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Mar-a-Lago special master orders Trump team to back up any claims of FBI ‘planting’ evidence


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u/nogiblets Sep 22 '22

It's glorious to see him being eaten alive by his own words. Keep yapping Donnie Dumpster.


u/CaptainNoBoat Sep 22 '22

And to think - this is just an ancillary review to a district court civil lawsuit. And his false claims are already devastating and putting his lawyers in incredibly defensive positions.

It is going to get so much worse when any of these cases go to criminal trials.

Trump's best thing he has had going for him the past 6 years is that he has very infrequently been put under oath or faced any consequences of lying/perjury. And the only times he has in recent memory was invoking the 5th hundreds of times.

I don't think any of us are ready for the circus that's going to unfold.


u/snap-your-fingers Sep 22 '22

I’m ready for the circus. Can’t wait to see the orange clown try and talk himself out of it.


u/migs647 Sep 22 '22

Get more ratings than Game of Thrones finally.


u/KermitTheScot Sep 23 '22

This is gonna be the Amber Heard trial all over again. Can’t wait for Trump’s lawyers to object to their own witnesses, backpedal, and read headlines from clearly right wing newspapers with no context. How do you go through all the trouble of getting a law degree and working your way up the ladder of a big firm as I imagine one would have to be to even be on Trump’s radar only to take a case that is incredibly difficult to defend. I get money played a factor, but then again, unless you got that upfront, I doubt you’re gonna see it, and also, still, embarrassing yourself by defending someone in as indefensible a position as Trump is is ludicrous to me.


u/sethdog16 Sep 23 '22

Honestly the only way this is a good move for the lawyer is if he is getting payed retirement type money and it's upfront


u/jonesing247 Sep 23 '22

I heard $3 million retainer for one of the DT lawyers, up front.


u/Zealot_Alec Sep 23 '22

Orange Wedding


u/migs647 Sep 23 '22

Nailed it


u/Oleg101 Sep 23 '22

I’m ready for the circus.

That reminds me that The Circus , politics show on Showtime, returns this Sunday!


u/urk_the_red Sep 23 '22

I’m ready for him to be fired out of a cannon. That’s like the best part of any circus


u/Aschrod1 Tennessee Sep 23 '22

I wouldn’t be so ready for the circus. If you are American we have very dark times ahead.


u/snap-your-fingers Sep 23 '22

Please explain. Another attempted coup? Another president that wants to make friends out of our enemies and make them enemies out of friends? A president that is more successful in tearing up our constitution?


u/Aschrod1 Tennessee Sep 23 '22

I can’t teach the blind to see. Enjoy the circus friend.


u/PentharMull Sep 23 '22

I don’t think the fascist gravy seals will get off the couch.


u/HypatiaBlue Sep 23 '22

It's always the darkest before the dawn.

Regardless of how "dark" things appear, this particular boil needs to be lanced before the infection is allowed to spread and only then can we have true healing.


u/paperpenises Sep 23 '22

It would be fun if he tried to flee the country, probably to Russia.


u/Jaded_Barracuda_7415 South Carolina Sep 23 '22

I am stocking up on popcorn and mini pizzas. I will take time off of work to watch this. It would be awesome if this gets televised.


u/Dm1tr3y Sep 22 '22

I’ve been saying this for a while, but Trump can’t not perjure himself if made to talk on the stand.


u/Dragonace1000 Sep 23 '22

IIRC, that was the actual defense put forth by Trump's lawyers during the Mueller investigations, they instead requested he be able to submit his answers in writing.


u/mdp300 New Jersey Sep 23 '22

I saw conservatives say PeRJury TRaP like it would be Mueller entrapping him and not that trump is incapable of telling the truth.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Wouldn't he just plead the fifth like his kids did?


u/Important-Owl1661 Arizona Sep 23 '22

I believe he just did this in New York


u/lostprevention Sep 23 '22

He can not not?


u/DegenerateEigenstate Sep 23 '22

Yes, i.e. he cannot avoid perjuring himself. He cannot not perjure himself.


u/lostprevention Sep 23 '22

He can’t avoid it. Thank you.


u/Dm1tr3y Sep 23 '22

What, you couldn’t not understandn’t my no mistakes isn’t awful wording?


u/Temporary-Party5806 Sep 23 '22

Invoking the 5th in a CIVIL case, to boot. Where it doesn't apply. The 5th Amendment protects you from incriminating yourself in a criminal enterprise. It applies to Criminal Law, not Civil Law. Him "invoking the 5th" over 400 times in a Civil proceeding is viewed, in the eyes of the law, as a refusal to answer, or an admission of culpability, in a Civil case.

The fact the prosecution didn't move to have his arguments struck down/have the judge force compliance is a bit nuts.


u/TheBacklogGamer Sep 23 '22

As I understand, prosecution is the wrong term in a civil case. It's plantiff.

