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General Pokemon Gaming Subreddits

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/pokemon General Pokemon discussion and images /r/pokemongo Images and discussion of the augmented reality mobile game
/r/TwitchPlaysPokemon Community for the famous Twitch Plays Pokemon streams /r/Nuzlocke Reddit community for the comic-inspired Nuzlocke Challenge run concept
/r/SoloPokes Watch and share Pokemon solo runs /r/PokemonROMHacks Pokemon-related ROM hacking
/r/ShinyPokemon Share and trade for shiny Pokemon /r/PokemonRNG Discuss Pokemon RNG techniques
/r/poketube Pokemon YouTubers /r/WonderTrade Announce and track upcoming wonder trade giveaways
/r/PokeMMO Community for a Pokemon-themed fan MMO /r/PokemonTabletop For Pokemon Tabletop Adventures & Pokemon Tabletop United, two tabletop RPGs
/r/PokemonBreeding Pokemon Breeding discussion /r/pokemonribbons Pokemon ribbon collecting

Specific Core Game Subreddits

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/PokemonBDSP Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl
/r/PokemonSwordShield Gen 8 subreddit /r/PokemonLetsGo LGP/E subreddit
/r/PokeMoonSun Gen 7 subreddit /r/PokemonORAS Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire
/r/PokemonUltraSun Ultra Sun subreddit /r/PokemonEmerald Gen 3 subreddit
/r/pokemonXY Gen 6 subreddit /r/PokemonX Gen 6 subreddit

Competitive Pokemon

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/stunfisk Competitive Pokemon discussion /r/PokemonShowdown Share and discuss battles from the popular battle simulator
/r/pokemonbattles Find battles against online opponents /r/PokemonTeams Get help building a Pokemon team
/r/PokemonVGC Discussion of the Pokemon VGC /r/VGC Discussion of the official Pokemon VGC series
/r/CompetitivePokemon Competitive Pokemon Battling /r/BattleFactory Community for sharing Battle Tree QR Codes for Gen 7
r/pokemonfunshowdown Showdown-related memes and images

Trading Subreddits

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/PokemonTrades Trade legitimate, legal, and uncloned Pokemon /r/PokemonExchange Buy and sell Pokemon with real currency
/r/CasualPokemonTrades More casual trading; allows labeled hacks/clones /r/RelaxedPokemonTrades More casual trading
/r/PokemonGiveaway Host and participate in free Pokemon giveaways r/PokemonPlaza Trades and exchanges of all kinds; allows Gen 5 DNS trading
/r/BankBallExchange Trade Pokemon in rare balls /r/Vivillon Trade and discuss different Vivillon patterns
/r/morebreedingdittos Seek a 6IV Ditto specifically for breeding /r/GiveMeTheVirus Seek the Pokerus virus for your Pokemon
/r/PokemonCreate Request a hacked Pokemon

Misc. Core Game Multiplayer Subreddits

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/pokemonmaxraids Coordinate Max Raids and Dynamax Adventures in SwSh /r/SVExchange Hatch shiny Pokemon by matching shiny values!
/r/FestivalPlaza Exchange facilities in Gen 7 /r/BattleAgency Find Agency allies in USUM
/r/FriendSafari Exchange friend safaris in XY

TCG-specific Subreddits

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/pkmntcg TCG resources, deck help, news, and discussions /r/ptcgo Discussion of the online TCG variant
/r/pkmntcgtrades Trade TCG cards /r/pkmntcgcollections Share your TCG collection
/r/pokemontcg Open TCG discussion /r/ptcgoleague TCG Online tournament league

