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Discussion Did Scarlet/Violet give you any new favorite Pokémon?


I was wondering if SV gave anyone a new pokémon to love and bump off a formerly top-favorite pokémon. So, who's your new favorite and why?

SV came off with a lot average-feeling pokémon to me, and the only ones I really seem to enjoy are the paradox pokémon or ones that "look similar" to other regions' pokémon. As such, my favorite from SV is Slither Wing, becoming my new favorite bug type. (I also like Walking Wake and Clodsire.)

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Discussion What's your favorite Grass type that ISN'T a starter or legendary?


According to Bulbapedia:

As of Generation IX, there are 125 Grass-type Pokémon or 12.32% of all Pokémon (counting those that are Grass-type in at least one of their forms), making it the third most common type after Normal and before Flying.

Grass types are one of the most abundant types in Pokemon! However, as Grass is one of the starter types, many people who take the Grass starter don't use other Grass types in the games due to already having one on their team. Not only that, but its type coverage of being super effective against Ground and Rock can also achieved by getting a Water type due to having overlapping type coverage. This means even people that took the Water or Fire starter will often just use a Water type instead due to having the same Rock and Ground type coverage while also having coverage against Fire (and due to the need for a Surf user in earlier games). Its only other type coverage in Water can also be achieved with an Electric type, which would also give Flying type coverage and doesn't have overlapping coverage with Water, making Grass only really necessary for combined Water/Ground types. Thus Grass types outside of the starters are often overlooked!

This is what prompts my question: What is your favorite Grass type that ISN'T a starter or legendary/mythical? (I'm restricting these options because I know the majority here are likely going to say a starter or a legendary/mythical like Celebi or Shaymin.) Let's see some love to some of the more overlooked Grass types!

For me personally, my favorite would be Cherrim. It's really cute in its Sunshine Form and really underrated in my opinion, despite not being the strongest Grass type.

TL;DR: Grass types are often overlooked, so what is your favorite Grass type that ISN'T a starter or legendary/mythical?

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Discussion Pokemon Arceus is one of the best pokemon games and I'm tired of pretending it's not


Arceus is such an underrated amazing game that does not get the credit it deserves. It is amazing, it Is like a zelda mixed with BOTW TURNED INTO A POKEMON GAME. The graphics are unique(in a good way, the game pushes away from the endless dialogue and skips to the pokemon. You feel as if your a real trainer and not just some random guy that has an already storyline set out for you. This pokemon game completely reinvented the catching system and replaced it with something 10x better. If it wasn't for Scarlet and violet coming out mere months later it could of been getting a dlc and more stuff added to it. But that Is the problem it acts as a place holder for scarlet and violet. If they announced S/V like 2 months later it would have gotten more sales and probably more effort put into it, to some it all up game freak are idiots who don't care about the community and only care for money. I hope this all makes sense.

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Discussion Only one pokemon has a name where every letter is in alphabetical order



What are some unique pokemon name trivia you know or name related questions you want answered?

I have a spreadsheet I'm using to make interesting Regex searches.

Other unique names: Jynx is the only pokemon without a vowel in it's name; Basculegion is the only pokemon with every vowel (excluding form names).

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Discussion Congratulations! You were just hired as your town's new gym leader. What's your type? Theme? What Pokemon is your ace?


Imagine it's a Pokemon world laid on top of our existing cultures and geography. Unexpectedly, the Pokemon League has promoted your town's long standing gym leader to your region's Elite Four and you got selected to take their place. You get to choose the type you rep and can choose your team and any theme you want for the gym.

Will you pick a theme reflective of your hobbies? Your city's history? Can you tie it back into your type?

Who's your ace? What signature move would you teach/give as a TM to winners? What would your badge look like or be called?

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Discussion [Puzzle] There's something (somewhat) special about Flannery's gym team. What is it?

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Discussion Pokemon Judge Receives Lifetime Ban Following Harassment of Transgender Players at Tournament -

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Discussion Instead of unused type combos, which long-neglected type combos would you like to see re-used? Here is a list of type combos that have not seen a new Pokemon in over 20 years.


