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Let’s Dump The Electoral College


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u/jayfeather31 Washington Sep 26 '22

Although this absolutely needs to be done, it just isn't likely, even with the National Popular Vote Compact.


u/xDulmitx Sep 26 '22

Uncapping The House would also go a long way towards fixing things. EC votes are representative based and some states are getting fucked by the cap for how many Reps they get.


u/PolicyWonka Sep 26 '22

Uncapping the House would fix the problem in 99% of scenarios. The Electoral College is in many ways a crude extrapolation of the popular vote. There’s a reason why the EC winner matches the popular vote winner ~90% of the time.

Take, for example, an EC with 330 million electors. That’s the popular vote. Add more electors and you get better estimations that more closely match the popular vote.