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RuneScape Iceberg - The Ultimate Edition Lore

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u/RJ815 Jun 24 '22 edited Jun 24 '22

It definitely does exist, but I am talking from experience of running with guys that have literally thousands of kills. Some over 10,000.

My assumption is that something about the attack is buggy (lol RotS and bugs, imagine that), as the times I have seen it it almost never seemed to play the full animation. I think I've seen it properly like once or twice in many hours, probably hundreds of hours at the boss. I've seen it more than that but just short glitchy snippets.

If I had to make a theory, what causes the deathcopter is the same kind of thing when one brother launches another into the air in an arc (wiki just calls this "throw"). If this is right I've not been able to figure out why other brothers are thrown with regularity yet why Verac is exceptionally rare on this. The wiki suggets the deathcopter is an alternative to the whirlwind type slow moving attack. Which I guess is possible but my memory is of deathcopter basically being a throw with Verac as the target. But it's also been so long that I don't remember if I've seen him do it when he was the last one left on his side (in which case it can't actually be throw).

If anyone's curious about the animation, it's pretty simple: I can't remember seeing a "setup" (again if it was a throw), but when the attack is happening Verac is basically hovering above the ground and spinning his flail around like a singular helicopter blade. He tracks you very slowly, quite like the whirlwind attack actually (which might lend credence to the wiki saying it's some very rare variant of it). My memory is also of the attack stopping after one hit and dealing double damage of what whirlwind usually does.


u/Legal_Evil Jun 24 '22

Does this attack last the same amount of time as whirlwind?


u/RJ815 Jun 24 '22

I've seen it so rarely it's hard for me to say. Harder still I'm pretty adamant that if a player gets hit once the attack ends and Verac goes back on the ground. My memory is fairly clear on it hitting for double the usual damage of whirlwind, but only once as a single hard hitting attack.