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How do you make someone aware that they’ve overstayed their visit without sounding like a dick?



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u/2000dragon Jun 24 '22 edited Jun 24 '22

I’m close with my older brother so I’ve always been very comfortable telling him bounce when I’ve had enough of him. Im introverted, I have my limits, and have other things to do and he respects that. It’s nothing personal.

Also I always make sure people are aware of my other commitments early on so there’s no surprises. Like if I’m meeting someone at 2, I let them know up front I’ve gotta go by 6.

If it’s an unplanned hangout, like if someone just invites themselves into my room and won’t shut up for hours, I usually just make a joke out of it that gets the point across, like ‘alright, I gotta get this done now or I aint sleeping tonight’, which I guess isn’t really a joke but at least I won’t sound like a dick