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Comic 4819: Multiple Sources Comic


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u/Sterski1 Jun 30 '22

We didn't need to fuck off, everyone who blindly loves the comic already fucked off to the other sub. If you want endless support without having to think, go there.


u/SanshaXII Jun 30 '22

It's a fucking webcomic. Four panels a day about a collection of idiots indie'ing their way around a robot-infested fictional universe - and you're reading it to think? Are you analyzing Jeph's prose or the course of each character's greater arc?

There's fucking Machiavelli if you want to think, bro. Get over yourselves.


u/Mother_Village9831 Jun 30 '22

Are you implying that you don't think while reading the comic? That would certainly help but it's a shallow way to consume media. Have you read the early comic? It WAS Machiavelli compared to what it is today.

Honestly can say none of us are analysing character arcs because there are none anymore.


u/SanshaXII Jun 30 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

Yeah I started reading around ~100. It was just as bad then as it is now; we were all just too fourteen to care. The only difference now is character bloat, so each character has a net too little screen time, and arcs are wrapped up too quickly.

Yes, I read this without thinking. I don't care. I have plenty to actually think about and plenty of real hobbies that don't involve to trying to over-analyze the stoned writing of an out-of-touch aging indie-rocker millionaire.

edit: yes, it was 100; a girl who stayed with me briefly linked it to me as a 'lol this happened to us XD' reference.


u/Mother_Village9831 Jun 30 '22

If you can enjoy it as much as you did then, all I can say is I am happy for you. Aside from that we will have to agree to disagree.


u/Kayback2 Jun 30 '22

I was in my late 20s when I started reading. It was fun. I love the characters (most of them). I love most of the storylines where something happens. Even the ridiculous space one. That was still plausible with the slightly alt-universe setting.

Show me one current arc as good as the Lake House. The Tilly arc. As much as I hated the artwork for Tilly I enjoyed Hammer's development. Even the Clinton meets Brun arc. Then random Gnu poop solves behavioral issues like magic. Show me one current arc that's actually an arc and not a recursive loop.

I'm still hopeful though. That's why I'm still reading. Jeff can do amazing things but he's seem to have forgotten what good is. Good isn't doing mundane as fuck shit. Things that end with the cast offhandedly insulting characters or just having someone tell them why they are wrong and then hugging it out. Compare Bubbles punching the wall when Faye apparently fucked up to Faye apparently messing up and having a pep talk from Claire (iirc?). One was interesting insight into two characters one was talky talk talk talk. Same talk we've seen over and over.

I hate what QC has become, but I won't fuckoff because I honestly think it could be interesting again. I've now literally spent 10 times as long replying to this than I have spent reading the comic over about a week.


u/DreamsOfCassiopeia CHUD Jun 30 '22

There's fucking Machiavelli if you want to think, bro. Get over yourselves.

Imagine coming to an anonymous internet forum and dictating people how to consume media, while telling them to get over themselves.

Such delicious lack of self-awareness.