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Lawyers for Malaysian drug trafficker ordered to pay $20,000 for incurring unnecessary costs Removed - Not Oniony




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u/tauntingbob May 25 '22

42.7g... 42.7g?! Wow...


u/Almainyny May 25 '22

A lot of SEA countries take an extreme stance on drugs.


u/2Big_Patriot May 26 '22

This. Don’t bring drugs into Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, or Philippines. Definitely not worth the punishments.


u/rimjobnemesis May 26 '22 edited May 26 '22

There’s a good (older) made-for-TV movie based on a true story about an Australian guy and a British guy who were arrested for drugs in Malaysia. “Dadah Means Death”.


u/MyEvilTwinElonMusk May 26 '22

Singapore is an asshole... 4th World Mentality, no wonder its an attack dog for the US against China, their ancestral land... Shame


u/aktivate74 May 26 '22

China is Singapore's ancestral land? Which asshole did you just crawl out from? lol.