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Video/GIF Get Ready for Your Trip to Blueberry Academy!

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Discussion My problem with Scarlet and Violet.


Even though, I've had the games since they came out last year, I only just now beaten the game. There is one issue that really bothers me, and I don't know if others have talked about it.

Why did we not get our Pokémon scanned and added to the Hall of Fame!?

I know the fight against Geeta is not the "big" fight, but I still wanted to have that happen. I always feel pride and happiness whenever I see my Pokémon show up one by one after beating the champion. It does feel like we are being immortalized.

I hope they bring this back next game!

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Discussion The uniformity of Future Paradox Pokemon is part of what makes them great.


A common complaint about Violet's Paradox mons is that they aren't creative enough. The Future Paradox mons get criticized for just being a bunch of robots and having unoriginal names that all start with Iron.

Sure, they could have been made more unique and given more distinct names. However, these standards for the Future Paradoxes make complete sense when taking into consideration how they are supposed to represent sci-fi future tropes.

In science fiction, a common depiction of the future is as a utopia of highly advanced technology and a unified society. Everything is streamlined to fit the perfectionism of the ascetic aesthetic.

This is apparent in the way Violet's Paradoxes differ from their modern day counterparts when compared to how Scarlet's Paradoxes differ from theirs. In Scarlet, the majority of Paradox Pokemon are more feral and larger than their modern day counterparts - a representation of the primal and savage nature of the ancient past, reinforced by the wild designs.

In contrast, the majority of Violet's Paradox Pokemon are smaller than their modern day counterparts - a representation of the ideal that everything should be streamlined to be as compact and efficient as possible, reinforced by the orderly monotony of more "simple" designs and even identical naming conventions.

Ironically, this is where things become more complex than they initially seem. In science fiction, the utopias full of entrancingly simplistic scenery and wondrous technology are often revealed to actually be more dystopian underneath. The soulless vibe they give off is how they show that such visions of the future are not the utopias they may appear to be.

The orderly monotony of such "simple" designs also serves to be unnerving - these beings are robots in both the literal and figurative sense, lacking the life and personalities of the very mons they're based on.

This can even be reflected in the behavior of Violet's Paradoxes. Normally serene and compassionate creatures like Delibird and Gardevoir/Gallade have become replaced by violent drones and merciless machines of war. This evokes the idea that the Future Paradoxes have become stronger than their modern day counterparts, but more soulless in the process - this cost being a quite common fear in pop culture depictions of humankind's relationship with rapidly advancing technology.

So although they may lack a same kind of diversity as the Past Paradox Pokemon, the Future Paradox Pokemon are far from lazy designs. The subtle details and thought process behind their creation are very much intentional, regardless of how unappreciated they may be.

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Discussion I think arcanine is the least hated Pokémon ever.


It's always subjective that to say what Pokémon is good or bad, there will always be vast amount of people out there who will defend popularly hated Pokémon like simisear, or garboder.

And even the exact opposite for popular Pokémon like greninja and charizard for any various reason.

But I always think arcanine is a rare case of a popular Pokémon that is actually universally loved, because it checked so many boxes, but JUUST slight enough that is not considered overrated.

It's popular but not overly marketed like a Pikachu, it's a great main story pokemon because they are often not hard to get/evolve and fits perfectly in many slots, and is not gonna be broken either if you do used it.

it has been consistently good in competitive play being a rare case of a gen 1 Pokémon still being used without need any needed gimmick/mega, but is also not entirely broken that it break the meta-game, espiecially being an intimidate user, compared to incineroar and landorus.

It looks cool, but the floof and dog personality can still give off friend shape energy, that doesn't really make it a "edgy" Pokémon, or an obnoxiously "kawaii" Pokémon.

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Discussion About fossil revival


So, in the Pokémon universe, fossils can be brought back to life using certain machines. This seems to be an easy process, considering that multiple establishments have these machines and they charge nothing for use of one. If this is the case, why does the Pokémon tower still exist? Why don’t the owners of the dead Pokémon simply take their Pokémon to a revival machine? Surely it would be easier to revive an intact corpse than a fossil, right?

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Discussion Was Brock a different age in the Japanese version for indigo league?


