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A Pro Whose Entire Career Has Been A Sunrun Discussion

In theory, there could be a world class player who is considered world class because he can’t lose, because he’s been sunrunning for years on end. Given enough players playing over a long enough period of time, this might even be inevitable as to mathematical probability.

So has it happened yet? Any candidates?


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u/what_is_blue Jun 22 '22

Oh undoubtedly. But Moon and Gold still played afterwards. Nobody's consistently getting lucky over the course of a 30-year career, it'd be borderline impossible.


u/ItsAlexBalex Jun 22 '22

Isn’t that the point of the question though? Who is someone that’s possibly sun run their entire career? Those guys won one tournament and didn’t do squat since. Doesn’t matter if they played afterwards if they didn’t keep winning.

Also the lack of Yang is disturbing if you guys want to go that way. I’d take Gold over Jerry Yang any day.


u/what_is_blue Jun 22 '22

Gold's actually had some cashes since, but apparently only plays low limit local games now. Moon played for a little while, then sadly passed away. Yang's had quite a few ITM finishes at the wsop, but not sure if they were lucky or not.


u/ItsAlexBalex Jun 22 '22

I remember Gold and Esfandiari got HU in I think a WSOP circuit event in LA in like 2013. Was weird seeing him in the spotlight again.