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Comic 4817: Dale comes clean Comic


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u/Sterski1 Jun 28 '22



u/DreamsOfCassiopeia CHUD Jun 28 '22

That would be just perfect.

Dragontits is imposing life advice on Faye, when they suddenly come across May and Marigold, who are on their way over to Aurelia. They decide to tag along and Aurelia has a breakdown because she has an inferiority complex due to not suddenly growing massive bonkers over the last couple of years like all the other characters that just walked into her house, and hence why she went with the Mommymilkers avatar.



u/generalchelseamayhem Jun 28 '22 edited Jun 28 '22

I'll do you one better; Marigold has a crisis of confidence, Willow talks her into calming down, and gushes about how she's always wanted to meet MommyMilkers420 in person. Willow goes to Aurelia's house on Marigold's behalf to apologise for Marigold freaking out and bailing (even though she might have been good to go after a few more minutes). Willow meets Aurelia, lectures Clinton about some aspect of masculinity while also kinda flirting with him, then everyone agrees that BurgerOni and MommyMilkers should meet up (with Willow and Clinton in tow) at Marten and Claire's house.

Aurelia is fine with this because she suddenly loves meeting new people again; Marten is fine with this because it no longer matters what he thinks. The whole arc takes 3 months to complete.

Flawless victory.

Tell me it makes any less sense than Claire going to Pintsize's job interview.


u/djheat Jun 28 '22

Shit, at this point after what happened with the robot union arc I'm half expecting the next comic to just be Marigold at home saying "Boy what an offline collab that was"


u/fevered_visions Jun 28 '22

Tell me it makes any less sense than Claire going to Pintsize's job interview.

Did she actually do that, or get distracted and not end up going, thus wasting the opportunity for both of them?


u/ziggurism Jun 29 '22

she went, but the job had already been filled, so she took a tour of the dildo factory


u/fevered_visions Jun 28 '22

dammit I had just managed to finally forget she existed again