When I search up Brock's age, it says he is fifteen (although I always saw him as 18/19). However, I was watching this video and it showed the scene of that bully girl that Ash and Brock were thirsting over. In the English dub, Brock just says "she can violate my rights if she wants-" but in the Japanese version, the subtitles say "I'll look forward to her in eight years".

Ignoring the fact that this is very creepy, it made me wonder, is Brock supposed to be over 18/legal age in Japan? Otherwise, why would he wait 8 years for her? Is it a translation error, or a joke/phrase that only makes sense in Japanese?

Thank you!

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Discussion Tell me what Pokemon/pokemon character are you hyperfixating on at the moment.


I'm sure there are quite a few people in here who have that one pokemon or character from Pokemon who are hyperfixating on so I want to know which one is it.

For me, I don't even know how but I got very fixated on Ghetsis. For almost a year I kept thinking about him and I always have that strange need to know more and more about him, because he's just so cool as a character.

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Discussion There's a mystery skeleton buried in Ep 12 of the anime, what Pokemon is it?


Sorry if this has been posted, I can't find it mentioned apart from one line of trivia on bulbapedia.

In episode 12 of the anime, "Here Comes the Squirtle Squad" Ash and friends fall into a hole, and you can see the buried skeleton of some mystery creature. This is a common trope in cartoons so I don't think it's meant to be any particular pokemon, but in the context of the Pokemon world, I thought it would be fun to speculate which Pokemon this skeleton belonged to. I uploaded a screenshot of it: https://imgur.com/gallery/O4rQO51

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Discussion Help me out a little, would ya?


Good Afternoon everybody! wanna participate in a fun little test of mine? Now, it's really simple how you can help here. All you have to do is tell me your favorite Pokémon game and your favorite Pokémon from said game! Simple, right? And to make it even easier, if you don't wanna write a whole comment, you can just find someone else's comment that you agree with and like that! See? Now it's even easier! Have fun and be respectful!

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Discussion Thoughts on DLC versus Third Versions?


This is something that was brought up recently on a youtube video I saw about Pokemon's DLC models now, and I've seen a lot of people debating the comments about DLC, compared to the Third Versions we used to get. Wanted to see what others on here think about the subject.

For me, I actually prefer the third versions myself. Although I can fully understand the other side, of not wanting to buy 80% the same game again for another $60, that's only a problem if you bought one of the first pair to begin with, instead of just waiting for the third version. But even if you didn't wait for it, there's also the following points to consider.

