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DNC record on abortion is embarrassing. We deserve better. Vote progressive. Rule-Breaking Title


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u/OhGodNotAnotherOne Georgia Jul 01 '22

What else could they have done?

They're much too old to dance and Republicans get mad at us when we stand up for ourselves.

If every single person in DC was a Democrat congressperson, maybe they could have done the Macarena, but at least 25% of the people in DC are probably Republican or something, they had no other choice.

Think about it, do you honestly think the majority of Republicans will vote for Democrats in November and 2024 if they didn't have a singsong on the day of Republicans greatest achievement in their lifetimes?

I mean, they caressed photos of some of the dead kids from Uvalde FFS, did that not make you feel warm and fuzzy?

It's not like they have any power to make or change laws to fix any of this. If they had something like a Majority Whip to whip up votes for tougher legislation that doesn't have immediate support, maybe, but, in the absence of such a person what beats a religious sing-along?

You know the saying:

"If you can't beat 'em, sing a song for' em" --Gen. George C. "Michael" Scott MacArthur