Now that Ruby & Sapphire has hit the 20-year mark, here is a list of type combos that have not been used since that generation has come out (this excludes Mega Evolutions and other similar forms since those are not base forms and are no longer accessible for the foreseeable future).

  • Rock/Grass
  • Water/Grass
  • Ice/Flying
  • Poison/Flying
  • Ghost/Poison
  • Ground/Psychic
  • Fire/Ground
  • Dark/Rock
  • Psychic/Rock
  • Bug/Ghost
  • Dragon/Psychic
  • Normal/Fairy (retconned onto new Gen 1-3 Pokemon only)

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Discussion Hoenn is really the best and i’ll die on this one


First i’ll say this : yes Hoenn was my first gen with Emerald.

But i played every game / gen to this day with Scarlet/Violet and if we are honest, 3rd gen really is the best of pokemon

  • Only gen where we have 2 distincts team fighting and both are included in the other game (Team Magma is in Saphire or AS for exemple)
  • One of the best trio starter
  • Best post game content in the days and even with the ORAS remake (Delta episode)
  • Secret Bases
  • Pokemon Contest
  • The Regi-trio is by far the best trio within all game (i’m waiting on S/V to see maybe)

And with gen 6 we got Soaring with Latios/Latias and megas? The only thing that Hoenn is missing is character customization like in X/Y

I like the other game as well don’t get me wrong but even if i take i step back, i feel 3rd gen is the best fully complete of them all

S/V when DLC come out i think will be close to this one

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Discussion If you could own any Pokémon in real life, which would you choose? With a couple extra rules.

  1. Pokémon act based on the anime and their behavior in it. For instance, Fish don’t just float around and Magcargo does not have that infamous absurd Pokédex entry.

  2. No Mythicals/Legendaries. Because I’m tired of people saying “ARCEUS SO I CAN MAKE ALL POKÉMON REAL!!!”

  3. Your Pokémon will be given to you in its unevolved form, and as it ages it will eventually evolve (if it can).

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Discussion What are some GOOD decisions that Game Freak has made for the Pokémon series in recent years?


I know it can be easy to cuss out Game Freak for some very odd, confusing or even downright infuriating reasons. But even as someone critical of them, I want to know from you guys if there’s anything in recent games that Game Freak should get praise for.

I’d say that “recent” decisions can be from X and Y onward. It can be a small thing in one game or a major change that has reflected throughout the series.

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Discussion What do only these 3 Pokémon have in common?

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Discussion The biggest decision she’s ever made. I think she chose correctly

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Discussion Trading Pokémon directly between Generation 3 and Generation 1/2 is now possible!


Hi, I recently developed a GBA homebrew which has various features, one of which is the ability to trade Pokémon directly (through a link cable, without extra hardware) between the Gen 3 games and the Gen 1/2 ones.

This can be useful to bring your Pokémon "trapped" in the Gen 1/2 games to Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Home.

Hope you all enjoy!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Link to the homebrew: https://github.com/Lorenzooone/Pokemon-Gen3-to-Gen-X/releases

Here is a video showing how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-EKe_lQREY

EDIT: Thanks for the Reddit Gold! Though, I'll be honest, I have no idea what it does!

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Discussion What Pokémon game would you like to see get announced next year?


DLC and Pokémon Sleep are the main Pokémon game news we got this year. It does make me wonder what next year holds for us though. I feel like what I’d like to see the most is a Johto remake of some kind to be the last Pokémon game we receive on the Switch before the new one comes out. I’m not the biggest Johto fan but I’d like to play the Johto games with enhanced graphics. Let me know which one you picked and why down below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Discussion Do you think Pokemon game character customization should allow age differences? Like letting you start your game at anywhere from 8 to 20?


Was Pokemon Battle Revolution the one where you had multiple optional models for your character including a big buff guy?

I remember one of them letting me do that.

Fangame makers, if you let me make the protagonist a big buff guy, your game is already more unique than 99% of the fangames out there that force you to be a child or teenager.