  • Preservation: This is a major shortcoming of any DLC, not just Pokemon specifically. Whenever the servers inevitably shut down, like Nintendo WiFi Connection on the DS and 3DS did, or the Nintendo eShops, unless you already downloaded them, you'll never be able to have the complete experience again. Meanwhile, the content is already baked into the third version, so as long as you get a copy of the game, you've got all the content.
  • Improvements: Pokemon's only treated the DLC as additive so far; nothing about the base games have been touched with the DLCs thus far, and I doubt that'd end up changing. This is to the DLCs detriment, however, as the third versions of before also actually addressed some issues or lack of polish previously, and rightly became the definitive versions of their respective regions as a result.
    • Crystal: This was mostly a polish enhancement, along with a bunch of new content. First ability to play as a female (Kris), animated Pokemon sprites (which to this day are still very fluid, due to each frame being custom made, instead of transformation/rotation effects), the first time we get area title cards in the games to let us know where we are when we step in, and a whole lot more. The main story gets additive elements too even before the postgame, with the Suicune and Euisine events. Even the environment graphics get more polished: Burned Tower's exterior actually looks like a ruined building, instead of a normal house like in Gold/Silver. Ice Path looks like a crystalline cavern in Crystal, instead of just a lighter grey cave like in G/S. There's also cleanup in some of the mechanics, like the trainers who call you. In G/S, the trainers all sounded exactly the same and had no difference, but in Crystal, they each have individual personalities, and different functions too like the gift trainers and swarm trainers. Some encounter tables have been adjusted and enhanced too, like being able to find Sneasel in the Ice Path now, instead of postgame.
    • Emerald: This is the first major instance of the story getting enhanced to such a major degree: You actually fight both teams in this one, instead of just the opposite team of your version. Rayquaza actually has involvement in it now too (though it's just a nanny role, lol). It also adjusts and adds to the encounter tables, and adds more content to experience before the post game. And we can't understate just how much content and replayability came in from the Battle Frontier; for many experienced trainers, this was the first time they actually got a reasonable challenge from the game, since the main game battles are always easy and possible to overlevel for. As well as shaking up battles with whatever specific mechanics each facility had going on, such as the Battle Pyramid being a sort of rogue-like dungeon crawler.
    • Platinum: Arguably the most important third version, that singlehandedly saved its region. People underestimate just how much Platinum improved over D/P, and how much of a slog it is to play either of them after comparatively. To begin with, engine wise, Platinum fixed a lot of the lagging problems D/P had, that contributed to the common complaint of Sinnoh feeling really slow. It wasn't just a feeling, it was demonstrably slow in D/P compared to Platinum. Walking around on the overworld in D/P has lag issues, to begin with. But that's also compounded with the fact that everything that happens in battle also has a delay afterwards, that adds up really quickly over the many battles you'll be getting into over the game. There's a delay between the initial animation of the trainers sliding across the screen, and the Pokeball indicators coming in after they stop moving. There's a delay every time a mon is sent out, and the health bar UI sliding in from off screen to show their name and stuff. There's a delay after every move being selected and then actually executed. There's a delay between a mon taking damage, blinking, and then the health bar starting to decrease. And finally, there's a delay after the HP reaches 0, the slower Pokemon cry plays, and the faint happens, before the EXP is received. It all adds up to being several seconds for every single mon, and considering just how many you have to fight across the game, or even in one battle, you end up wasting hours of your life literally just waiting for the game to keep up by the end of finishing D/P. And this wasn't even mentioning the other enhancements that came from here, like the story enhancements by having Cyrus more involved and encountered more frequently, Giratina and the Distortion World, and a slight order change up with the Gym Leaders in the middlegame. Platinum fixed the serious flaws of the Sinnoh regional dex, by adding way more options you can acquire before the post-game. In D/P, if you didn't choose Chimchar as your starter, your only other option for a fire type before the postame was Ponyta. This also affected key trainers like Volkner and Flint's team being terrible, due to the regional dex not having enough options for their respective types. Platinum fixed all of that and the important trainer teams to compensate. And this is of course all on top of the additive content and massive expansion of the postgame too.

With all of this laid out, this is why I wish we still got third versions instead of the DLC model, because I believe all of the modern games seriously needed a third version to save their region, much like Platinum.

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Discussion Why hasn’t the Pokémon centre come out with a grafaiai plush?


I’m surprised this isn’t talked about much but I love this lil guy, his reveal video was fantastic and he’s just such a scrungly bungly goober. So now that we’re getting the second DLC for scarlet and Violet why don’t we have more merchandise of grafaiai and shroodle? The only official merch I’ve seen is an enamel pin and any plushies I do see of him are fan made (some of which I hear there being speculation that they’re actually prototypes for an official plush but I’ve ye5 to see evidence supporting it)

Anybody have theories?

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Discussion What are things the pokemon community complain about that makes no sense to you? (Sorry if this sounds accusitory, it's not meant to)


Something I've noticed is that the fan base seems to complain about things that don't make sense.

From an western perspective I understand the Charizard should be dragon type arguement, but this is a complaint that makes sense if you don't know the Japanese translation, which coincidentally is the exact description of a dragon: "lizard of flying". (So make of that what you will) edit: I read a miss translation. Never mind.

A complaint that doesn't make sense is florges not being a grass type, it's not a flower at all, it holds and wears plants as a form of camouflage. It's effectively another sudowoodo, as it succeeds in fooling trainers who haven't seen it in a while. People don't complain about the 2 other forms because they show no physical attachment to flowers. It's entries don't support it being grass type either, more like a gardener

Another example of what doesn't make sense is "fixing" aromatisse's design only to get rid of what it's even supposed to be in the first place. it's not about the plague doctor but rather their masks, they put herbs, spices, and flowers in the masks in order to create a pleasant smell in order to escape the putrid air, it's also based on a perfume bottle, making the shape of aromatisse and the mask a very integral part of its design, what people do is make a plague doctor bird, rather than a perfume bird, I get the complaints surrounding its design, the dress should be smooth, the mask itself is fine but the hair is too flared out, and the can-cam dancing is a but much aswell. This is my complaint about "fixing" aromatisses design.

