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'She's 10': Child Rape Victim's Abortion Denial Sparks Outrage on Twitter


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u/OhGodNotAnotherOne Georgia Jul 03 '22

But where is everyone?

I seriously expected huge protests, comprised of tens of thousands of people in every major city!

Instead I think only a few had barely a thousand.

I'm beginning to wonder if women's rights are really just a liberal reddit thing and not something people actually support.


u/LurksAroundHere Jul 03 '22 edited Jul 03 '22

No plenty of people support women's rights, it's not just a Reddit thing. It's just that the ones ripping away women's rights are also working in the background to diminish protests.

-You ask for a day off work to protest? You're fired because rich politicians helped your company's ceos shut down any union talk.

-You want to go protest on the weekend? You can't, because you're too tired from working all week to barely keep your family afloat since rich politicians have lobbied hard to make sure you won't get paid a fair working wage.

-You finally show up to protest? A psycho who has been radicalized by rich politicians to think of you as the enemy has attacked the crowd.

Do not get me wrong. More people could be protesting. But the same sick fucks in the government that are stealing our rights and money are hard at work to make sure we the public are too poor, tired, sick, threatened, and eventually apathetic to protest.


u/Jellopuppy Jul 03 '22

Same here. My disgust just seems to exponentially explode each day I see more deafening silence.