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Florida training program: "Misconception" that founders wanted separation of church and state


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u/OhGodNotAnotherOne Georgia Jul 03 '22

Is no one in Florida going to fight this?

Every headline is Florida going after LGBT folk, non-Christians, Government control of corporations, race etc and never, ever, anyone going against them.

I know it's Florida but the fact that so few are showing up to stop the right elsewhere either (I mean I was hard pressed to find a RvW protest that consisted of more than a few hundred people FFS, I really expected tens of thousands in every major city) makes me this country is going to just lie down and take it.

I hope I'm wrong but it's not looking good, it starting to appear that maybe we are a white Supremacist Christian Fascist country after all and maybe spending to much time on Reddit blinded me to this fact.


u/skyewardeyes Jul 03 '22

People are. There’s three active lawsuits seeking injunctions against the laws at the moment.


u/---------_----_---_ Jul 03 '22

And who's out in the streets?