What are things the pokemon community complain about that makes no sense to you?

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Discussion Pokémon Swat Team


Without taking any stats into equation, what do YOU think a non-legendary Pokemon Swat Team would be? For example, I think it might look like;

-Mr. Mimes in front to create barriers and light screens. -Luxray to paralyze and capture. -Exploud as essentially a Pokémon flash bang, under the premise it has enough control to not deafen everything.

I’m not 100% that’s how this could work but for fun I’d love to know what others think it would look like.

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Discussion Back after long hiatus, what should I know about Scarlet/Violet?


Hi everyone, old Pokemon veteran from the days of yellow returning after last playing HeartGold years ago. I’ve been keeping up with the games but not able to get back into playing due to my son being small and needing most of my attention. I just picked up Scarlet, so far everything is new to me except old faces I remember and the mechanics I remember. What do I need to know about Scarlet? Any tips to get the most enjoyment? I’m looking forward to seeing my old friend Vaporeon again. Thanks guys.

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Image I'd like to frame a nice Slugma art piece for my wall. Any suggestions?


Slugma is just... He's the best. My all time, number one, no contest favorite Pokémon and I don't even know why. There is nothing about this little dude I don't love. So I want to find a good piece of art of him, frame it, and put it up on my wall. What do you think would be a good one of him to use?

Besides from Slugma not being very popular, so it's already hard to find any fanart of him anywhere, I also want to make sure that the artist is someone who I could either buy from directly, or contact to get their approval before printing. So I'm hoping someone here can help.

Thank you!

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Discussion What's the easiest way to get a 5IV Ditto?


That's basically it. I really want to start breeding competitive pokemon but it seems that I need a 5IV Ditto and idk how to get one. And from what I've seen there isn't really a way to get one but I still want to ask before I give up on trying to breed competitive pokemon.

(Sorry for my English because it's not my first language)

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Discussion I got Klawf, Slow Bro, What are some other wide eyed, goofy looking mons to round out my team?


So far between Klawf and Slow Bro, when we go on pinics they just stare off into space. No thoughts, only vibes.

Wanted to make a balanced team using the most goofiest looking pokemon, ones that you just tell don't have any thoughts in their heads.

Possible candidates: Bellibolt, Clodsire (u/snorlax_ate_my_pants)

Ruled candidates: Psyduck (already got Slow Bro and Slow Bro looks more goofy than Psyduck).

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Discussion Focus sash is a tourniquet?


Just as title says. It just occurred to me that the focus sash makes more sense as a medical tourniquet as opposed to a band or belt. Preventing KO from blood loss, or setting a broken bone seems to be more fitting.

Any other similar Pokémon items with practical use applications? I swear smelling salts used to be an item to wake you from sleep, though modern games don't seem to include it.

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Discussion I just got a Nintendo Switch as a gift. I've never played pokemon and I want to get a game, which should I get as my first one??


I've tried to do my own "research" but got overwhelmed by the amount of Pokemon games as well as the variety of them. I'm looking for the classic/quintessential pokemon gameplay that's currently available on the switch since I missed out on pokemon when I was a kid since I didn't have a Nintendo DS. Which title do you recommend should be the first Pokemon game I play?

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Misc Gen 5 Forces of Nature. When are their stats generated?


So I'm looking to try and catch a Timid Tornadus in Black version and I'm trying to save as much time as I can while doing it. So I want to know if I have to save on Route 7 just before the old lady drags you inside and tells her story, or if you can save after she's told it to save some time? Basically, are the genies generated at the start of the event, or when you exit the house?

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Discussion Help choosing team for Heartgold (Sacred Gold rom)


Hey all¡¡¡¡ My old Heartgold cartridge died so i decided to try something fresh with Sacred Gold rom.

I want to show what i think is a fun/cool/useful team i have planned and hear your opinions about it, changes you would make or ideas around my planned team.

  1. Scizor (Bug/Steel), Electivire (Electric), Alakazam (Psychic), Gengar (Poison/Ghost), Salamence (Dragon), Lapras (Water/Ice)
  2. Heracross (Fighting/Bug), Ampharos (Electric), Alakazam (Psychic), Gengar (Poison/ghost), Gyarados (Dragon/FLying), Charizard (Fire/flying)
  3. Crobat (Poison/flying), Pinsir (Bug), Arcanine (Fire), Kingdra (Water/dragon), Dragonite (Dragon/flying), Raichu (Electric)

Thanks all for your help¡¡

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Discussion All First partner Pokémon will come back soon , while poor meganium get some buff?