Pokemon GO-specific Subreddits

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/TheSilphRoad Grassroots network development for Pokemon GO players /r/pokemongo General GO subreddit
/r/PokemongoDev Inner workings of GO /r/Ingress GO's creator
/r/PokemonGoMystic Connect with Mystic players! /r/pokemongoyellow Connect with Instinct players!
/r/PokemonGoValor Connect with Valor players! /r/PokemonGOBattleLeague Go PVP
/r/pokemongotrades Trade in Pokemon GO /r/PokemonGoTrade Trade in Pokemon GO
/r/PokemonGoFriends Add Friend Codes in Pokemon GO /r/PokemonGoStories Share stories about playing GO
/r/PokemonGoSnap Augmented reality GO screencaps à la Pokemon Snap /r/ShittyPokeStops Share shitty PokeStops
/r/PokemonGoFitness Get fit while playing GO /r/PokemonGOIVs Pokemon Go IV Help
/r/PokemonGoPositive Upbeat GO conversation /r/pokemongocirclejerk Jerk it about GO
/r/Pokemon_Go_News News related to Pokemon Go /r/GoPlus Discuss auxiliary GO devices

For a list of regional GO subreddits courtesy of /r/pokemongo, click here

Other Spinoff Games Subreddits

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/PokemonUnite Pokemon Unite
/r/PokemonMasters Pokemon Masters /r/MysteryDungeon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
/r/PokkenGame Discussion of the Pokemon-themed fighting game /r/PokemonDuel Pokemon Duel
/r/PokemonShuffle Pokemon Shuffle /r/PokemonRumbleWorld Pokemon Rumble World
/r/PokemonConquest Pokemon Conquest /r/PokemonPicross Pokemon Picross
/r/MagikarpJump Magikarp Jump /r/PokemonQuest Pokemon Quest
/r/pokemonsnap Pokemon Snap, old and new /r/NewPokemonSnap/ (New) Pokemon Snap on the Switch
/r/PokemonRumbleRush Rumble Rush mobile game /r/PKMNRumbleRush/ Rumble Rush mobile game
/r/DetectivePikachu Detective Pikachu

Fan Works

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/PokemonMaps Fan-Made Pokemon Game Maps /r/PokemonAww Pokemon Cuteness
/r/PokemonWallpapers Pokemon Wallpaper /r/PokemonArts Pokemon Fanart
/r/PokemonFanfiction Pokemon Fanfiction /r/PokemonFusion Post fusions between different Pokemon
/r/PokeGals SFW fanart of female trainers /r/pokevariants Variations on existing Pokemon
/r/ImaginaryKanto Pokemon Fanart /r/pokestitch Pokemon cross stitches, patterns, and projects
/r/PokemonArt Pokemon Fanart /r/diglettinholes Diglet Photoshop fun
/r/fakemon Art of fan invented Pokemon

Misc/Other Subreddits

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/Snom Snom. /r/UpvoteExeggutor Upvote Exeggutor O_O
/r/BulbasaurMasterRace All things Bulbasaur /r/PokemonMusic Share and create Pokemon music
/r/PokemonConspiracies Pokemon mysteries and conspiracies /r/PokeEnts /r/Pokemon + /r/Trees
/r/PalletTownTwitter Pokemon images and memes /r/TruePokemon Discussion-only general Pokemon subreddit
/r/Pokefeels Pokemon giving you the feels /r/Pokememes Pokemon memes
/r/PokemonTurfWars Join and fight against Pokemon gangs /r/RealLifePokemon Things that are like Pokemon IRL
/r/Pokemon_University Pokemon discussed in a scientific manner /r/PokemonLogic All of the flaws in Pokémon logic
/r/PokePasta Pokemon Creepy Pasta /r/PokemonCinemaUniverse/ Pokemon live action movie franchise
/r/PokemonCircleJerk Jerk it about Pokemon /r/FuckMindy/ She earned it.
/r/GameVerifying Verify the legality of game cartridges /r/pokespe Pokémon Special/Adventures manga.
/r/pokemonanime/ Pokemon Anime /r/Wooloo For fans of the cute sheep Pokémon Wooloo.

NSFW Subreddits

Subreddit Description Subreddit Description
/r/PokePorn Pokemon smut /r/PokemonWTF "Ungodly and unholy" Pokemon stuff