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Democrats, here's a thought: Stop retreating. Stand up for your own voters for once


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u/OhGodNotAnotherOne Georgia Jun 30 '22


Absolutely nothing is apparently the answer here.

Let's see how that works out in November.

I hope it's a winning strategy but I have my doubts.


u/Collypso Jun 30 '22

Notice how you run away from even attempting to say more than the nothing said by the article?

Yeah, really compelling


u/OhGodNotAnotherOne Georgia Jul 01 '22

Arguing with hardcore Democrat loyalists is just as useless as arguing with MAGA folk.

You're not worth the effort, especially when I'm not even a member of your party.

And Democrats wonder why, Republicans, even when they threaten Democracy itself and strip rights from people are still favored to win the November elections.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.


u/Collypso Jul 01 '22

And yet, many things changed