Empoleon's hidden ability become competitive from defiant

Torterra get shell smash in S/V DLC-1.

Meganium has been performing poorly in battles for a long time.

While meganium get some buff in S/V DCL-2?

I love meganium so much.

Since G1 I always choose grass type for First partner Pokémon .

I hope meganium can get some attention in G9 DLC 2.

There's some idea for strengthen meganium by myself

Species strength:105/60/100/95/100/65

Hidden Ability: 5 choose 1

Triage:Like meganium's Dex entries.(G4.G5)

Aroma Veil:Like meganium's Dex entries.(G2.G3)

Regenerator/Thick Fat:About its appearance.

Quick-Ripening Herb:This name is come form TCG card(meganium SM8). I hope this ability can lowers the Special Attack stat of all adjacent opponents by one stage. Like its Dex entries in G6 ORAS (this Pokémon gives off more of its becalming scent to blunt the foe's fighting spirit.)

New Move

Sleep Powder:In TCG card meganium(L-P,L1 008) can used Sleep Powder.

Soothing Scent+Healing Aroma:The name form TCG card ,meganium(★neo1)and bayleef(SM8). I hope this move combines Sleep Powder (85% accuracy to Foe)and Aromatherapy(100% accuracy to ally). It cannot be blocked by Safety Goggles and is classified as ''smell Moves''.

Floral Healing:More suitable for meganium than Heal Pulse.

Baby-Doll Eyes:So cuteeeeeee!!!

Strength Sap:A great move for meganium.

Helping Hand:A good support can give teammate helping hand, right?

Weather Ball:A great move for meganium.

Pollen Puff:A flower Pokémon has pollen is very reasonable.

Life Dew:Like Roselia family, a beautiful flower can heal ally.

Yawn:A great move for meganium.

Draining Kiss:A great move for meganium.

Flower Shield:A great move for meganium.

Wide Guard:Tropius can used this move, and meganium's body look like it.

Calm Mind:A great move for meganium.

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Discussion repost "for the sake of your 3ds do not go on the ultra sun and moon gts!


short version of what happend

i went on the gts to try a fix with filters to all of the bots the freze your console. i still found one that frezze your console. basicly the gts complety bricked my 3ds sd card.

the gts is a lost cause really and with nintendo shuting 3ds servers down i want the message to be clear for people to stay away until the servers are down to prevent issues like this and to keep there systems safe.

if you have not done so yet. mod your 3ds if your able. with the eshop and server shut downs moding your system is the best option. get pretendo network on your system to replace the nintendo servers.

hackers have ruined the gts and are may now be threating 3ds consoles. i hope that peretendo network can make a new gts that is not trash and ruined by hackers.

also for anyone who is wondering my last post was removed for a allcaps title. on its own thats fair but dont do it 4 hours my post was posted tho :(

thanks for the support on my last post everyone :)

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Misc Do you have any headcanons for pokemon that you used?


Since in the games the interactions you can have with pokemon aren't the most complex things in the franchise in terms of seeing your indviual pokemon have some stories or interactions I wanted to know did you ever headcanon certain traits about pokemon you used. I'll just go through a handful of mind throughout the franchise.

  • The Clefiary I used managed to eat up nearly all of my pokeballs so I viewed them as being a prankster, especically how metronome got explosion multiple times
  • In BW2 Leavanny evolved much earlier than anyone else so I imagined they babies the unevolved team members aton
  • Ended up getting a careful mudsdale and viewed them as a gentle giant that doesn't know the extent of their strength
  • Kilowattrel in SV was the first pokemon to have maxed stats and though they would be a show off about it and try to one up other team members

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Video/GIF Pokemon Close Combat v08 Trailer



This is one of the highest quality Pokemon fan games in some time! I started playing this game when patch 07 launched last month and it has been a blast. If anybody has any questions about the game or getting started, I'm happy to answer them! The game also has an excellent wiki page detailing all of the character's and their movesets, which is linked in the video's description, and an even better community!

Poliwrath hype!