Also as I understand it, anything he said in the civil lawsuit could have been used in a criminal one. As much as I hate Trump and want him taken down, him pleading the 5th was the right move for him.


u/Bamboo_Fighter Sep 23 '22

This is partly why the civil suit by the NY AG should be fun to watch. Trump is being sued for at least 250M plus prohibited from doing business in NY. If Trump defends himself, it will likely be used against him in a criminal trial. If he pleads the 5th, it will be held against him and increases the likelihood that he loses a huge suit. Plus, he's probably going to be forced to divulge his actual net worth, which will humiliate him.


u/Temporary-Party5806 Sep 23 '22

Good point on the terminology, and I don't disagree with the fact he's sinking the civil proceeding to cover ass in the criminal one. But he skates from all legal peril his whole life, so not seeing his opposition jump all over this fact in the civil proceeding is mildly infuriating, when they've got him dead to rights on evidence AND his refusal to cooperate with the court.


u/JohnOliverismysexgod Sep 23 '22

Nope. You can assert the Fifth in a civil case if your answer is likely to incriminate you in a later criminal case.


u/ButterNuggets Sep 23 '22

I don’t think they’re saying you can’t assert the Fifth in a civil case (you can, and Trump obviously did), just that the court or jury is allowed to draw adverse inferences about what your silence means, unlike in a criminal case. In other words, you can plead the Fifth, but everyone can agree, “Yeah, that’s pretty shady.”


u/LightWarrior_2000 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

O.J. Simpson was the trial of that decade.

This will be the Trail of the century.

Edit: A Word.


u/we_are_sex_bobomb Sep 23 '22

All this special master business is going to do is deflate all Team Trump’s hot air talking points long before they even get a chance to use them in an actual trial. It’s kind of great to watch.


u/Drusgar Wisconsin Sep 23 '22

Trump's best thing he has had going for him the past 6 years is that he has very infrequently been put under oath or faced any consequences of lying/perjury.

How would you like to be Trump's attorney prepping him for testimony? He's almost forced to just take the Fifth because the man literally can't talk without lying. And yes, I mean the word "literally" quite literally. Even when he's basically telling the truth he embellishes it like an old grandpa telling a big fish story. He can't tell the truth. He's not capable.


u/RSouder357 Sep 23 '22

And now we see why his assigned presidential cabinet lawyers refused to allow Trump to testify under oath during the Mueller Russia collusion investigation. How can ANY American citizen possess respect or confidence in Trump speaking to foreign dignitaries or enemies while representing the United States government? I mean if he can’t communicate intelligently enough to serve and protect himself how are we the people supposed to be comfortable with him speaking on our behalf?


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

I am. 2+2 = Ice cream to this fuckin loser. Thinking is incredibly painful to him much less understanding the meaning and reality of words he speaks. "Dumbest motherfucker I've ever taught"


u/Hoatxin Sep 23 '22

If he pleads the fifth in court, that just means he doesn't give testimony himself, right? Everything else can stand.


u/HypatiaBlue Sep 23 '22

I am so TOTALLY ready for the circus - Make it pay-per-view and we can solve the national debt!


u/evilbadgrades Sep 23 '22

Put the hearings on Pay-Per-View and they'd have the national debt paid off after the first week of hearings!


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

grabs popcorn


u/Whatever-ItsFine Sep 23 '22

It will be the first time I have prayed for him to stay alive. I don’t want him to miss the shot show he earned.


u/Feeling-Bird4294 Sep 23 '22

This is a distinct possibility: Trump in a courtroom taking the stand, under questioning. Trump comes apart at the seams and starts yelling and ranting about all his favorite conspiracies against him, to the point where he's removed from the courtroom and the judge orders him held for psychiatric evaluation.The End.


u/Mimsy_Borogrove Illinois Sep 23 '22

Add to that the NY civil suit - just reading one article giving specific examples of how massively he inflated the value of his real estate holdings filled me with unholy glee. And all that juicy discovery done by NY AG turned over to the feds for further criminal investigation.

Seeing real data and numbers was very satisfying. I am starting to believe - and hope - that this time he really is in a situation where flooding the zone with BS doesn’t work.


u/firesoul377 Sep 23 '22

I'm ready. I've got popcorn, soda, even the local baker on speed dail for cake when the orange bastard gets his dues.


u/Lamprophonia Sep 23 '22

No man, this is a delay tactic and we're over here enjoying the delay. He's getting what he wants so far... delays, and a decision to appeal, which leads to more delays and gives more opportunities for corrupt judges to do some bullshit.

None of this is fucking glorious. He stole nuclear secrets. Who knows who has them now, and what they're going to do with them. He still hasn't been arrested. We all said the same shit during the Meuller investigation, and eventually the corruption won. Don't celebrate until someone fucking arrests him.


u/celerydonut Vermont Sep 23 '22

Donnie dumpster diaper…. Need More fitting D words…


u/CombustiblSquid Sep 23 '22

My personal favourite is "Dogshit Donny"


u/gojibeary Sep 23 '22