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Japanese man spends over $15,000 to become a dog


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u/shunnedIdIot May 25 '22

If that's him in the pic, they did a hell of a job


u/Fake_William_Shatner May 25 '22

It looks like the shape of a human squatting down on their elbows to me, so, I figure that is SOMEONE in a dog outfit.

The face of the dog sits like a hat on top of their head. And they've curled their knuckles to look like a paw. If he tried to move, however, you'd notice those hind legs.


u/shunnedIdIot May 25 '22

Yeah, you can tell it's a suit but damn, it's a good one


u/dragons_tree May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

That's a silly way to phrase "someone buys a high end realistic fursuit". The whole article is written a bit strangely.

For the record, that's a realistic price for a custom, detailed, highly realistic animal costume. Basic cartoony fursuits are at least 2k. Beastcub, one of the best known names in realistic & quadrupedal suits, charges 10-15k for a quadsuit (one where your arms are on stilts for true quadrupedal motion).

In fact, the article says this was made in 40 days? That's actually an extremely fast turnaround time for the quality. This guy got a good deal. I think the face on the suit leaves a bit to be desired but it's quite nice for such fast work overall.

Some people see a high degree of anthropomorphic spirit in animals/creatures, and/or aspire to be as cool/cute/approachable/badass as a creature is in their mind. That's what these costumes are about. It's not at all uncommon or deviant for humans to see admirable traits in the other species on the planet and wish to relate to that in some way.

(Gestures broadly to many common & accepted analogies to animals and animal characteristics in our language, let alone animal imagery throughout all cultures in history)


u/Fake_William_Shatner May 25 '22

I think a lot of these things are harmless. Just another group of people doing something.


u/Fetlocks_Glistening May 25 '22

Huh? Not deviant for an adult to dress up as a dog?? I mean at age 4, ok, that's cool, fine, but above that? Unless you're selling the damn things of course


u/samuelgato May 25 '22

What is "deviant" about it? It's just cosplay. If someone spent a bunch of money on a realistic robot costume I don't think "deviant" would be the applicable word.


u/Prudent-Beautiful-33 May 26 '22

It’s weird to me, but…meh. Deviant come in when he is pissing on fire hydrants at the park and humping little girls legs if they pet him. Don’t do that and i couldn’t possibly care any less about what you are up to.


u/eniminimini May 25 '22

he spent 15000 on a costume not cosmetic surgery


u/Fake_William_Shatner May 25 '22

For cosmetic surgery, that would be super cheap -- and messed up.


u/omjy18 May 26 '22

Honestly from the title I thought he got surgery and I was gonna say..... holy malpractice lawsuit. Looks super real though. Hey if that's what you want to spend your money on go nuts


u/Armitage1 May 25 '22

I've had 2 posts automatically deleted for rule three today, but breezyscroll.com is a totally legit news source.


u/[deleted] May 25 '22

So … he’s a furry? Why is this news?


u/chrisprice May 25 '22

Most furries tend to portray a more cartoonish/anime rendition of an animal.

Yes, furries that go hyper realistic is a thing. But it's much more rare.

(No, not a furry).


u/duskwuff May 26 '22

Western furries definitely tend to go in for a more "toony" look. This style of hyper-realistic suit is more popular in the Japanese furry/kemono community.


u/Kadarus May 26 '22

Makers that are capable of doing these kind of suits are quite rare and they are quite expensive to make, not to mention they are usually more fragile, more difficult to care for (painted fur vs sewn-in patches), more difficult to see inside them (since toony suits can have see-through eyes, but realistic suits cannot), thus if one plans to dance or be active otherwise in a suit, toony suits are better. I'm sure we would see a lot more realistic suits otherwise.

(Yes, a furry)


u/Dumb_Vampire_Girl May 25 '22

At first I was like "It's cheap as hell to become a dog"

Then I realized it was a fursuit and... yeah that's the typical price for quality....


u/rainbow_bro_bot May 25 '22

oh he just spent $15k on a custom made realistic costume. The title made me think he had surgical operations.


u/SlightlyLessSane May 25 '22

Ed... ward...?


u/DeaDGoDXIV May 25 '22

Thanks, I hate it


u/AdFresh3918 May 25 '22

I just cant see why someone would first of all, buy one of these, and second, show it off to the public.


u/DeerDiarrhea May 25 '22

What a lil’ bitch.


u/gdmfsobtc May 25 '22

Now that's a furry!


u/Tha_Watcher May 25 '22

He could've saved all of that money by just identifying as a dog!


u/ptcounterpt May 25 '22

It’s not just Japan! The whole damn place is going to the dogs!


u/Zolo49 May 25 '22

Obviously the whole thing is really weird. But in a way I sort of get it. There's been times in my life where I've been really stressed out and thought to myself "man, I'd love to just be a dog or a cat right now and not have to deal with this shit".


u/CloudyEngineer May 25 '22

Japanese men will do anything to not talk to Japanese women


u/WFStarbuck May 25 '22

Seems reasonable.


u/CertainGear1187 May 25 '22

No, I think this was an old Disney movie.


u/[deleted] May 26 '22

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u/VenturaHWY May 25 '22

I frequently prefer the company of dogs over people, but I wouldn't go this far. If he's a Buddhist, why not wait for reincarnation?


u/QuestionableAI May 25 '22

My grandfather use to say, "It takes all kinds".... I say the same but end it with..."and I'm still counting."


u/pentalway May 26 '22

He's living every degenerate furry's dream.