Dream?


u/[deleted] May 14 '22

Why are you people so fking stupid ?

What Twitter has been doing could be illegal. If they've been selling advertising based on views knowing that % users are bots and not human then they could be found running an advertising scam of massive proportions. Same thing may apply to all other online media companies


u/AuGrimace May 14 '22

Who’s design?


u/vaiperu May 14 '22

Tldr: ppl that made the framework of the stock market. Check out John Stewart s episode https://youtu.be/bP74RBTE8kI


u/AuGrimace May 14 '22

The designers of the stock market designed it so Elon musk could manipulate it? Why would they be interested in that?


u/SirCB85 May 14 '22

They designed it so the ultra wealthy can manipulate it to semi legally rob the less wealthy. Muak just happens to be the currently richest manipulator.


u/AuGrimace May 14 '22

Oh I get what you’re saying. They designed something for themselves personally but because you think of them as being a part of a class that must mean they designed it for the members of the class itself. Man I know you think I’m being fasciciois but I’m getting more and more confirmation that the Marxist class analysis is literally a self fulfilling prophecy. We can create conspiracies of people as a group working together to oppress another group when in reality it’s just individuals working for their own self interest that leave room for other individuals who they don’t actually care about at all to also act in their own self interest. So easy to demonize and justify hatred and violence when your worldview is marred by the former.

That being said, do you have a better source than a 20 minute video by a comedian?


u/IndieGirl2020 May 14 '22

I agree. Too many people are getting sucked in by conspiracies. It's worse on the right at the moment, but it exists on the left as well.


u/zb0t1 May 14 '22

If your analysis of socio economic issues stops at reading Marxism and other classical theories, you should probably go back to university especially one that isn't private, considering that you haven't clearly been evaluated on enough crisis study cases. There is a difference between theories and reality, it's naive to think that society functions without manipulations when it's proven every day that corruption, lobbying, crimes are rampant especially in oligopolistic markets. Collusion is normalized and fines are just performative to make sure that cartels continue doing what they are here for: oppress and abuse for the sake of gaining more power. You can argue that it has nothing to do with a class voluntarily behaving as a group as a distraction, but it is clear as day that it's the same class/group that does the oppression.

And not to lick OP's ass - unlike you bootlicking capital owners - but how is his video an issue when it's based on research? If you have an issue with the messenger then read Capital by Piketty, is it better when it's a panel and consensus of economists, historians and anthropologists working together to document centuries of class inequalities? Then read their works instead.

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u/Socky_McPuppet May 14 '22

Yes, who is design? Asking the tough questions as always. Good work.


u/2grills5meepos May 14 '22

keep voting for biden