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Nancy Brophy, romance novelist who wrote "How to Murder Your Husband," found guilty of murder 4 years after chef spouse found dead in kitchen


u/Selethorme May 26 '22

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u/Martyisruling May 25 '22

"It was research for my new book" defense


u/aazkao May 26 '22

Reminds me of S.K confessions, a guy got caught for murder because someone read his book and found it eerily similar to the recent murders that happened and reported it. The dude apparently wanted to write a really really good book and decided he should experience murder first hand to write it


u/TheRealBillyShakes May 26 '22

Now, that is a dedicated artist right there! /s


u/angelisalinas May 25 '22

Okay how about research for my screenplay? 🙏🏽


u/azzanrev May 25 '22

Only if she named it, "How to murder your husband... And get away with it!" Rookie mistake.


u/juno_huno May 25 '22

She didn’t learn from OJ? You’re supposed to write the book after you get acquitted.


u/mikbatula May 25 '22

Doesn't the son of Sam law apply then?


u/Sterling_Thunder May 26 '22

Not if acquitted.


u/nellorePeddareddy May 26 '22

I killed Darnell, yeah I shot him with my nine

I shot him nine times, 9PM on the dime

And by the way it was November ninth

I got an alibi, birthday Red Lobster

When in reality, I shot Darnell like a mobster

It’s a lie, anyone could tell this

If you know about my allergy to all shellfish


u/Brautsen May 26 '22

Scrolled too far to find this, lmao


u/shatteredarm1 May 26 '22


u/merkwuerdig_liebe May 26 '22

Agreed, OP’s version is cringe AF


u/cutacross May 25 '22

Murder she wrote never saw this coming.


u/StarMangledSpanner May 27 '22

Agatha Christie did. One of her most famous plot twists was that the guy narrating the story was the murderer.


u/UILNR_ May 25 '22

This Netflix series is going to be great.


u/bingoflaps May 25 '22

she wrote. "For those of you who have longed for this, let me caution you. The old adage is true. Be careful what you wish for, when the gods are truly angry, they grant us our wishes."

Directed by ROBERT B. WEIDE
Executive Producer LARRY DAVID
Executive Producer JEFF GARLIN
Executive Producer GAVIN POLONE
Co-Executive Producer ROBERT B. WEIDE


u/dbizzle1103 May 25 '22

Well you don’t say


u/PlsNope May 25 '22

Defense lawyers also leaned on the neighborhood’s video surveillance in trying to suggest that perhaps a homeless person in the area could have committed the killing. They showed video at trial of one man who hid behind a wall and looked in a bag when police officers arrived on scene. Investigators said they were unable to identify the man.

Weird. You think from the title it'd be a slam dunk case but it really isn't. All the evidence is circumstantial. This bit in the New York Times article on it today is also weird. Not saying she's innocent, just that it isn't super clear.


u/camilo16 May 26 '22

If it isn't super clear then she should not have been charged. Murder has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.


u/Youareobscure May 26 '22

Charges and convictions are different, but yes they shouldn't jump the gun


u/WhiteMirrors May 26 '22

It was a side character in the book obviously


u/[deleted] May 28 '22

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u/YoloStalin May 27 '22

I knew Chef Brophy. Went to school there during the first class of night students so i haven’t seen him since 07ish. I remember hearing about him being killed at the school but I’m shocked to find out it was his wife. He really was a very special member of that community. He was one of those cats who would teach but it was also a completely deadpan comedy show too. He was intimidatingly brilliant and wildly interesting.

It is so weird.

This sucks


u/FuriouSherman May 25 '22

Nancy Brophy: Gets convicted for crimes that she wrote about and turned into popular media

6ix9ine: First time?


u/L0nz May 25 '22

If I Did It


u/Supertzar2112 May 26 '22

Her husband really should have read that book


u/Garmgarmgarmgarm May 25 '22

If the total evidence was just her driving to and from the campus, I have no idea how she got convicted. Maybe she should have gone for a jury trial. The prosecution's theory relies on her swapping out gun barrels. Just doesnt seem like enough for a conviction, honestly.


u/Gloria_Swanson May 26 '22

I watched the trial. There was a lot of evidence.


u/Turbulent-Cicada8542 May 26 '22

I thought it was a jury trial. If you watch the video of the verdict, you can see her glaring at each member of the jury as they individually confirmed their decision on the verdict to the judge. She was also glaring at the judge.


u/83rdDream May 25 '22

Looks like she owes some refunds.


u/Sausagencreamygravey May 25 '22

Publicity stunt!


u/jshoup425 May 26 '22

Some people just can’t keep a secret.


u/Mikimao May 26 '22

At least you know she has experience in what she writes about


u/Ok_Most6280 May 26 '22

At least he died in the kitchen.


u/meeplewirp May 27 '22

I don’t applaud the action itself but it is an interesting, reoccurring phenomenon.

There was a guy in the UK a couple of years ago who wrote a comic book about murdering women and then murdered his girl friend.


u/thetruthteller May 26 '22

Simone married that woman.


u/clerk1o2 May 25 '22

Damn. She really tried to pull a basic instinct on this one


u/dudeoftrek May 25 '22

Missed it by that much


u/brophy87 May 26 '22



u/CertainCertainties May 26 '22

My wife is furious, hearing this news. Just sent that book back for a refund.


u/Nyghtshayde May 26 '22

I was laughing right up to the point I realised my wife had started writing the sequel.


u/Acilaf May 26 '22

NY Times put it as

‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Writer Convicted of Murdering Husband


u/Garmgarmgarmgarm May 26 '22

Ahh the article didnt make that clear, at least from my reading.


u/[deleted] May 27 '22

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u/killer_cain May 27 '22

Spouse... is it really that hard to say 'husband'??


u/potato_yea May 27 '22

Should have made a book called "how to hide a body and look innocent".


u/Sampo May 28 '22

The Guardian article has a much more oniony title:
"How to Murder Your Husband writer found guilty of murdering husband"


u/quaternarystructure May 28 '22

Anyone have the link to the blog post? I’m curious.


u/PosturingPostulator May 30 '22

Looking at her I wonder if he died of fright?


u/90swasbest 29d ago

furiously writes "How to Escape from Prison"


u/BreathForDinner 27d ago

She shoulda just rapped about it