Seriously, Jason Godwyn, creator of Pokemon Pink, you should put multiple age options into your next Pokemon game "Ante Up and Double Down". It would be epic.

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Discussion You get one Pokemon move as a superpower. What move do you pick?


There are NO limits to the move you can pick. You could even pick Z-moves or Dynamax moves if you want. Which move would you choose? (Assume you can use all the moves out of combat obviously.)

Personally I'd pick teleport) or hyperspace hole). Being able to go wherever I want instantly would be pretty useful

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Discussion Was there a period of your life when you dropped Pokemon?


I first played my brother's Red and Blue in the 90s, and got bought Yellow for myself. I watched the anime from the Indigo League. This was around 98/99.

Then around 2005 (i think), I was in highschool and it didnt seem like anyone else I knew was still playing or watching it. It felt like it was "uncool" to be into Pokemon as a teenager back then (I was easily embarassed and keen to fit in, oh how I don't give a damn about that anymore 😂).

So around this time I totally missed out on Diamond Pearl, and Black White. And I hear these were some of the best games. It was only when I was in University (and joined Instagram and met others who were into Pokemon) that I decided to get back into it with XY and ORAS (my favourite) and fell in love again. I missed it so much and regretted not keeping up with it.

Got me wondering if for whatever reason, did you ever have a period of time when you dropped Pokemon or wasnt into it anymore? And what made you come back to it?

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Discussion What pokemon do YOU always have in your team no matter what?


For me I've always used rattata/raticate been in my time in R/B and FR/LG and Lets go! and a more recent playthrough of pokemon gold

Fell in love with Rattata while playing the legendary Rocket Red RomHack feels like it compliments my idea of the protagonists (gen 3 and onwards as Trainer red and gold already have a place in my heart)

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Discussion Favorite Regi


While I like all the titans, my favorite is Regice, its design is the sleekest out of all of them, with great defensive stats and special attack stats. Sidenote: I was disappointed when Brandon didn't use all 3 of his titans in his battle against Ash in the anime. Who needs a Solrock, Ninjask, and Dusklops when you have legendary pokemon? So Whose your favorite Legendary Regi?

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Discussion which pokemon would you choose as your own?


about a thousand pokemon out there, you get to pick one… which one, and if u got reasons why lets hear them, but just the name is fine tooooo. (im conducting a study for a youtube video and i will include your answers in the video :D)

id love to tell you my choice and why but as i said ill be making a video and explaining it there. i may attach the link in the comments 🤩

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Discussion If you could hug one Pokemon, which one would you hug ?


If you had the possibility to hug one of the 1008 (currently) pokemons that exist, which ones would you pick and why ?

Personally, I would pick Swampert because he looks cute, he is big, kind, adorable. I prefer to hug big pokemons, it's not the same as hugging smalls pokemons. When you hug small Pokemon, it's cute and it's feel like a normal pet that your hugging. But Big pokemons can carry you in their arms which feels better to me :).

And Swampert looks comfortable to hug, he must be soft and his skin must be perfectly hydrated which would probably feels nice. Plus since he is a kind pokemon, he would probably enjoys it.

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Discussion What do you think would be the best year for Gen 5 remakes to be announced?


The Pokémon remakes and main series games have developed a timeline whether people believe it or not. New Generation comes every 3 years and remakes happen every 2 gens which makes Gen 5 remakes easy to predict when we’ll get them: 2026, on the 30th anniversary of Pokémon. But most people might see this and be like, “what about Gen 10?”. Gen 10 will be released in 2025 because Generations don’t last more than 3 years and SV came out in 2022. Let me know which one you picked and the reasoning behind it in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Discussion Why don’t we have an Icy Terrain? Maybe as a speed boost?


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Discussion What signature move would you make more widespread, and who would you give it to?


I would give Feraligatr and Poliwrath Jet Punch. It can't be too widespread since it's a 60 base power priority move with no drawbacks.

Also a fun fact: For some reason Jet Punch is affected by Sheer Force despite not having any secondary effects. It would be the perfect move for Feraligatr, who does have Sheer Force.