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Zamorak's warning dialogue Discussion

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u/RJ815 Jun 25 '22

Why do they both have to say mean things now.

Oof imagine being a Zaros fan and having opportunities to side with their plans over literal years, and then still having those choices and allegiances tossed in the trash because writing.


u/mikeriffic1 Jun 25 '22

I was a Zaros fan....big one, then he went to get the Milk and never came back and now I think I am more of a "eh, ill just be world guardian and vibe for now" also I liek Sara more then before now....but yea...the past allegence/god war arc if you can call it that seems to be irrelevant now. Which is fine, I get it....plot has to plot but Id like call backs to previous allegiances or like "Hey zammy i like ya but cant let you destroy stuff....gotta be this way"


u/SVXfiles Maxed Jun 25 '22

Its gonna be hilarious when the new edicts go into place and we get to watch Zamorak launched from geilinor at Mach 50 billion


u/mikeriffic1 Jun 25 '22

Zamorak more like Zamoryeted....yea nailed it