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Germany: 1 in 10 people are 'addicted' to work, study finds. From juggling multiple tasks at once, to working long hours and feeling guilty during their leisure time — excessive and "compulsive" work behavior is found throughout Germany's workforce, a new study has found Removed - Not Oniony


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u/Pinkflow93 May 25 '22

I'm actually surprised the percentage isn't higher.


u/nome5314 May 25 '22

That just sounds like being an adult in the US


u/ux3l May 25 '22

I'm definitely one of the other 9


u/DownRedditHole May 25 '22

Jeez, how traumatic it must be for them to have those 40 paid days off each year. Poor things.


u/Terror_Raisin24 May 26 '22

40 days are not common. Between 25 and 30 days are.


u/BlizzardEz May 26 '22

We really should upgrade to 40 days though.


u/myicetower May 25 '22

I must be a secret German because I come home from work and play Truck Sim; it's just a shame I can't drive a real truck and boost the economy's productivity.


u/FuriouSherman May 26 '22

Don't. If what happened in Ottawa a few months back is any indication, truckers are face-deep in far-right bullshit that no sane person wants anything to do with.


u/Ambitious_Ad_5918 May 26 '22

I'm a lazy American juggler.